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How Can Finance Help The Business Add Value?

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Anders Liu-Lindberg
Finance Master | Finance Transformation Expert | THE Finance Business Partner | Writer
When the discussion falls on Millennials and what they want from their work and careers there’s one word that dominates: “Purpose”. In fact, Millennials are even labeled “The purpose-driven generation”. This got me thinking in terms of what I want to achieve with my career in Finance and my writing no less. At the same time, I was thinking about an article from one of the Top Voices of 2016 on LinkedIn, Jeffrey Towson on how he got 300,000 followers in 18 months where his point #1 was an interesting one.

“Choose one valuable question to focus on”
That immediately made sense to me in terms of giving my career and writing a purpose and made it clear as to what I was really trying to achieve. I’ve been exploring many aspects of current trends and developments in the finance function and despite having written series of articles revolving around the same topic they never really had a focus stemming from a purpose. At least I hadn’t made it clear to myself. Now it has become clear though and my writing going forward as well as what I strive to achieve in my day job will explore the single question of.

“How Can Finance Help The Business Add Value?”
Why is this important?

Late last year I wrote an article titled “Why Transforming Finance Matters” discussing if Finance (or more specifically the people working in the function) was even needed. At the end of the day at the core of every company, it’s about creating value. You typically do that by solving problems and so this is also what every day should be about for Finance. How can the function help add value by solving problems together with the business? If the finance function can’t provide any answers on how to solve the problems that the business has set out to solve, all it will ever do is the minimum legally required. However, that doesn’t bring purpose to all the young people coming into finance and accounting. To a purpose-driven generation, it has to be about something more than the paycheck at the end of the month and doing the bare minimum. That’s why it’s important to answer the question of how Finance can help add value to the business. The answers will bring purpose to those that choose a career in Finance and open the eyes of the business to how Finance should be an important partner in achieving its goals.

Decomposing the question

Before going in-depth with trying to find answers to the question let’s start by decomposing the question itself. What does it actually mean?

How: “in what way or manner; by what means” i.e. it’s about finding ways, means, and manners in which Finance can help the business add value. It’s about exploring different paths and aspects of HOW to help.

Can: “to be able to; have the ability, power or skills to”. The word itself leads to two questions.

1.      Why is it "can" and not "shall" and should Finance even do this?

2.      Does Finance have the ability and skills to help?

As for 1) I firmly believe Finance should do this referring back to the discussion about purpose. While there are many legal reasons as to why Finance exists then I believe that it’s the value adding part that is the true purpose of Finance. Moreover, this is more about whether or not Finance actually has the ability, power, and skills to do it rather than the intent to do it. All the good intentions in the world matter none if there’s no capability to actually do it. This leads to 2) which is about exploring Finance’s current skills and abilities but certainly also the power that Finance has in the company and the ability to make an impact.

Finance: This is not so much about the official definition of the word but simply put about “the finance function”. It’s the department that almost all companies have which often includes accounting, tax, financial planning and analysis, treasury etc.

Help: “to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need”. This is about helping someone else to achieve their goals. It can be the business overall but also line managers, other departments etc.

The Business: In broad terms, it’s the company in which the finance function operates but it can also be line managers, departments etc. as per above. Seen from the outside it’s the entity in which people have invested their money and demand a return from.

Add Value: There’s the addition i.e. the opposite of subtraction meaning there has to be more of something when Finance is done helping. That more of something is more value and whereas value can be defined in many ways such as shareholder value, stock price etc. I’ll define this as discounted cash flow meaning that all the helping that Finance does should eventually lead to a positive cash flow. In many cases, this can be indirect and difficult to measure but Finance must put on itself to quantify the value and how non-financial measures ultimately translate into cash flow.

