Porsche is celebrating its best year in history by giving every single employee a bonus

Porsche is giving 21,000 employees a great bonus to celebrate its best sales year ever.

Every employee, including janitors and assembly line workers, will receive a 9,111-euro ($9,825) bonus, Porsche wrote in a press release. The bonus is a nod to the 911 — Porsche's stunning sports car that's been in continuous production since 1963.

Porsche increased its deliveries to 237,778 vehicles in the 2016 fiscal year, bringing its revenue to 22.3 billion euro ($24 billion). Porsche's record year was largely due to its crossover SUV sales — the automaker sold 80,000 Macans and 73,000 Cayennes.

The bonus was negotiated by Porsche's Works Council. In Germany, a works council can be set up in all private workplaces with at least five employees.

Works councils exist to ensure key decisions aren't just made by the employer, according to the European Trade Union Institute. Works councils must be informed and consulted on specific issues and can make proposals to employers. They are primarily involved in the organization of hours, holidays, and payment methods.

"In the end, no one in our large VW family received anywhere near as large a bonus as our employees at Porsche," Uwe Hück, chair of Porsche's Group Works Council, wrote in the press release. "We had to walk a very fine line during the negotiations…. The result was this extraordinary and one-off, but completely justified, bonus."

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