Key Features of riseoo.com (in prelaunch)

Riseoo will be an affiliate program of eazme. All the business-related activities will be handled by riseoo.
Here in riseoo you can get the best possibilities of earning from every field of your life.
The principle of riseoo is you name it we have it.
From here your life gets a lot easier. Key takeaways from riseoo:

** Riseoo.com is an affiliate marketing platform for eazme.
** New Age System offering enormous income streams.
** Be your own boss set your own working hours

Crypto-Friendly Platform

** Continuous and stable source of Income
** Globally acceptable
** Socially Responsible Structure
** We bring to you, your Final Home.

Apart from the above-mentioned features you can also stake your QCX with no limitations or locking and get rewarded in BTC/USDT/FIAT.

The company also has tied up with major brands some of them are puma, fern and petals, emirates, jbl, Citibank, dominos, Alibaba group, booking.com, VLCC, uber, GoDaddy, Agoda, jack and jones, max, Oyo, Amazon, Samsung, cleartrip, treebo, pizza hut, Vodafone, Hostgator, and many more.

EAZME and riseoo would completely be managed by adhlakha brothers (no third party involved)
They have started this by fulfilling all the compliances so no need to worry about that too.
One more thing, the Company would start its operation from 30 countries from day one so it’s a global opportunity for us to lead the world.

All you gotta do is sit and relax, just Lean on them.
Eazme is your final destination, for your need

Congratulations to team Adhlakha brothers and team quickX for this achievement.

Launch of Riseoo is planned for 20 may 2020

Start your journey with Riseoo here and begin to earn money soon (starting 20 may 2020): http://hive.pe/1vf