The start of something bigger

This is the question I’ve been trying to answer through my so far ten years in the finance function and having made it explicit gives me a new sense of direction. That’s why in 2017 you will find that all my writing will be centered on this question just as establishing Finance Business Partnering 2.0 at Maersk Line was in my day job in 2016. My latest series “The CFOs Roadmap To Transforming Finance” and “How Finance People Can Be More Successful” both explored this question although not explicitly expressed but going forward all articles will explicitly express what part of the question they explore and they will have tangible actions and suggestions on how you or your finance function can improve on how to help the business add value. There’s no fixed end in sight as the world will continue to evolve and new answers to the question will pop up. Are you ready to explore and answer this question together with me?

What’s the question you’re trying to answer in your career and have you found your purpose? How do you think Finance can help the business add value? Having defined this question probably won’t lead to 300,000 followers over the next 18 months like Jeffrey experienced but hopefully, it will make the purpose of my writing crystal clear. Ultimately I do hope it will help you in your career or your finance function actually helping the business add value. As always I very much appreciate your like, comment and/or share.

For more articles about finding a purpose with your career or how Finance can help the business add value please continue reading below. You should also join my Finance Business Partner Forum where we will continue to discuss this topic. Last but not least you can follow me on Twitter for continued insights on developments in the finance function.

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Anders Liu-Lindberg is the Senior Finance Business Partner for Maersk Line North Europe and is working with the transformation of Finance and business on a daily basis. I have participated in several transformation processes among others helping Maersk Drilling to go Beyond Budgeting and transformed a finance team from Bean-counters to Business Partners. I would love the chance to collaborate with you on your own transformation processes to help you stay out of disruption. If you are looking for more advice on how to get the most of LinkedIn I also have a few tips to share as well as if you want help in your job search. Don’t be shy! Let’s get in touch and start helping each other.

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FollowAnders Liu-Lindberg
Finance Master | Finance Transformation Expert | THE Finance Business Partner | Write

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Can We Survive without Social Media?

We are so much engrossed with the Internet driven social media 
I just thought the other day if it so happens that the top social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook close their business. Then do we have other alternative platforms to go? My friends would say that there are so many such platforms: Medium, BeBee and so on .. But we must agree that every platform is somewhat different. You can't get the same engagement everywhere in the Internet driven #SocialMedia.

Some of my friends say that “ Don't keep all your eggs in the same basket”
We should not keep our contents and data in one space of the social media. That is true because you can't be sure that the very web media would exist to give its services for good. Then your “eggs” don't sell for the same “price” in different “baskets”. You have to make some compromises on your social media selling.

Some have their own websites and associated blog pages 
Having your own website is a wise decision. You have your own website where you can keep your contents, as long as the service of the web hosting company continues. But those websites need the help of the social media to pull the crowd there. If the top social media networks don't exist where from will you get the crowd?

But do we continue the simple activities, such as writing articles with a pen, meeting our social media connections outside the social media .. ? 
Do we still write contents on a paper using a pen? Do we try to keep your works in traditional printed documents as well? Do we publish articles/papers/books which also appear in hard copy prints? Do we try to meet our clients whom we give services electronically? Do we ever try to meet our social media acquaintances outside the virtual space of the social media?

If the Internet driven social media cease to exist, we are going to suffer if we don't continue traditional communication
Electronic-only social media communication can robotize the modern society. Simple and direct communication have a natural role to play in our lives. Recently some of our Internet-friends did it in No Longer Virtual (NLV) conference organized by Sarah Elkins. This is a great effort towards simple and direct communication.


"No Social Media" – This is unthinkable. Anyway, it should never happen for God's sake, and the Internet backbone would also exist for ever (we assume), and the social media networks would flourish every day. I take an advance excuse from all my social media connections and the would-be connections. Please don't hesitate to shower with your views, counter views and enrich my future existence with a better understanding of life.

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In June 2015, Dr. Jeffrey Strickland and I founded a new LinkedIn Group called "The Unfluencers". To learn about the history of "The Unfluencers" please read the seminal LinkedIn article by Dr. Jeffrey Strickland entitled — "Who are the Unfluencers". This group is an open group. You are welcome to join this group and engage yourself in the discussions. The Unfluencerᵀᴹ Logo is a registered trademark of Dr. Jeffrey Strickland.

