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be Professional. be Personal. be Successful.

By The Guardian, UK

If all this swiping to meet contacts sounds too work-centric, Juan Imaz might have the service for you. The Madrid-based founder of beBee believes too many people are thinking too hard about finding contacts that do the same job as them, when actually the best business contacts can come about through shared interests.

BeBee’s focus is to reach out to people who share the same hobby or passion and might also want to do business together further down the line. Within its first year of launch, it claims to have attracted 11 million users, mostly in Spain and Latin America. Discussions are ongoing over launching the service in the UK.

“Whenever you meet a business contact there may be some chat about work and your industry but the main topics of conversation will be what your interests are and what you have in common,” explains Imaz.

BeBee’s focus is to reach out to people who share the same hobby or passion
The idea, he adds, is that people “form groups, or hives as we call them, such as ‘marketers who love football in London’ or whatever it happens to be.”

Imaz met many of the people he has hired through the site and regularly meets contacts in the tech industry through a group for people who love scuba-diving.

Ghostwriter Paul Croubalian believes beBee understands that business is about people and credits the service with providing the deepest engagement with potential clients, often through a shared love of food.

“Certainly it provides way more engagement than all other sites that I am on,” he says. “I recently earned a contract with a multinational with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. That is a substantial amount of business for me, worth about $150,000 over the next nine months or so.”

Whether it involves swiping right to arrange a coffee with a nearby contact or striking up a chat about a shared passion with a potential new business partner, this new generation of networking apps are making it simpler to do something productive – rather than just building a huge list of contacts you are unlikely to ever meet.

beBee is a professional network through passions. Personal interests generate more much engagement, deeper and longer business relationships. Join NOW!!   https://www.bebee.com/bee/franklin-coetzee

be Professional. be Personal. be Successful.


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Trust…Believe…And Act On The Word

So, as the Holy Spirit says: Today, if you hear his
voice, do not harden your hearts…
(Hebrews 3:7-8 NIV).
When God’s Word comes to you, the first and
important thing to do is to accept it. This
may sound too simple for some people, but the things
about God are so simple; He’s never complicated. If
He were to come to us in His complexity, no one will
even be saved. He’d remain a mystery. So, accept Him
in His simplicity, and accept all that He’s done for you.
That’s what it takes.
He’s called you to fellowship; accept it. He’s given
you eternal life; accept it. He’s made you righteous,
strong, vibrant, healthy, prosperous and influential;
accept it! If you don’t accept what He’s done for you,
given you, and made you—and live accordingly—you’ll
be a victim in life. There’re people who say, “If God
is real, let Him do something about my situation.”
He already did; so stop waiting. Find out what the
Word says about that situation; accept it, and live
Romans 1:16 says, “For I am not ashamed of
the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto
salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first,
and also to the Greek.” The Gospel of Christ is a
message that works only for the one who believes. If
you don’t believe it, it won’t work, even though it’s
the power of God. Believe and accept that God has
blessed you. He’s not planning to do it, He’s done it
already: “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord
Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual
blessings in heavenly places in Christ” (Ephesians
Even now, if there’s a situation in your life that you
want changed, you can receive a miracle by saying
“Yes” to the Word! Quit thinking, “Is there hope for
me?” Yes. Christ is your hope. His Word is the answer.
There have been many like you who were in similar
situations and had a transformation. If the Word could
produce results for them, it’ll do the same for you. Trust
the Word. Believe the Word. Act on the Word
Confession I delight in the Word of God, for it’s perfect; enriching and beautifying my life. The glorious life is mine as I acknowledge and receive every good thing that I have in Christ Jesus, walking in the light and reality of who I am in Christ. Righteousness, joy, peace, prosperity, health and strength are mine, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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