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Don’t you wish that you were able to invest $100 into Amazon, Google, or similar phenomenally successful sites? Well you have the opportunity right NOW to invest in a site that is already on pace to be comparable to those sites, with it’s Alexa ranking already being in the top approximately 0.01%. That means that it is better than millions of other sites in terms of traffic, time spent on the site, pages viewed, and so forth! Markethive is on track to be in the top 1,000 sites globally by the end of this year!

Your constant search for a reliable & stable company where you can earn the kind of income that will set your family on a path of financial security for life is over, because you found exactly what you were looking for in Markethive. Please read on to find out why this is such an amazing opportunity, and one that you will NOT want to miss out on.

You have found the golden goose, and on May 1st it will begin laying golden eggs in the form of the BIX (Banner Impressions Exchange). All UPGRADED members in the Entrepreneur program, will be able to SELL their roughly 150,000 banner impressions for the price they set and KEEP all the revenue generated! That’s right the company doesn’t get a penny out of those transactions. It is currently projected that if the impressions are sold at the average rate for our size of site at about $66 per thousand ($.066 each) that will yield about $8500 in monthly revenue. Yes, you read that correctly! Approximately $8500 in revenue PER MONTH!

BIX is only the FIRST of many financial engines. Could you imagine what your potential income is when there are 5 financial engines generating roughly the same amount in monthly revenue? I’ll let you do the math yourself on that. The other thing that you need to consider is that you can buy MULTIPLE upgrades! In other words you could buy 10 upgrades, which is still only $1000 per month, and that takes your potential income from BIX from up to $8500 for 1 upgrade all the way up a potential income of $85,000 per month for 10 upgrades. Can you picture what the potential income will be when you have 20 upgrades AND you have 5 financial engines generating income for you? With 10 upgrades and only one financial engine producing income, you're potentially earning more than probably 95% of the workforce because $85,000 per month is $1,020,000 per year! We're talking phenomenal potential income here and you can be a part of this if you act fast enough. is the link to upgrade your account.

All Entrepreneur 1’s (aka E1) who upgrade PRIOR to May 1st will be able to get all of their referrals to receive 500 MHV coins just like it is now. Everyone else including anyone who upgrades to E1 AFTER April 30th is over, will only get 100 MHV for the ‘matching bonus’. Those who upgrade prior to May 1st will still receive the matching bonus of 500 MHV coins per referral, and this can add up quickly.

In my opinion there is absolutely NO comparison between Markethive’s phenomenal Entrepreneur 1 upgrade and a franchise and I’ll explain why below:
1) Franchises require a significant up-front investment, which is typically tens of thousands of dollars OR MORE. Markethive only requires the $100 monthly payment (increases to $1500 per month on May 1st)
2) Franchises require monthly franchise fees. Markethive has only the single $100 monthly payment ($1500 from May 1st to May 31st).
3) Franchises are REQUIRED to contribute a set amount towards the corporate advertising campaign. Markethive has no such requirement, in fact the ONLY requirement is the $100 monthly payment ($1500 during the month of May).
4) Franchise owners have significant overhead they must cover every month no matter how good or bad their franchise is doing that month. Markethive does not have such overwhelming mandatory expenses, instead Markethive has only the single monthly payment each month.
As you can see a Franchise, while a good business option for some, is simply out of the reach of the average person around the world. Markethive on the other hand is VERY MUCH within the reach of the average person around the world. is the link to upgrade your account.

The average person in the developed nations of the world spends well over $200 on restaurants, bars, and the like during a single month. Many spend even more than that on just their Cable or Satellite bill. Others spend far more on alcohol or cigarettes or similar things. I mention these data points, to illustrate that nearly everyone in the developed countries around the world has MORE than $100 in their “extraneous” expenses each month that they could redirect towards getting an E1 upgrade. Once BIX launches, it will begin generating revenue (aka income) for the E1 members! So it is highly likely that you will only need to scrape together enough to cover 2 possibly 3 monthly payments of $100 before BIX is generating enough revenue to cover your Monthly $100 payment and provide you with a profit as well. It is anticipated that within 90 days you will have covered your monthly cost and be generating a profit that will also replace the initial few months’ worth of payments.

