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News from markethive

News from markethive

  • Logging in. Many of you have not logged in in years, some many months. Those of you that have depended upon Facebook for logging in, Facebook changed the rules and we had to set up a new API. What that means your current Facebook configuration will not work. You will have to log in with a different social account like LinkedIn, Gmail or Yahoo. If none of this is an option, you will have to depend on the LOST ACCOUNT RETRIEVAL link and follow the instructions.Or just set up a new account. As we are revitalizing the new Markethive within the blockchain, old accounts not logged into beyond 6 months will be deleted soon.
  • The Alpha accounts have been converted to ILP shares. ILP shares are the new asset of Markethive and now being in Phase two a full ILP share is selling at $15,000 per share. Your Alpha account(s) represent 10% of that share. Don’t know what this means? You will need to attend our Sunday meetings and ask us to explain our new crowdfunding strategy as we are still in a pre-launch in that regard. Phase one has sold out already with shares listed at $10,000. There are 4 phases of the crowdfunding. Remember we are a new company with Markethive converting to the blockchain for many reasons.
  • The original BOD (Bond of Debt) notes were sold at $4800 via a failed company called Shell Holdings. We have grandfathered them into Markethive ILPs at 50% of a share. Again want to understand the details, come to the meetings. We have been moving forward with this new Markethive blockchain prelaunch since April of this year with 4-10 meetings in this regard per week for over 6 months now. If you are still in the dark, perhaps you should wake up and pay attention. Markethive is your system after all.
  • The Entrepreneur program trumps the other older legacy programs. Primarily because the new Markethive is now a blockchain and with it comes asset coins like Bitcoin. And this allows us to offer coins (of value) as an incentive to join Markethive. This was our primary reason to make this move. But there are other solid reasons as well. Security, privacy, autonomy, and economy. I will explain:The Airdrop: Startup Blockchain companies have utilized a relatively new concept called airdrops. In doing so they have exploded awareness and growth. Case in point is a start-up ICO called Omisego. They gave away 5% of their total coin supply and increased subscribers into the millions and drove the value of the coin up over 500%.

    “Airdrops combine the best of paid referral programs with stock options. Potential users get paid for joining or using the network and have the potential upside if the network increases in value.” – Brayton Williams to CoinDesk

    Prior to the Airdrop OMG coin was valued at .50 but increased to peak at $24 per coin. It is now trading steadily at about $3.50. How would you like 500 of these coins? How would you like 5000 of these coins?

    Then there is Paypal who raised awareness by giving away $20 for new accounts and $20 for referring others. It then dwindled to $10 then $5 then tapered off and went away. But not until increasing memberships into the millions and subsequently turned Paypal into a multibillion-dollar company valued at more than $40 billion dollars

    Matching Bonus: Markethive is planning on creating an infinite Airdrop with our first wave of subscribers getting 500 coins for joining and giving you (If you upgrade to Entrepreneur) a matching 500 coins for each referral (called an associate) through your account (the profile page), This being a fundamental new direction of Markethive.

    Customer Acquisition: As Markethive raises millions at least half is going to advertising, press releases and sponsored articles, all designed to drive traffic and new registrations into Markethive. As an upgraded Entrepreneur, and active (actively logged into Markethive) you will receive your share from the new referral registrations (associates)

    Read more here: https://markethive.com/group/markethivecontentgroup/blog/markethives-entrepreneur-alpha-and-bod-news

It Is Feasible To Make Cash Working From Home

It Is Feasible To Make Cash Working From Home

There could be several reasons that an individual needs to work from residence. One household members functions outside the house and the other stays there to care for the youngsters, an ill family member or just is not able to find a task to match their work abilities. With the raising approval of the internet there are numerous various work at residence tasks an individual can perform and also make money without having to leave the house.

Internet sites should market their websites as well as to do so they utilize 3 basic types of advertising. Internet search engine advertising and marketing, write-ups marketing and also associate advertising and people with little or no internet site experience could make use of a couple of these approaches and begin earning money in the house. Online search engine advertising does need comprehensive experience in structure internet sites that are eye-catching to the electronic crawlers employed by internet search engine, yet article advertising and marketing and also associate advertising hold guarantee.

Associate advertising and marketing is one of the hottest patterns in working from house as well as with a basic understanding of web language could have their very own website up and running as well as gathering an income from many different companies. While many opportunities exist with some internet companies that offer turnkey company solutions, they are offering the person a possibility to advertise a certain site as well as earn money from any sales that originate from that website. There are a few good ones online, but still, the revenue is abling to originate from a single source and also if something happens to that a person company, the earnings stream quits.

Building your personal web site enables the possibility to select as several associate firms that the individual intends to join. They might develop an online shopping center with internet affiliate from a range of specialties to bring in visitors with different preferences as well as interests to provide a better chance of accomplishing sales. When a site visitor undergoes their virtual shopping center and makes a purchase, the website owner obtains a compensation. Although most compensations are in the 5 to 10 percent range, there are a couple of that pay handsome benefits to a website proprietor that refers company their means.

Joining firms can be done one at a time, which is time consuming, or with an associate website that offers numerous on-line companies from which to choose. The technique is picking firms in which the target audience could be interested. Additionally, the more companies that market things described as consumables, the better chance there is to achieve repeat sales. Consumables are not necessarily edible goods; rather consumables are those items that will certainly should be replenished on a consistent basis such as tooth paste, paper items as well as home cleansers.

There are lots of chances with which a cost-free website can be established and also the majority of those have the tools with which to construct a functioning website. Nonetheless, in order to have an one-of-a-kind name to the site, web-hosting business could offer sites for under $50 a year. These may be taken into consideration after the cost-free site is up and running as well as producing a revenue.

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