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Here are some of the reasons you should want to become involved with Markethive’s Market Network!

Explained in this interview with CEO – Thomas Prendergast and CTO – Douglas Yates.

MarketHive Privacy Policy

You own your personal information and content. It is explicitly not ours.
You will never receive a targeted advertisement or 3rd party content based on what you do or say online. We think it is unethical.
You see every post in timeline order from your friends, family and groups.
We do not manipulate, filter or change the order of your content or what you see.
Permissions and privacy are your rights. You control them.
You control who can access your content.

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You control what, if anything, others can see in member searches.
We’re a private network. That means we do not track or profile you.
Your privacy means that we do not share your personal information with anyone.
Your ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ are for you and your friends. We do not monitor or mine your data.
Your face is your business. We do not use facial recognition technology.
You have the right to delete your account and take your content with you at any time.
We do not store or archive our logs.

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The MarketHive system replaces every tool you have been told you need to buy in order to be successful with an internet business.

It replaces having to buy:

An Email Service – With MarketHive, it is Free
A Social Media Broadcaster – With MarketHive, it is Free
A Blogging Platform – With MarketHive, it is Free
A Capture Page Generator – With MarketHive, it is Free
A Leads Management Platform – With MarketHive, it is Free
An Analytics Platform – With MarketHive, it is Free
A Marketing campaign Management System – With MarketHive, it is Free
A Backlink Tracking Program – With MarketHive, it is Free

On top of all of this you can:

Manage your advertising vendors both online and off
Generate advertising co-op programs
Provide a website rotator for your team
Generate an asset map of all of your online assets
Create groups of like minded people to collaborate with

An the list goes on and on.

And best of all of these tools and system absolutely free!

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Markethive will launch in june

an  Inbound Marketing Market Network

offers an integrated Inbound Marketing platform that delivers the following for free and even pays incentives to use:

  1. Email Marketing

  2. Landing Pages

  3. Campaign Management

  4. Lead Nurturing and Scoring

  5. Lead management

  6. Customer management and calendaring actions

  7. Social Marketing subscribing and broadcasting

  8. Advanced tracking and marketing analytics

  9. Building group collaborations

  10. Internal focus groups

  11. Paid to learn tutorials

  12. Paid to build incentives