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☄️Celeritas Smart Contract☄️

Celeritas is a community based smart contract project.
Our goal was to create a smart contract system, that is
100% safe for all partners and offers.

💰How the systems works:💰

If you have people who register with your RefLink, you will get paid for that.
– Direct partner
– Partner from you direct partner
– Partner from your partner
So untill level 3

You buy the first slot of 500 Tron ($ 15)
All the people after you, your direct partners and spillovers (from top to bottom, from left to right) you get paid for it untill level 10

If you have 5 direct partner, you will get money from the global world pool

So there are 3 ways to earn money

If you have no direct partner, or you do not want to find partners or any other reason, you still get money due to the spillovers until level 10

The earnings are paid immediatly. From this money you can buy the next slot. And so on and so on untill you have the last slot number 10

‼️First: make sure, you have at least 520 Tron ($ 15) in your Wallet (incl. Transaction fees)‼️

… as soon as you have the link 💡

1) Open your TronWallet
2) Choose DAPP/Browser
3) Enter the sponsor's link in the search field (magnifying glass 🔍).
4) CELERITAS will now open
6) Select Authorize Token Wallet
7) the first slot opens, which you buy, 500 Tron ($ 15)!
    Slot = share / participation

Now your are registered

In your Back Office you will find your RefLink if you scroll down to the end.

Good luck 🍀

💎We are a TEAM and we act as a TEAM💎
Here you will find the RefLink of my Team,
please choose one of them:

Thanks 🙏and Welcome🌈 in our Team👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

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