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Could Visa’s Planned Digital Fiat Currency’ Spark the Emergence of Crypto-Fiat Hybrids?

Could Visa’s Planned ‘Digital Fiat Currency’ Spark the Emergence of Crypto-Fiat Hybrids?

As the benefits of blockchain become increasingly apparent to central banks and institutions around the globe,

mainstream financial actors are looking at ways to merge their traditional practices with crypto technologies. Such was the case earlier this month when the payments giant Visa announced it had filed a patent for a new ‘digital fiat currency’ that would exploit the benefits of blockchain whilst still be backed by traditional fiat currencies, namely American dollars. According to Visa’s CEO, the hoped-for currency would benefit from faster transaction times, greater transparency, and volume control. At the same time, the currency would avoid cryptocurrency hazards such as volatility and lack of regulatory oversight by being backed by traditional fiat currencies.

Should Visa’s plan take off, it could very well represent a turning point in the future of money, offering a bridge between fiat and crypto that could benefit millions of users around the world. Such plans are likely to gather an increased sense of urgency in light of the ongoing COVID-19 financial crisis, which has sent currencies around the world into historic levels of volatility. One of the most notable financial developments in the recent crisis, has been the haemorrhaging value of emerging market fiat currencies, with the Mexican Peso, Brazilian Real, and South African Rand all losing more than 20% of their value against the dollar since February. As this comprehensive guide to Forex trading explains, the value of currency pairs on global trading markets is intensely vulnerable to global news events. As mounting fears of a protracted recession grew earlier in the year, emerging market currencies took a huge hit as investors piled into the ‘safe haven’ currency of the US dollar.

This, in turn, makes borrowing, commodity trading, and debt servicing more expensive for emerging economies, as all of these activities are typically done in dollars. The result, as we have seen, is a vicious cycle which depreciates the value of these currencies further. Compare and contrast this with the performance of cryptocurrencies since the onset of the current crisis. Heavy hitters such as bitcoin took an initial, albeit more modest hit to their value at first, before rebounding to the point where their price has stabilized to pre-crisis levels. This development highlights how the structure and nature of cryptocurrencies can prove beneficial and preferable to fiat in times of crisis, something that Visa will likely attempt to capitalize on with their planned hybrid currency.

For one, the use of currency attached to a digital blockchain ledger has been proven to increase financial participation in emerging markets, ensuring easier access to the cash and credit that people need in times of turmoil. In addition, the instant transfer capabilities of digital currencies could help developing economies overcome the hurdles associated with limited access to much-needed, stable American dollars. With a hybrid e-currency that is pegged to the USD, emerging economies could avoid the ‘vicious cycle’ that compounds economic woes during global crises.Of course, whether such options will materialize depends on how successful initiatives like Visa’s turn out to be. Watch this space to find out. 

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Coinpedia Staff

This is an official account of Coinpedia.org, used to publish guest posts including Press releases and other related news. It is also used to update information on wallet, tools and DEX.


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Crypto Startup Financing Feeling Well in 2020 Here Are Few Examples

Crypto Startup Financing Feeling Well in 2020, Here Are Few Examples

It’s just five months into the new year, but crypto fundraising is in rude health as several projects continue

to raise funds for their platforms with ease. This is welcome news at a time when the global economy has taken a hit from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Last year IEOs managed to raise around $1.7 billion as they took over crypto fundraising amid the death of ICOs. However, most of the projects have had negative ROI, and this has seen the mode of fundraising slowdown in 2020. But, for the better as now, new projects are expected to be of high quality and preferably have at least a first round of backing from venture capital.

