– Summer Epocalypse Countdown: Trump Turmoil Takes Top…

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http://www.brotherjohnf.com/summer-epocalypse-countdown-trump-turmoil-takes-top-off-trump-rally/ – Summer Epocalypse Countdown: Trump Turmoil Takes Top Off Trump Rally. —

news.goldseek.com / By David Haggith / 23 May 2017

When financial Armageddon arrives, it can hit in a flash like a dangerous rogue wave — the kind that rises up when two big waves from different storms intersect and merge into a single wave big enough to capsize a ship. The global Wannacry warware attack and endless waves of Trump turbulence came together with just such damaging synergy last week, knocking the top off the Trump rally.

Black swans unite and strike stocks

On Wednesday of last week, the stock market fell 370 points because of all the turmoil Trump has been brewing — its worst day in eight months. Globally, equities lost almost a trillion dollars in a single day. Part of this was the political crisis in Brazil, and part was the Wannacry virus, but the biggest part nearly everyone agreed was the political crisis in the US that constantly embroils President Trump.

US equity funds saw $8.9 billion in outflows for the week up to Wednesdays’ close while European equity funds added one billion. US financial stocks took the brunt of the hit. Then the market recovered somewhat on Thursday and Friday, but more Trump turbulence took back a sizable piece of Friday’s attempted recovery.

Friday’s drop from its high point of the day hit immediately upon a double-whammy in the Washington Post and the New York Times, wherein thePost announced that a White House official is now a significant person of interest in the Russiagate scandal, and the NYT alleged via two anonymous (their new standard) government sources that Trump told the Russians at his meeting with the Russians and Kissinger that he had “just fired the head of the FBI; he was crazy, a real nut job,” also telling them that doing so had taken off a lot of pressure that was on him because of Russia and that he was “not under investigation,” as if not being under investigation resulted from the firing … in his opinion at the time.


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Summer Epocalypse Countdown: Trump Turmoil Takes Top Off Trump Rally – Silver For The People

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