Exscudo releases preview video of Channels App ahead of ICO


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Today the Exscduo team published a video showing the functionality of Channels in a test environment. Though admittedly the video is a bit rough around the edges, the simplicity and features this platform provides continue to intrigue me.
What I find appealing about Channels is that it has the speed and simplicity of a coin-shifting service like Changelly or ShapeShift along with the accessibility of fiat currency. I'm not aware of another service that provides all of this, and with exchanges beginning to struggle with withdrawals and deposits in fiat there could not be a better time for this exchange to launch.
I certainly expect there to be challenges with fiat integration, and many people who love cryptocurrency value it for the lack of regulation and oversight – but the reality is it will not make it's way to the masses without OPTIONS that include this oversight.
If you're interested you can learn more about Channels here here. The ICO portal is here.

I think the app looks outstanding for a first release and I look forward to trying it out. It's slated for release Q2, as is the Exscudo exchange which will serve as the engine behind the app. The app will be released on both Android and iOS.

Quick reminder that I'm only sharing my thoughts here. I'm not an expert, and I'm not giving advice. All investments carry risk and each individual should perform due diligence prior to any investment. I am receiving NO BENEFIT from Exscudo for this post nor am I affiliated with them. I WILL purchase EON tokens in the auction.

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Visit the Kairos webiste https://cabinet.kairosplanet.com/register/#111b0e