That said, it’s a great time to raise funds for new quality crypto projects with financing easily accessible thanks to exchange backed launchpads that guarantee a swift sale of tokens to millions of users. Additionally, there is more money coming in from venture capital as recently Andreessen Horowitz managed to raise $515 million for a new crypto fund that will focus on supporting projects that focus on creating next-generation payments, new methods of monetization, modern stores of value and decentralized finance. During the IEO boom last year, Binance led the way with 8 of the top 15 IEOs conducted there and the launchpad has picked where it left with its latest project being the Cartesi token sale which was held exclusively for the owners of Binance Coin (BNB). This is a shift in funding, from the previous boom in funding when BTC and ETH were the preferred vehicle for investments. In 2020, there are more signs that crypto funding is doing well, with a handful of notable token sales active in May.

Independent Token Sale by AlphaPlay

Independent token sales are still using the Ethereum infrastructure and offering an ERC-20 token. AlphaPlay, a betting and cryptocurrency trading platform, has already completed one round of token sale, and is on its second round right now with a $0.05 price per ALPHA token that gives token holders 6% of platform’s turnaround as bonuses. At the same time, users are winning 90% of the turnaround as prizes, and 4% they are getting for playing with friends and for referrals. AlphaPlay is already have an ecosystem of referrals to promote both its platform, as well as the ALPHA token. A total of five rounds of token sales will distribute 50 million ALPHA. The token sale has a maximum cap of $4 million, and already surpassed its minimum target of $300,000. Owning the ALPHA token will pay out commissions on all activities of AlphaPlay and share the earnings through a smart contract.

OKEx Birthday Token Special Sale

Issuing tokens is not only related to new projects. An established exchange like OKEx is constantly innovating, and recently performed a sale for the OKB token. The new asset was placed at 80% of market prices toward the end of April, at $3.52 equivalent. OKEx uses Tether (USDT) for its token sales, posting an intuitive dollar-denominated price. For now, OKEx has slowed down its IEO offerings, but allows the occasional token sale.

LAToken: Where Token Sales Find a Platform

LAToken started off as a cryptocurrency exchange. But the project is now offering one of the most active token sale platforms, with dozens of projects in their active fundraising stage. The funding relies on longer token sale periods. One of the latest active projects for LAToken is YouEngine, a tokenized online ad ecosystem. The platform aims to gain the attention of 200 million advertisers, and potentially reach billions of users. But there are many more highly active token sales through the LAToken platform, showing that crypto crowd-fundingis still alive, and there is an appetite for new tokens and new business models. LAToken already expanded its trading selection to more than 133 market pairs, bringing liquidity to the newly listed pairs. 

Celo ICO to Rival Libra

Where Facebook’s Libra failed, Celo ICO is trying to take over. Celo is an upcoming token sale that has decided to proceed with the fundraising, while some of the upcoming projects postponed their launch deadlines. Celo is ahead of the game, with already one round of funding completed. The crypto startup is considering a payment system based on stablecoins, with the aim of driving mainstream crypto adoption. The Celo payment system expects to incorporate personal finance tools, including small-scale lending, money transfers, even peer-to-peer insurance.

TRON-Based Token Sales Boost Funding Spree

Poloniex, through its LaunchBase token sale platform, is aiming to restore its former trading activity. The exchange is a close partner of TRON, hence LaunchBase is using TRX for its crowd funding, and generated TRON-based tokens. The latest sale, Just (JST) token, took only a few minutes to be sold out completely. JST will also become the newest asset to be listed on Poloniex, opening for trading on May 7. JUST is a decentralized lending ecosystem, built entirely on TRON, and featuring its own dollar-pegged coin, USDJ, in addition to the JST native token.Projects also continue to invite developer talent, and show that the blockchain infrastructure of Ethereum is still a leader. Other blockchains such as TRON, Binance Chain, and others also make crypto-based startups a possibility, and token sales have adapted to the changing climate of regulation and market activity.

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Andrey Sergeenkov

Andrey is a digital entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience, IEO Adviser, Hackernoon and BitTorrent investor. Assisted in raising more than 40 mln USD investments for more than 20 start-ups. He believes that actual usefulness is the best PR for any project.


Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

TOP Things You Should Know About Bat amp Brave

TOP Things You Should Know About Bat & Brave


Hello, welcome to my blog, Crypto Truth Lexicon, you all very welcome here. 

I decided to create my own little series and post some very useful information for everyone regarding my favorite projects. Starting with BAT & Brave, I have answered some of the internet's most asked questions. If you like what you see, expect some more information about my other favorite projects very soon.


1. What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

BAT stands for Basic Attention Token and it is a digital token used as a unit of account of human attention in Brave browser. In other words, users and content creators are getting paid for their attention in BAT tokens whilst advertisers use it to pay for their ads being displayed in Brave’s network. The project is led by ex-Mozilla Firefox co-founder – Brendan Eich.

BAT is designed to be the cryptocurrency to revolutionize the digital advertising industry by bringing advertisers, content creators, and viewers together on one single platform. This creates a system in which an advertising exchange marketplace is established in which only user attention is directly monetized by advertisers. The result of this is a significantly more efficient digital advertising platform in which the Basic Attention Token can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services.

The entire ethos of the project is to fairly reward users, content creators as well as giving advertisers a better ROI for their marketing activities. Content creators have the option to be rewarded in BAT by their supporters on a regular monthly basis. They are also able to upload their content on typical Social Media Platforms such as YouTube and still receive tips from users without having to give a percentage to the ‘middleman’. Furthermore, viewers are also able to be rewarded in BAT each month after viewing the advertisements that the Brave Advertisement network pushes to their browser. 

The Basic Attention Token is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. 

2. How many basic attention tokens are out there?

According to CoinMarketCap data, there are currently around 1.415 billion Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) in circulation. However, in total, there was 1.5 billion BAT created and this will be the absolute maximum.

Initially, 1 billion Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) were sold in their sale that generated over 150,000 Ethereum equating to a staggering $35 million. The team then went on to create a 200 million BAT Development Pool that is locked away only to be used to further the BAT ecosystem. Furthermore, the team also created an extra 300 million BAT to be used in their User Growth Pool. The 300 million BAT from the User Growth Pool is intended to incentivize users to join the BAT network. 

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Basic Attention Token (BAT) cannot be mined and the entire circulation was already created at launch.

3. Is Basic Attention token an ERC-20?

Yes, Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an ERC-20 token that is created on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This means that you can actually store your BAT in any ERC-20 compatible wallet which gives users a wide range of different wallets to choose from.

The fact that it is an ERC-20 token also brings many advantages to the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Firstly, BAT can easily be traded with any other ERC-20 token as they adhere to the same technical standards because a list of mandatory rules must be strictly followed to create the ERC-20 token. Secondly, as it is run on the Ethereum blockchain, BAT also inherits all of the security and performance features that Ethereum provides – especially when ETH turns into a PoS coin at some point during 2020. If BAT was to decide to migrate to their own blockchain, they would face potential attack vectors in which one entity could control the entire market as the network would be very small. This is something that would be detrimental to the project.

In addition to all of this, the fact that it is an ERC-20 token means that “smart contracts” can easily be built and executed using the Basic Attention Token if need be.

4. What Can I use Basic Attention Token For?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is primarily to be used as a means of value transfer on the Brave Browser and can be utilized for a range of services including; 

  • Tip Creators on Twitter, Youtube, and Twitch.
  • Run an advertising campaign on Brave.
  • Donate to creators on a regular monthly basis.
  • Buy future services such as a decentralized VPN on the Brave browser.

Advertisers can use their Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to deliver advertisements and run an advertising campaign to the Brave community. In doing so, the advertiser receives a wide range of anonymous data and analytics on the attention placed on their advertisements. 

Users can utilize their BAT to donate directly to their favorite content produces – whether it be on YouTube, Twitter, or Twitch. If you like the contribution (comments) from other members within the community, you can also reward them in BAT. Additionally, users can reward their favorite Brave publishers with a monthly contribution in BAT, meaning they will automatically donate BAT to their specific Brave publisher (content producer) automatically every month.