Just to remind you since it’s been a few minutes since you read the projected revenue for BIX, I thought I would point it out again to put what will probably amount to no more than $300 ‘out of pocket’ (temporarily I might add) expense will probably be generating a PROFIT within 30 days and you will likely be earning something like $8500 per month by the end of the year – but most likely much sooner. Have you ever found an investment where you can put in around $100-300 and get back a monthly income of up to $8500??? There is NO stock that can do that. There is no real estate that can do that. There simply aren’t other options out there to earn this kind of return on your investment. Markethive is here now and offers this incredible return on your investment, AND when additional financial engines are brought online in the near future your potential income will only increase. It goes back to where I recommended that you do the math on what happens to your potential income when the company has 5 financial engines up and running. is the link to upgrade your account.

Please set aside at least 1 hour but ideally 2-3 hours, so you can truly study the Entrepreneur 1 upgrade over the next 2 days. You are truly running out of time to act, so PLEASE find the group “your starting point” – here is the URL and open up the pinned post that starts out with “(Revised April 19, 2020)”. Open that post up and scroll down to where you see it talking about the Entrepreneur 1 upgrade. Please watch EVERY video in there about the Entrepreneur 1 program, so you can make an informed decision about the Entrepreneur 1 upgrade. I am totally confident that if you truly go through every video completely, you will want to upgrade right away. The only thing you will have to decide then, is how many upgrades do you want to get. If you have a family, that’s even more reason to get multiple Upgrades. Once you have done the first upgrade, you would just go to the Telegram support channel and ask them to add XX more upgrades to your account. You will of course have to fund your Vault in Markethive, but that’s easy to do and you can do it with either a credit card or with BTC (Bitcoin). All you need to do is to click on the circular graphic in the upper right corner of your screen, which is just to the left of your ‘hive rank’. Once that opens you would simply click on ‘feed the vault’. You then simply choose the type of payment you want to make and the amount you want to put into the vault and then follow the instructions to complete the transaction. I would say your best option right now, is to use a credit/debit card to fund the vault simply because it takes too long to convert cash into Bitcoin(BTC) and you would miss the April 30th DEADLINE.

It is vital to understand that there will be NO extensions on the Entrepreneur 1 upgrade, so if you have even a SLIGHT interest in getting the upgrade DO SO NOW! Delaying could destroy your chance at getting one or more upgrades. If your finances can afford 3 Entrepreneur 1 upgrades, you have now changed your potential income from BIX to a little over $25,000 per month – for only $300 per month and *likely* only for 1 to 3 months. You are still only putting a potential of roughly $900 into this (for 3 upgrades), for a potential income of a bit over $25,000 per month! That is absolutely phenomenal, and I am willing to BET that you will see the potential too after you have STUDIED the videos found in the your starting point group mentioned earlier.

I have absolute confidence in Markethive, and that is why I chose to obtain multiple upgrades. I believe that we will find a lot more folks who are constantly searching for a solid way to make money online that doesn’t require endless hours of work every day for a very small amount of revenue, and Markethive fits that bill perfectly. Markethive is a rock-solid company with a rock-solid opportunity for you to make a substantial amount of money for a TINY investment. Please join us on the wild and crazy ride that Markethive is going to be very soon after BIX is launched. Don’t delay, don’t wait, don’t take days to think about it, don’t take days to get around to watching the Entrepreneur 1 upgrade videos – act RIGHT NOW to watch the videos. As soon as you finish the videos, UPGRADE your account. Then go to the Telegram support channel and Ask Douglas to add XX more upgrades to your account. Do this before the end of Sunday and you will NOT regret it for a moment.
I look forward to seeing you on the “inside” of the Entrepreneur 1 upgrade within the next 48 hours. is the link to upgrade your account.

* Please note that all income related figures are projections, not statements of guaranteed earnings.

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

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