PascalCoin Is A Cryptocurrency With a Deletable Blockchain

PascalCoin Is A Cryptocurrency
With a Deletable Blockchain

PascalCoin Piques People’s Interest

Every now and then, cryptocurrency developers come up with a rather intriguing concept. PascalCoin is a great example of one such project, as this cryptocurrency offers a deletable blockchain, effectively solving one of the data storage problems bitcoin has been facing for several years now. It is time we take a closer look at this altcoin, as it shows a lot of promise.

It is not difficult to see why PascalCoin has been seeing a boost in popularity as of late. Although the project was announced in August of 2016, it looks like its potential is finally coming to fruition, After all, PascalCoin is the first cryptocurrency that does not require a blockchain of historical operations to be downloaded by the end user. Despite this “odd” function, there is no way to double-spend one’s coins. Rather than using the blockchain as found in the bitcoin ecosystem, PascalCoin makes use of a technology called SafeBox. This hash mechanism is modified every time a new block in generated by the PascalCoin blockchain. SafeBox is updated with the new block operations, after which it generates a new Safebox hash. Even if the blockchain up to that point were to be deleted, there is still a proof of all transactions and wallet balances.

Controlling the Safebox hash is the utmost priority for the PascalCoin team. A total of five new accounts is created per network block, which effectively helps to keep the hash size as small as possible. For those who want to find out more, it is well worth checking out the project’s white paper on GitHub. By removing the need to download and store an entire blockchain, the PascalCoin developers could be onto something. Other than the SafeBox feature, PascalCoin focuses on being a cryptocurrency that can appeal to the masses. It offers quite a few similarities to how bank accounts work, with easy to remember account names instead of wallet addresses. This is another intriguing development that makes cryptocurrency more approachable by the average person on the street. It remains to be seen whether or not PascalCoin can achieve its goal, though.

Looking at the PascalCoin trading charts, it is evident this cryptocurrency has become the new hot commodity among altcoin traders. That being said, the fact its blockchain can be deleted and its convenient wallet addresses are the only “proper features” for the time being. There are no merchants or platforms accepting PascalCoin as a payment option, indicating this altcoin still has a long way to go before it can rival bitcoin. One final thing that sets apart PascalCoin fro other altcoins is how it seemingly favors mining with a NVIDIA GPU. Most altcoins use algorithms which make using an AMD graphics card far more convenient. PascalCoin is doing things a bit differently, although a new miner for AMD cards was released not too long ago. An intriguing take on things, although it remains to be seen whether or not PascalCoin will still be relevant a few months from now.

Top Bitcoin Communities

The latest bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and technology

Staying up-to-date about all things bitcoin can be quite challenging these days. Different communities exist all over the Internet, each of which aims to provide the latest news and insights to the masses. Cryptocurrency continues to baffle the mind of many people, here are some excellent starting points to become a part of the bitcoin community.

Bitcoin On Google+

When it comes to using social media for bitcoin news and information, a lot of people tend to overlook Google+. Although Google’s social network is far less popular than Facebook or LinkedIn, it has a vibrant bitcoin community. The largest cryptocurrency group on Google+ consists of several thousand members and continues to grow every single day.

The Bitcoin Groups on Facebook

It comes as no surprise Facebook is home to many bitcoin enthusiasts as well. Although it is not easy to find the best group, there are quite a few to choose from. Do keep in mind some of these groups may suffer from affiliate-oriented posts every now and then, although moderators do what they can to keep spam to a bare minimum.


One of the many cryptocurrency-related forums in existence today is called Cryptocointalk. Albeit it is less so popular than Bitcointalk, CCT is quite informative and contains quite a few educative threads. Moreover, there is an open discussion related to altcoins, which can be of use to particular cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Their news section is also worth checking out, as it features new content every day.


The go-to place for any bitcoin discussion is Bitcointalk, the infamous messaging board which is home to tens of those of enthusiasts. Ranging from news to technical discussions and mining support to altcoins, it is hard to think of any resource that can’t be found there. People interested in spending Bitcoin may want to check out the marketplace section, although one always needs to tread carefully when dealing with unknown people on the internet.

 /r/Bitcoin and /r/BTC

Reddit is the front page of the Internet and has not one, but two major bitcoin communities. On the one hand, there is /r/Bitcoin, where most of the news, technical discussions, and political debates can be found. Some discussions are not allowed, though, such as talking about altcoins or highly controversial topics.

A result of this strict “regulation” of the primary bitcoin subreddit caused a second community to be created a few years ago. In the /r/BTC subreddit, there is a lot of talk about Bitcoin Unlimited and blockchain news. Do not be mistaken in thinking there is no strict rule in /r/BTC either, as political debates often turn into heated discussions rather quickly.

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