Furthermore, users of the Brave browser will also be able to spend their BAT on future services provided by Brave. An example of this could be the upcoming decentralized VPN network, known as VPN-0, that Brave will integrate into their browser.

5. What is the difference between Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Brave?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency whereas Brave is a privacy-preserving internet web browser. The entire Brave Project encompasses the Basic Attention Token (BAT), an advertising exchange, and an extremely fast privacy-preserving browser. BAT is the token that is used to provide a means of value transfer between advertisers, content publishers, and users on the Brave project.

The entire idea of the Brave Browser is to shake up the entire digital advertising industry that is currently dominated by tech giants such as YouTube and Facebook. They have provided a privacy-focused web browser, known as the Brave browser, that does not collect any sensitive or private information regarding its users. Furthermore, the Brave browser has been proven to be much quicker than rival browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 

The Brave project achieves this very quick browsing speed as it blocks all outside advertisements and 3rd-party trackers by default. This means that less time is spent loading the data for advertising saving you bandwidth and time. The only advertising on Brave is the advertisements that the team verifies and allows to be pushed to their users via the Brave Advertising Network, in which they are rewarded BAT for their attention.

6. How do you get BAT rewards in the Brave browser?

There are a variety of methods in which users can get BAT rewards in the Brave browser. The most prominent method is to activate “Brave Rewards” in the Brave browser settings and receive BAT for viewing advertisements. Each time a user views an advertisement they will be rewarded in BAT which will be paid to the user’s wallet in the Brave Rewards section on the browser. This reward can be claimed every month on the date of the next payment as dictated by Brave.

Another method to receive BAT rewards is to contribute to the comments section for verified Brave publishers. If other Brave users agree that you are contributing to the topic at hand, they will be compelled to reward you in BAT. 

The last method to receive rewards in the Brave browser is to become a verified content producer. If you have a particular skill or extensive knowledge on a particular topic, you can create blog posts or video posts to showcase your knowledge and be rewarded in BAT from your community if they like your content. Furthermore, if users really love your content, they may decide to automatically donate to your content on a monthly basis.

7. Where to buy Basic Attention Token?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) can be bought on a variety of the top cryptocurrency exchanges as it is a very popular coin. You can buy BAT with cryptocurrency or fiat at the following top exchanges. In most cases, you will have to top your account up with FIAT, buy Bitcoin/Ethereum, and then use the BTC/ETH to buy BAT;

  • Binance – BTC, ETH, USDt, BNB, USD (Fiat – Binance US only). 
  • Coinbase Pro – ETH, USDC
  • Coinsbit – BTC, ETH, USD (Fiat) 
  • Kraken – BTC, ETH, EUR, USD (Fiat)
  • CoinBene – BTC
  • IDCM – BTC
  • PointPay – BTC, ETH, USDt, USD (Fiat)
  • Coinone – KRW (Fiat)
  • BitMart – BTC, ETH, USDt
  • HCoin – USDt
  • Exrates – USD (Fiat)
  • CoinField – USD (Fiat)
  • OkCoin – USD (Fiat)
  • AtomicWallet – Convert Crypto to BAT

8. Can You Mine Basic Attention Token?

No, Basic Attention Token (BAT) cannot be mined like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Instead, the creators of BAT decided to do a sale in which 1 billion BAT were sold, raising a total of 150,000 ETH. The team then created a further 500 million BAT tokens for development and user growth. This total supply of 1.5 billion Basic Attention Tokens will be the absolute maximum supply for the BAT economy and no more tokens will be created or mined. 

The fact that Brave elected to do an ICO in which all of the supply was released creates an ecosystem that cannot be dominated by one mining entity. Instead, users, advertisers, and publishers will have to get their Basic Attention Tokens the same way as everybody else – by buying them on an exchange. Furthermore, as we know that the majority of the supply is already in circulation, this creates an environment in which an additional token influx cannot affect the price. This should create a more stable and confident trading environment for all BAT holders. 

