State of The World From A Coffee Drinkers Point of View

State of the World From a Coffee Drinkers Point of View

This article is admittedly not extremely focused. At least…not in the traditional sense. But I think it does make 'sense'. This morning after getting my cup of great tasting, weight-loss coffee I went to scan the news. First I noticed an interesting article from basically saying that Patriots and Christians could lose the upcoming POTUS election if the sissy Christians and 'Never Trumpers' don't vote (which it seems that a lot are inclined to do). (Sorry I can't find the article in my digital trash).

Next, I read this article from one of the regular writers over on one of my other favorite sites, In that article, the writer described how history shows clearly that market-makers (i.e. the 'professional' money-managers) will indeed spread stupid advice, even though they actually know better.

They do it because (1) everybody else is doing it and (2) they don't want to miss out on the profits of a rising market (even though the fundamentals clearly point to the opposite decision).

So just step back and look at that situation for a moment. We've bad guys circling the camp, hungry for our blood, in front of us…AND we've got idiots on your own side hanging out sitting at home watching Archie Bunker re-runs instead of being out piling boxes on the barricades where they should be.

Is it any wonder that the number of people saying, "Hey…fuck this shit. I'm moving to Camincreasesincreses every year. NB: Fill in the name of your favorite expat destination…mine is Colombia right now but Cambodia would be a good option too from what I've read.

I'll tell you one thing is for sure. Most of 'the professionals' have gone totally bonkers. The peaceful, relatively rational society we used to know no longer exists. There isn't any such thing as just minding your own business and going to work and doing your job anymore. Traditional jobs don't exist and your neighbors are all illegal immigrants, or would be if our Great Deceiver or his protege Hillary had their way.

One of the anti-moron, anti-poverty strategies mentioned in the article mentions investing in fundamentally sound business. But if Big Business is all nuts…where can a person find a fundamentally sound business?

The answer, in general terms is…become an entrepreneur and plant multiple flags for residential, taxation, and passport purposes. Don't get caught in a situation were a corrupt, tyrranical government has you by the short hairs.

In more specific terms, one excellent strategy (although admittedly somewhat contrarian) is to find a good MLM opportunity, something that can be done from anywhere in the world with only an internet connection, and get busy building it.

Key Point: It's got to be the combination of the Right Product and the Right Distribution Method.

I don't know if there is a lot of those kinds of situation but I do know of at least one ….. the one that I do. It can be summed up in this thought-provoking question:

"Who do you know who likes coffee and would like to lose some weight?"

If you had a product that would actually do that, do you think you could make some money?

You'll find the entrepreneurial answer to that question in the unique, once-in-a-lifetime alignment between two companies: (1) Valentus, an MLM company with a unique, affordable, weight-loss coffee product that even sells very well on eBay, and (2) Markethive, the world's first, fully combat-ready Market Network.

And don't think your situation is not going to get any better either. It ain't.

You've got two choices: Watch the world go up in flames and join the fleeing crowds in the street, or (2) watch it all in the news on your satellite TV from someplace peaceful, safe, and fun where you'd really like to be.

We're recruiting and training the Next Generation of no-base, progressive, MLM industry leaders right now. It's a rare combination of the right products, the right companies, the right leadership, and the right tools. Join us (for free) in Markethive and learn more.

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