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Questra World Company has made decision on opening the new Questra World representational office in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai for new departments of directors training establishment. The office opening will be held in next sixty days. In 2017 the Company plans to meet more than 1000 directors in representational office in Dubai. The directors will receive training to the full extent and gain all the available information. The new representational office will be established in Dubai rather than anywhere else on the initiative of CEO Jose Manuel Gilabert who is primarily responsible for Questra World promotion in countries with well-developed infrastructure and being the world’s leading capitals of business and investment.

The opening of a new office is an important step in consolidation of positions of its products, and of course the audience accumulation at the expense of consumers from the Middle Eastern countries.

The new office will develop a strategy on the company’s brand consolidation in new countries, as well as demand generation and increase the share of Questra World in the growing promoting investment products market in Persian Gulf countries.

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