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Crowd funding of markethive

The Bulls Are Back

Fully accredited and highly rated ICOs breaking records trending occurring

Crowd Funding launched just with this investors bench often raise over $10 million dollars just within their subscriber investors.

There are about 20 such rating systems for ICO and Airdrops which is what we are going to do.

It is not hard to speculate we are going to see unbelievable results with our public launch

But we need to get there and this is why we are calling upon all of you to contribute to this cause. It is for all of our benefits.

Our goal is to collect $10 million in the public launch via ICO Bench near summers end, to be used almost exclusively for marketing Markethive. All other ICOs need to raise the funds to build their promised dream all engineering to write the first line of code. Markethive has already built the promise. We are so far ahead of the rest. Now we just need to tell the world about us.

And we need you to help us pull this off.

You can help by installing the Alexa Browser extension here

You can help by upgrading to the Entrepreneur Program

The Big Private Funding Push is here

Visit http://markethive.com/magistral

Markethive is in BETA and running live


Markethive is in BETA and running live. Almost everything is operational as we continue to develop and improve all aspects of our system. Right now we are getting ready to address our capture pages upgrading them. We just introduced our MHV coin as we have been building the blockchain to move the entire system over. What this means.

We are transparent and hide nothing, good, bad or otherwise. There will be times things don’t work. You will hear about it here first. Many have ideas to make things better, you will see that here and we listen and make many changes and improvements from your input and perspectives.

Markethive is our company. All of us make up the core of value within the system. You and me. We are family and we all care about each other’s situations, conditions and we all work, collaborate to improve the entire community.

I thank all of you with the deepest gratitude for helping build the next generation social network. One that tips you money instead of likes one that lifts you up and shares the revenue with you.


Register here

Meager interest income

For you
the poor saver
with meager interest income

Just discovered the ultimate system that will AUTOMATICALLY pay you CASH by the hour, every hour instantly to your Bitcoin or Altcoin Wallet!

You choose how much you wish to deposit and earn an income on. You can get started with as little as $3.50 and there is no maximum!

We’ll pay you a total of 6% of your deposit each day. This 6% profit we pay you is divided up into 24 individual hourly payouts for a total of 60 days.

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Referral Rate:

When you refer someone to our system, you’ll receive 8% commission of their new deposits for their lifetime. You’ll also earn an additional 2% of their referrals deposits for life!

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