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Debesh Choudhury is an academician and researcher. He is interested in the science and engineering of optics and electronics. He uses GNU/Linux, Free and Open Source Software for all his works related to computers, be it educational or entertainment, professional or personal.

Publishers & Bloggers
Social Media
 Debesh Choudhury Debesh Choudhury

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Affiliate marketers, is their presence in social media all that it can be?

As an affiliate marketer, you invest a lot of blood, sweat and tears in developing and updating your website. This commitment causes a lot of marketers to ignore the importance of establishing a social media presence to build brand awareness, attract followers, and drive traffic.

The following is an overview of strategies for building your presence in social media, deploying effective content, and gaining actions and tastes!

Keep focus
Do not attempt to operate on all social media channels unless you have a team of people dedicated to the cause. Instead, identify two or three platforms in which the interests of the public align with the products you want to promote.

Try to do a lot and you will get overwhelmed and have poor accounts. You need accounts where you can post non-promotional messages, initiate conversations with audience members and create followers involved. Only then will your affiliate links and site shares direct traffic.

If you sell technology products that attract young millennials, for example, Twitter is a great channel.

Know the rules
Amazon is the largest affiliate program and one that many affiliate marketers care more about. Amazon allows affiliates to promote products on social channels, as well as on their sites. However, you need to read your FAQ rules and content to familiarize yourself with restrictions on registered words.

Other third party platforms restrict social media marketing to an affiliate marketer. Some social tools do not allow you to post affiliate links, although mainstream mainstream platforms usually do.Facebook will not allow direct affiliate links because it wants to protect users from unsolicited promotions. Using redirected links may work best on Facebook, Twitter and other tools, although some affiliate programs require you to use original link formats when posting.

Use effective messaging strategies
Success in social media as an affiliate marketer is found in similar ways as successful success in other industries. The number one rule of thumb is to build relationships through engagement first, and promote second. Do not load your timeline with product step after product step; No one goes on social media to receive these kinds of messages.

Focus first on delivering value content to your target audience. Offer concise suggestions and insights, share posts from your blog, and offer helpful videos. If you promote cameras and photography, for example, offer your followers tips on how to take great pictures before recommending affiliate products. Infographics and images capture much more attention to your social posts and provide important visual support for product messages.

In essence, affiliate marketing on social media is very similar to social selling. Prioritize trust and credibility and garner respect that helps drive referral traffic to products.

Promotional offers on products of interest to your followers often capture more attention than regular product-based messages.

Affiliate marketers, identify your favorite social networking platforms, create your accounts and start promoting today!

Neil Kokemuller

Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs
Marketing and Product
Marketing and Communication
 Carlos Souza Ribeiro Carlos Souza Ribeiro

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Jesus Can Heal Addiction

You can be free from addiction.

Written by Lois on 24/05/2016
Series: Weekly Devotional
Tags: Addiction, Forgiveness, Freedom, Grace, Sin
The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand.

1 Corinthians 10:13 (NLT)
We all have wrong desires and are tempted, but God has given us an Advocate who will help us resist sin if we are willing. Are you tired of being addicted to alcohol, sex, drugs, pornography or greed? Jesus has made a way for you to be free. This is how you can resist temptation and allow Jesus to heal your addiction.

There are countless people who are enjoying an addiction because they have not faced consequences yet. Galatians 6:8 tells us if a person “sows to please his own wrong desires, he will be planting seeds of evil and he will surely reap a harvest of spiritual decay and death; but if he plants the good things of the Spirit, he will reap the everlasting life that the Holy Spirit gives him.” There is no peace or freedom found in loving an addiction or sin. If you want to be healed, you have to turn away and renounce the addiction or sin.

Resist the Temptation
2 Timothy 2:22 tells us to “Run from anything that stimulates youthful lusts. Instead, pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace. Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts.”