9. Who created the basic attention token (BAT)?

Basic Attention Token was created by a company called Brave Software which is spearheaded by Brendan Eich. Eich created Brave Software in 2015 with co-founder Brian Bondy and they went on to release BAT through an ICO in May 2017.

Brendan Eich is a very respected programmer and has many accolades on his resume which includes being the creator of the well-known programming language JavaScript which went on to become the standard software of the web. This is very apparent considering the fact that there are now over 1.6 billion websites that have been created with JavaScript. Furthermore, Brendan Eich is also the co-founder of the Mozilla Foundation which went on to release the highly popular Mozilla Firefox Browser which shows that Eich has more than the required expertise to carry forward the Brave project.

Eich grew up in Pittsburgh and studied mathematics and computer science at Santa Clara University. He went on to receive a master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Upon leaving his studies, Eich began to work at Silicon Graphics in which he worked on OS and network code. He went on to work for Netscape in 1995  to work on their web-browser before co-founding Mozilla in 1998. Eich resigned as the CEO of Mozilla in 2014 and then went on to co-found Brave Software.

10. Is Basic attention token a security?

According to Brave, the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is not to be considered as a security as it is viewed as a utility token based on the Ethereum technology and is not classed as a security, digital currency, or commodity. Furthermore, considering that William Hinman, an SEC official, stated that he does not believe Ethereum is a security adds to the fact that BAT would also not be considered as one.

The Brave team completely believe that Basic Attention Token is fully legally compliant and not a security. Before launching, the team was very clear in laying out the groundwork for BAT as a utility token by taking up counsel with the international law firm Perkins-Coie. Together, they clearly laid out their strategy to make sure BAT would never be deemed as a security token.

However, the regulation is still unclear and we will need to wait for some official guidance from the SEC to fully be confident that BAT will not be considered as a security down the road.

11. What Notable Partnerships do Basic Attention Token & Brave have?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Brave Software have a wide variety of partnerships that include very well known enterprises as well as the 370,000 verified publishers that they are partnered with on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Twitch. Some of the most notable partnerships include;

  • Dow Jones Media Group – Partnered in 2018
  • DuckDuckGo – Partnered in 2017 
  • Coinbase Earn – Partnered in 2019
  • Qwant – Partnered in 2018
  • CIVIC – Partnered in 2018
  • Everpedia – Partnered in 2019

This is an extremely expansive list of high-profile partnerships that are designed to take the entire Brave project further. The partnership with Dow Jones Media Group was created to offer premium content to users and test blockchain-based payment technology. Brave partnered with DuckDuck Go to improve privacy on the web. The DuckDuckGo search engine has been integrated into the Brave browser’s private tabs. The Qwant partnership was also established to use Qwant as the default search engine for users in France and Germany.

The partnership with Coinbase Earn was to make BAT easier to use and understand. Users are able to earn up to $14 by taking part in the short tutorials that Coinbase put together. Everpedia teamed up with Brave which allowed it to be featured on the Everpedia Homepage. Furthermore, Everpedia advertisements are also featured in the Brave browser.  

The final partnership to highlight is with CIVIC who joined forces with Brave to provide secure identity verification services on the Brave Publisher platform.

12. Does Basic Attention Token Have an Explorer?

Yes, Basic Attention Token (BAT) does have an explorer. As Basic Attention Token (BAT) is built on top of the Ethereum network, you can explore their blockchain on Etherscan. Etherscan provides block explorers for all of their ERC-20 tokens. You can use the block explorer to look-up detailed information about any Basic Attention Token (BAT) transaction, address, and block. 

