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Freedom from Job. Freedom from Stress, Freedom for You!

Freedom from JobIt’s 1:30 pm your wife is out of town visiting family and one of your children calls from school saying they are sick. You are in the middle of a project that must be completed by 8 am the next day.

You have to leave.

Your boss IS NOT HAPPY! : (

Sound like a familiar scenario? What would you do?

Your child or your boss?

Working for someone use to have its benefits. Pensions were strong, health insurance was paid for, vacation time was plentiful and job security was assured.

Today, anything goes! Ther are no job guarantees, healthcare is a fiasco and business are looking for ways not to provide it,.

With the insecurity of the job market these days, working from home is becoming more and more an option for people being lied off, fired, or stressed out because there are not enough quality people to do all the work.

Obviously, as a home business entrepreneur, your effort is directly related to our income. You have the flexibility to work from home later in the evening after all are in bed to complete a project that you may have had to put aside for other important things. Or, work on the road, which is what I like the best about being my own boss.

Since 1992, I have been working from home providing graphic solutions for both local and national business. A computer, internet connection and printer are all that I need.

Pretty streamlined.

I had a global business with just this equipment.

I could do my design work whenever I needed to, wherever I was. Unfortunately that had its drawbacks.

I was beholden to my clients. I worked when they wanted me to work, not when I wanted to work. And there were many times there were conflicts. 

Previously I spoke of working after the children go to bed or late in the evening hours, but seriously, who really wants to do that. And the only reason that had to happen was to meet deadlines.

I recall shipping my computer to Florida so our family could fly to my wife’s parents house for vacation. There is nothing like have children pacing back and forth wondering when we were going to leave for Universal Studios while I tried to crash through some automotive ads. NEVER AGAIN!

Or the time Julie’s Father had a stroke and while family was gathering around his bedside, I had to meet another deadline working on my laptop in the hallway. NEVER AGAIN

The only true “job freedom” is having the ability to earn while you are not physically working. 

The internet provides a vast amount of opportunities to work from home, millions in fact.

But how do you determine what is the best.

There are MLM or direct sale companies that offer pills, lotions and potions that are overpriced and difficult to get and retain steady customers.

There are matrixes that are really a pyramid scheme. You put in $100 and it is supposed to process upward as others come up underneath you and when you reach the top you get paid. Like that is gonna last.

Then there are top tier digital products.

The digital or online educational information market is a 500+ Billion dollar market and growing everyday. Universities are jumping on the band wagon, no overhead with no products to inventory and sell.

It is really the perfect product for internet sales.

Living a free lifestyle is a dream come true. We are able to take missions trips to Jamaica on a yearly basis. Be at ALL of our children’s sorting, musical and talent events.

And be there for family when it is most important.

If your job is getting in the way of your life take a serious look at this business that I am building.  We offer a $1 trial for 14 days for you to decide if it is for you.

Think about what is important in your life then weigh that agains the daily grind of going to the office and mission out on the important gifts life has to offer.






Bryan Tuck      

P.S. If you have a real interest in building a home based business, check out the training that is available here.

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Identifying Your Brand

Identifying Your Brand

When you are working on identifying your brand you should understand that your brand is owning a place in the consumers mind of who you are and want you have to offer.

It is not a logo.

It is not a design.

It is you.

Logos and design are a byproduct of a brand.

So many times people will try to emulate another persons brand, dressing like they dress, talking like they talk; acting like they act.

You will see this frequently with people who follow hollywood stars. People wearing the same sunglasses, shoes or hairstyle.

I get it. We all want to associate ourselves with successful people in someway shape or form.

That works on personal level to a degree, but doing this it will kill your business. People will see thorugh it.

When building your business brand, which is YOU, because in this industry people buy from you, someone they trust, admire, and respect, ask yourself, “Who am I?” “What drives me?” "What am I passionate about”

As you answer these questions you will begin to see your brand come to life.

You see, it is already there. It can be nurtured and tweaked, but it is already within you.