Temptation happens to everyone; no one is being singled out
Learn to recognize the people, things and situations that overtake you
After recognizing the tempter, resist him
It’s your choice, so choose to do what pleases God
Pray for Jesus to help you
Seek friends who love God, have resisted temptation and can help you
There is Healing
Jesus is able to heal every kind of addiction, even those we willfully sought out. Jesus is able to "restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten" (Joel 2:25), even if suffering is His chastisement to a person for sinful behavior. God's purpose is never to tempt us to sinful despair but to make us holy and useful. (James 1:13; Hebrews 12:11-13) David, who knew something about God's chastisement, said, "Oh, give me back my joy again; you have broken me—now let me rejoice." (Ps. 51:8) Ask Jesus to heal physical or emotional pain from an abusive parent, the brokenness of losing a child, the loneliness of the death of a spouse, or being orphaned.

An addiction is not going to heal you. Letting a sinful nature control your mind leads to death. But letting God’s Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace. Romans 8:6

Pray this week:

Father, this sin is wrecking my life. Will you help me? In Jesus’ name, amen.

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 Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.

Peter Kesaris
Director of Architecture & Design Customer Experience at Empire Office
6 years ago to date, I was hit by a car and nearly killed. After being stuck in a wheelchair for 6 months, doctors didn't know if I would be able to walk normally again. This week I ran my first half marathon.  Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do.  Follow my story on Instagram: @pakjan6 (edited) 

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How These Awesome Tools Can Accelerate Your Business

The growth of the internet as a means of communication has brought about a profound change in the way business is done. Every industry, has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. In order to survive and grow amidst cutthroat market competition, you need to adapt to the latest tools being used in the industry. Some of them are mentioned below:

Tagove Live Chat
Allows screen sharing with customers

This advanced tool can significantly extend, as well as adjust, to the speed of the user’s website. The Tagove WebRTC and Flash Technology have the capacity to support all features of the Tagove tool in different browsers, tablets and Android mobiles.

Eliminates Communication Barriers

Live Text chat is the most effective method of communication and offers users a quicker live chat feature through which you can send your message to buyers without delay. Moreover, the tool has an instant file-sharing feature through which you will be able to share files with a customer.

Video and Voice Chat for Website

Tagove Live Voice offers a one-click call button on your website through which customers will be able to communicate with you at no cost. The Live call feature also works with all browsers, even in situations when the internet connection runs haywire.

Online Product Tours for Customers

Tagove offers screen sharing and co-browsing features along with the Live call without the need for software installation. Our co-browsing and screen sharing features will allow you to track customer queries in real-time.

Instant File Sharing

With the help of a cloud-based technology, you will be able to share files with customers and the customer can also do the same with your executives on this platform.

Live Call Recording

Call recording is essential for maintaining outstanding customer relationship management (CRM). Proper training for customer care executives can help them to augment the quality of the CRM process.

Makes Product Promotions Easy and Efficient

This tool will enable you to format promotional activity for new products once they are added to your webstore or site.

Automates Social Media Marketing

The success of social media often depends on timing, which is a constraint for business owners. Mento will enable you to create content as per your convenience, no matter which platform it needs to be posted on. It will also enable you to set up promotional posts for new products that are going to be posted on your sites either days or weeks in advance.

Collaborate with Team Using Common Interface

The software will enable you to coordinate with your team in order to work on marketing as well as product promotions from a single interface.

Organize and Schedule Future Campaigns

You can devise and schedule future campaigns with personalized branding. 

Skyward CRM
This is one stop solution for all need of a sales person. 

Unique Sales Management

This helps sales people to use and manage customer history, database, and follow-up with efficient manner. 


Whether it is features, report or dashboard, you can customized everything both – on-premise and online version. 

Sales forecasting 

With full data mining features, it helps you predict sales forecasting and decide where to invest and put optimum resources. 

Uses Sales Data and Consumer Behavior to Create Ads

Criteo makes use of the latest sales data and consumer behavior trends in order to create ads. The software utilizes an extensive publishing network of direct relationships with 16,000 publishers at the global level which offer access to the best ad placements.