13. Does Brave browser have a VPN?

As of early 2020, the Brave browser VPN is still in development. The Brave team is working on a distributed virtual private network (dVPN) which is a VPN with no central authority. Typically, dVPNs designs fail to provide any strong privacy guarantees and users can even be abused by unknowingly transmitting illegal or harmful network traffic. Brave is working on VPN⁰ which integrates a system for dVPN nodes to be able to decide what type of traffic they want to transmit. This means that if the node operator only wanted to transmit data from news websites they would be able to select this and only news articles would pass through their node.

Most importantly, VPN⁰ nodes are able to control which traffic they transmit without learning what content it contains by utilizing zero-knowledge proofs. This guarantees privacy for the users of the dVPN whilst ensuring that nodes will not be abused by relaying potentially harmful traffic. 

VPN⁰ has been integrated with BitTorrent DHT and ProtonVPN for benchmarking its performance. The initial results prove the feasibility of the system but the zero-knowledge calculations still need to be sped up. 

14. How do I enable Brave ads?

Brave Ads are disabled by default but enabling Brave Ads is very simple;

  1. Open Brave Browser and hit the main menu icon () in the top right corner.
  2. Select the Brave Rewards menu item.
  3. Enable “Brave Rewards” at the top of the page.
  4. Enable “Ads” directly beneath this.
  5. Brave Adverts are now enabled.

After enabling Brave advertisements you will have to wait for an advertisement to pushed and it is usually just a matter of time as the machine learning algorithm will figure out the best time to display ads to you. Furthermore, the user will also have to be in an eligible Brave Ads region. It will appear in the top right-hand corner of your screen (Mac OS) or bottom right-hand corner (Windows OS) as a desktop notification pop-up. You simply have to click the advertisement to view it and be rewarded in BAT.

15. How to disable Brave ads?

Brave Ads are disabled by default but if you have them enabled simply follow these steps to disable them again;

  1. Open Brave Browser and hit the main menu icon () in the top right corner.
  2. Select the Brave Rewards menu item.
  3. Enable “Brave Rewards” at the top of the page.
  4. Disable “Ads” directly beneath this.
  5. Brave Adverts are now disabled and you will no longer receive any advertisement notifications from Brave.

16. Where are Brave ads being displayed?

Brave advertisements are displayed in different locations depending on your Operating System. For Windows users, the advertisement notification will appear as a desktop notification in the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop, right by your system tray.


For MacOS users, the advertisement notification will appear in the top right-hand corner of your screen as a desktop notification.


For mobile users, the advertisement notifications will usually pop-up in the notification area of your mobile phone;


Advert notifications only appear when the machine learning algorithm for the Brave Advertising network deems it best to push an advertisement. The number of advertisement notifications per day varies depending on the day but we can estimate between 8-12 advertisement notifications per day. Furthermore, there is actually a hard-cap of advertisements a user can click per day and after they reach this the browser will not display any more advertisements. Furthermore, another reason you may not be seeing advertisements is that there are no relevant advertisements based on your browsing history. This is fine, you just need to browse a little more and some will appear.

17. Is Basic Attention Token necessary to use Brave?

No, Basic Attention Token (BAT) is not necessary to use Brave. In fact, you can take advantage of the privacy-preserving web browser without ever owning any Basic Attention Tokens. However, every Brave browser does indeed come with its own integrate Basic Attention Token wallet which simply needs to be enabled in the “Brave Rewards” section.

Utilizing BAT within the Brave browser does provide a complete experience as you will be able to tip your favorite content producers simply by using the tipping tool. Furthermore, you will also be able to pay for any upcoming services that Brave Software release such as their upcoming decentralized VPN.

If you enable Brave Ads, you will receive desktop notifications anytime there is an advertisement available for you in which you will earn BAT each time you click the advertisement. These Basic Attention Tokens can be claimed each month on the payout date in the Brave Rewards section.

