Steve Mnuchin Can’t Be Trusted

Steve Mnuchin Can't Be Trusted

If what people say is any indication of the way they think, entrepreneurs hoping that Trumps new administration and cadre will be true friends of the people may be in for a big surprise. Just listen to what Trump's new Secretary of Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, has to say about the IRS, in his recent confirmation hearing before the US Senate. Here's the link.

Anybody who says that the IRS is underfunded and understaffed certainly doesn't have a Libertarian bone in his or her body but yes…. that's what Steve-O thinks.

What planet does he live on?!

Only an elitist bean-counter and pencil-pusher would focus on increasing the power and/or reach of an organization (the IRS) whose perception by the American public is carefully constructed on deception, obfuscation, and intimidation, and whose basic purpose only facilitates the continuance of activities the US government has no Constitutional authority to do anyway. 

If you think the IRS is 'the good guys', spend some time that will be good for your patriotic soul reading any part (but especially the first two chapters) of the late, great Irwin Schiff's book, "The Federal Mafia" .

What amazes me is that Trump allowed (or condoned without correction) one of his key guys to say something like this that is absolutely not what his supporters elected him to focus on.

Also note Mr. Mnuchin's statements in this video:

1.  He laments, "the tax-gap". Gee, did you know we had a tax-gap? I didn't. It's my understanding that the government has been collecting more taxes every year so where in the hell is all that money going? $150 toilet seats and US embassies in Timbuktu? Here are a few examples of the answer to that question…. but Steve-O thinks we need to spend more money on the IRS??!!!

2.  He says, "This is something I'm concerned about." Wouldn't any rational person who understood Business 101 know that cutting business expenses of operation (i.e. in this case by cutting the size of inefficient and/or rogue elements of government) is a more reasonable way to increase revenue than simply making an already inefficient organization even bigger?

3.  He says, "I'm concerned about the staffing of the IRS." What about all the lives ruined by the IRS? (Google "Lives Ruined By IRS" for more examples). Notice how you never hear the media defend any of those people. And you also never hear of government punishing 'their own'. (Cases in point: Lois Lerner and of course the famous "Smartest Woman In The World" Hillary Clinton).

I will admit I was very surprised to read the above-referenced article and hear Mr. Mnuchin make these statements. But…it all ties in with what I think should be the obvious danger of having, 'a great businessman' (Trump and his crew of business aristocrats) in such high authority. One would hope that he does not turn out to be one of these corporate efficiency experts who thinks replacing everybody with robots and financially 'milking the financial life out of those who remain' is the way to solve a nation's problems.

NB: Did you know that Trump's new tax plan would raise the federal income tax on the current two lowest income levels? Yeah…read about it here.

If it's not obvious yet…"No, I'm not unequivocally enthusiastic about Trump."

I don't like the fact that his new home-boys are mostly Wall Street and Banking types yet there is not one real Libertarian in the crowd. I worry that the voters' critical attention was diverted from the issue of freedom from big government to one of efficiency and honesty in government. I want both. 

If it turns out that all Trump brings is cleaner big government…there will be a lot of very red-faced voters. What we really need is cleaner and better small government. And damn sure not a bigger IRS.


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