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Trump asked all US ambassadors appointed by Obama to leave office by January 20th. Isn’t that unreasonable, and does this make him thin-skinned?

Katy Burton
Written 32m ago
This question makes me sad for our country. It shows how divided and hateful we have become over the past eight years. Many people disagree with ANYthing President Trump does. It doesn’t seem to matter if it is good or bad, right or wrong, or that other presidents have done the exact same thing. The simple fact that President Trump did it makes it wrong or bad to so many. Those people aren’t thinking objectively (if they are even thinking at all). Their hateful little minds are made up before the situation even presents itself. This is childish and is certainly not benefiting our country.

For the people who are criticizing the appointed Ambassadors not having been given “enough time” before they were replaced, are you telling me those Ambassadors are ignorant? It is nothing new. Wouldn’t/ shouldn’t they have been anticipating it?

What about the “peaceful transition of power” that Hillary was counseling Trump about before the election? You know, when she and 0bama thought she would win. 0bama just couldn’t do enough in his last days to subvert Trump’s administration with his hasty executive orders after her loss.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything President Trump does, but neither do I expect criticism for good things. I thought the people of America were better than that. He is piloting our plane, people. Do you really want to do all you can to ensure he crashes? Because America goes down with him.

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