Uses Post-Click Sales Model

Criteo makes use of the post-click sales model in which a conversion takes place only when a user clicks on the ad. One of the major advantages of using such a model, that according to search experts, is that sales managers can generate an impressive number of email alerts for visitors who come to their site. Sales staff can also detect the keywords that have been used by specific visitors to assist a person who has completed a form on their landing page to qualify.

Provides Digital Advertising Solutions

The software works seamlessly across numerous devices such as mobile, web and apps. It helps you to organize the visual elements of your brand instantly into ads that have a high probability of maximizing sales. The cost-per-click model followed is directly related to the performance of a campaign.

Sending and Receiving Messages Simplified

The software will enable you to provide more personalized messages and ensure that they are delivered to customers on time with the help of an advanced rules engine. As a result, you will be able to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and retain your customer base. The quality of customer care service offered will, therefore, match the expectations of customers.

Integrating with Other Services Possible

A simple integration will enable you to send the user data from either your web or mobile app. Once the installation is complete, you can start sending emails. It can help you to maximize engagement and revenue, as well as to maintain customer experience.

Campaign Reports Available

The software will provide you with campaign reports, including analytics, which you can use for measuring your campaign’s level of success with opens, clicks and conversions.

Know About Customer Engagement

Loyalis will offer you with the opportunity to know your customers better through its CRM. It will allow you to gamify your board by initiating the use of a ranking board. Efficient tracking of customer behavior will be made possible through access to business intelligence tools. You will also get a social network breakdown for your most important and loyal customers. Engagement will be streamlined through perfect integration with your webstore.

Find Ways to Increase Loyal Customers

Loyalis offers users the feature of ROI analytics. Everything that the software does can be viewed on the dashboard. It will assist you with determining how your loyalty program can help in sales enhancement. You can review and track all interactions and detect the exact action in which the visitors perform the highest and where should you exactly lay emphasis. Loyalis also offers users with additional data in the form of shopper analytics. It will enable you to see what and how much your buyers like or share in social media, what type of products they review and the types of products they are using. As a result, you can devise your marketing strategies according to their activities across different social networking sites.
Sam Makad Sam Makad

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No Condemnation…No Death

There is therefore now no condemnation to them
which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the
flesh, but after the Spirit (Romans 8:1).

Nobody will go to hell today or be condemned
because of sin, for Jesus was already
condemned for our sins; He paid the full penalty for
sin. Therefore, the primary reason people will go to hell
is unbelief; it’s for not believing and accepting God’s
testimony of His Son. It’s for rejecting God’s love which
He demonstrated in the sacrifice of His Son, for the
propitiation of our sins.
The Bible says, “For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever
believeth in him should not perish, but have
everlasting life” (John 3:16). To reject His love is to
embrace eternal condemnation. When you love the
Lord with all your heart, you’re free from any form of
condemnation. And that love has been shed abroad in
our hearts by the Holy Ghost (Romans 5:5), such that
not only are we able to love the Lord, we also walk in,
and manifest His love to others.
Furthermore, the one who walks in love has passed
from death unto life: “We know that we have passed
from death unto life, because we love the brethren.

He that loveth not his brother abideth in death” (1  John 3:14). Romans 8:2 says, “For the law of the Spirit
of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law
of sin and death.” Eternal life was activated in your
spirit when you were born again. Death isn’t at work
in you; life is, because you’re a child of God.
The law of the Spirit of life has made you free
from the law of sin and death. So, you’re death-free!
When God says He’s made you death-free, it means
you’re off death’s limits! Whatever kind of death it may
be, whether death in business, finances, health, etc.;
you’re off their limits, because life is at work in you.
Blessed be God!

I’m crucified with Christ;
nevertheless I live; yet not I,
but Christ lives in me; and the
life which I now live in the flesh
I live by the faith of the Son of
God, who loved me, and gave
Himself for me! Christ is my life,
and I dwell in Him in the realm
of His divine love. Therefore,
I’m free from sin, death, and
the Law! I’m a partaker of His

divine nature!

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