Spreading happiness everyday Join the Bankiom family and grow your wallet Invite a friend and get 5 in your Bankiom account 20 for the first referral



Spreading happiness everyday!

Join the Bankiom family and grow your wallet


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    Invite a friend and get $5 in your Bankiom account ($20 for the first referral)

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    Repeat step 1 and grow your wallet daily

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How It Works

Seamless Banking Designed for Customer Happiness

We are building a new kind of bank – One that actually believes in you and your future; a bank that is global, effortless and financially empowering.

Bankiom works for you and with you to actively grow and manage your money better; We stand with you in good times and support you when you need a financial boost the most.


Open your account in 3 minutes or less directly from your phone – no paperwork, no credit checks, no fuss


Happy days, everyday. We don’t believe in hidden fees. Our goal is to help you put more money back in your pocket


Zero-Liability, current account insured, fraud protected, and secured by bank-grade encryption and authentication.

Join 78,111 people who want to make a difference!

We take away the complexity of traditional banking, so you can focus on the fun stuff


Get On Top Of Your Spending

Feel like your finances are out of control? Bankiom may be just what you need to get back on track.

You’ll be able to track your spending, create a budget, setup bill reminders, get tips for reducing fees and saving yourself valuable money otherwise lost.

Instant Loan When You Need It Most (No paperwork!)

Can’t wait? need to lock in that special holiday deal? We’ve got you covered.

Just apply for a loan in 5 minutes and get approved in 1 second. No impact on credit score decision. No Calls, No Paperwork, No fuss.


Let's Make Money Fun Again

Bankiom helps you focus on the fun things that matter to you — like growing your money each month, a trip to Australia and buying that new bike.

You’ll finally enjoy more control over your money, your way. There are NO hidden fees, NO guilty spending, NO complication. Just Create your goals and know exactly what you can spend and when.

Talk To a Real Person Every Day

Need  help? We love helping people. You can talk to us about anything… even if you just feel like speaking to someone. We are here for you day or night, on the phone, by chat, or even by email.

The Best Banking Experience


    Use your card anywhere and we won’t even charge you for withdrawals.

  • No Monthly Fees (LIMITED)

    Bankiom charges 1 Euro a month, but for the first few beta members their current account with Bankiom is completely free

  • Real-time Instant Notifications

    Enjoy added peace of mind with our advanced instant notification features whenever you send or receive money

  • Quick and Easy Deposits

    Instantly add money to your account right from your phone or quickly top up at the Post Office and dedicated local Paypoint locations

  • Send and receive money instantly

    No waiting in line, no complicated steps, send money right from your phone 24/7 to anyone and  anywhere in the world.



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