Questra World’s next training event was held in 29-30…

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Questra World’s next training event was held in 29-30 April in Turkey. More than 600 partners became participants in; they were given the opportunity to attend trainings and seminars, as well as the presentation of the chief executive officer José Manuel Gilabert.

After the event, two weeks have passed, but it is still widely discussed in the country. Not only industry sites, but also leading Turkish media publish their reviews and reports.

Questra World şirketi Türkiye’de Leadership eğitim etkinliği düzenledi
Questra World şirketinin düzenlediği Leadership eğitimlerinin coğrafyası bundan sonra Türkiye’yi de kapsamaktadır. 29-30 Nisan tarihlerinde 600’den fazla katılımcı Antalya’da yer alan eğitim için toplanıp, Questra World şirketinin uzun süreli iş birliği ve gelişmeyi vaat eden güvenilir bir iş ortağı…

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