For the most part, I am a blue jean, t-shirt and flip flop wearing kind of guy. Do I put on a suit and tie? Yes. When the situation requires a formal presence. But on any given day, I could be in casual clothes, and a day or two unshaven as I am as I write this.

This is just a part of who I am. 

Personally I am a compassionate person who cares deeply for the souls of other people and their journey through this life. I want them to be a better person because they have been in my presence. I want them to walk away feeling better about themselves and the world around them. Knowing that I will do whatever i can to help them in any situation.

I truly want to help people and make a difference in the lives of people and to be a part of something bigger than myself. As I grow my busness and find more time, less stress and more money, I want to be able to take as manny mission trips as I can. There is someting so real about working and helping people in mission countries, like Jamaica and Haiti that really brings out a new person. Now that is not to say I can't do the same here and I do. Talking to the homless person on the street and finding out who they are, what there situation is as oppsed to simpky throwing money at them.

At a recent event there were many people who were slickly dressed, hair in just the right place, designer shoes and suits all making massive amounts money. Then there were those that looked like they just rolled out of bed after a long evening of doing who knows what, all making massive amounts of money.

Then there were this who were as humble as they could be and some who were just over the top happy. All making massive amounts of money.

What do all of these of people have in common?

They are being real. They are being who they are. They are not trying to copycat someone.

The point here is you have to find who you are. You have to find your voice.

This can take some soul searching and seeking help from someone, like a  business coach, or a person who has an objective view of you. Someone looking from the outside. This could actually be a rather difficult situation. there may be things that are reveled that you don’t like to hear that need to be changed. But isn’t that what growth is all about?

Peel back the outer layers and look deep inside.

Who are you?

Who do you want to be as a person?

What characteristics are part of your personality that you can bring out that tell more about who you are.

Remember, if you work hard enough to earn massive amounts of money, this money will only amplify  who you are.

If you are compassionate and caring person, you will become more compassionate and caring. If you are an idiot and jackass…..well?

Trust me, I met some of these type of people recently. They are making a lot of money, but they are kind of people who I personally do not wnat to be around. Then there are other people who do.

Whan you find your voice of who you are, you will attract the kind of person that resonnates with your voice.As for all the others who don't…remeber there ar 7 billion people on this planet. 

So get out there discover who you are, find your voice, and be real….B U!

Bryan Tuck












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What is the secret sauce to building a successful online business?

The secret sauce to building a successful online business

Anyone who is seeking to build an online business is typically asking this question. We all see ordinary people proving that building a successful online business can be done.

But what is the secret?

What tool are they using to make this work.

There are so many tools, tips and tricks being thrown around out there claiming that this is the one you need to finally be successful.

Well I have a secret….

There is no secret sauce, tool or trick.

What? Wait?

Those that you see day in and day out showing you that having a successful online business can be done have a couple things in common.

1. The are constantly providing value to those around them through providing solutions to peoples problems and being real.

I met one such person over the weekend who is the top affiliate for a up and coming company. He is the most real person I have met in this industry.

All he spoke of was providing solutions and value to your target audience.

People are tired of being pitched through banal autoresponders.

Do autoresponders have their place?


However, you must make them personal. But I digress.

2. The successful entrepreneurs are consistent and deliberate in there actions. They have a DMO or Daily Mode of Operation.

What do you do consistently everyday to move your business forward?

Here is an example of a DMO:

  • Create one piece of content a day: blog, video, article
  • Promote it on 5 Social media outlets. Whatever your favorites are: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube (if Video) Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr.
  • Answer 3-5 questions for every post you create from Q & A sites like  to increase your credibility and have people start coming to YOU for answers.

Ultimately the “Secret Sauce”…is YOU!

Not a tool. Tools help you scale and automate.

Who are you as a person?

Are you a giver or taker?

If all you are after is the almighty dollar, then this will be a tough road to hoe. People will see this from a mile away and avoid you like the plague.

But, if you are real, genuine, providing solutions and value, then and only then will you begin to bring credibility to your name and people will start coming to you for answers. Then through that you will begin to see your business take off.

Be Real. Be purposeful. Be consistent and add VALUE!

Bryan Tuck


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