18. How is brave different from chrome?

Brave and Google Chrome are very similar web browsers as they are both built on the Chromium framework. However, the Brave browser is natively privacy-preserving as it blocks all trackers and advertisements, and it is up to eight times faster.

First of all, the Brave browser is a privacy-preserving browser. This means that Brave automatically disables all digital advertisements, banners, and videos by default – you don’t even need to add an extension such as AdBlock. Furthermore, the Brave browser also disables all third-party trackers and bots which means that you will not be tracked anytime you jump from website to website. The blocking of advertisements and tackers also leads to the fact that you save time and bandwidth as the web browser does not need to load these advertisements. Google Chrome has none of these features inherently and extension must be installed to achieve a similar level of privacy. 

Secondly, the Brave browser is actually much faster than Google Chrome. As it does not need to load the advertisement data, the webpages load at a quicker speed as less content is needed to be downloaded each time. According to Brave, their browser can be up to eight times faster at loading webpages than its competitor Google Chrome.

19. How much BAT can you earn with Brave?

The Brave team has estimated that users could earn up to $224 in Basic Attention Token (BAT) by viewing their advertisements in 2020. This is up by $154 from the previous years earning potential which peaked at the $70 mark in BAT throughout 2019. To earn this amount, we can assume that Brave users will have to click every single advertisement that is pushed to them and hit their ‘hard-cap’ each day. 

For every advertisement that is viewed, the Brave team has stated that 70% of the advertising revenue is given directly back to the viewers. This creates a system in which users are paid for their attention rather than users having to pay to browse in traditional browsers as in these legacy systems they pay with their time and bandwidth to load and view the advertisements.

Technically, there is no limit to how much BAT you can earn with Brave if you are a verified publisher who produces content that people wish to see. There is no limit to the amount of tips content producers can receive and if they have an audience that is loyal, they should see their earning stack up over time in BAT tips.

20. How does Brave collect my data?

Brave collects user data in a very specific privacy-preserving manner that ensures your data is not being sold to any third party. The most important thing to remember is that your personal data is only stored on your own personal machine and will NEVER leave the host device. Contrary to other browsers, Brave does not store any of your personal data about browsing habits on any of their servers. 

Typically, web browsers such as Google Chrome will make a series of calls to an ad server that includes information about you and your browsing behavior which is then sold on to third-parties that will use this data to profile users and target them with advertisements. Brave tackles this problem by never letting user data leak from the device to any cloud server. Instead, Brave’s ad server will send the entire Ads Catalog to all of their users that have enabled Brave Rewards. The Brave Browser will then use local machine learning to determine which advertisement to show to you based on your browsing habits that are secure on your own device. The machine learning algorithm will also determine the best time to show you the advertisement.

21. In what countries are Brave Ads available?

Currently, Brave Ads are available in 30 countries around the world, however, the team are continuously expanding the regions in which they operate. According to the team, their business development plan dictates that they must abide by the laws within each individual region. The regions where Brave Ads are active include;

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Switzerland
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Denmark
  • Ecuador
  • Israel
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Mexico 
  • Netherlands
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Venezuela
  • South Africa

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Binance: Probably The Best Exchange

Binance: Probably The Best Exchange


Binance what it is and how it works , here you will see the complete operation of binance a valid portal around the world where to buy and sell countless low-value cryptocurrencies, to wait for the great rise …

Very good to all, today we have to learn to use the binance portal, a page valid for everyone that will allow us to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies , with which we will be able to speculate with its price to earn some money or also use it as our personal wallet for bitcoin and thus exchange our bitcoin for any other cryptocurrency that we think will be more profitable.

Binance is a reputable portal that was born thanks to the emergence of different cryptocurrencies such as IOTA, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, etc … and a long infinity of different cryptocurrencies that we will be able to buy or sell.

So in today's article we will see:

  • The Main Features of Binance
  • How to Enter Balance in Binance
  • How to Buy other Cryptocurrencies on Binance

Binance What it is and How it Works «Features»


Top 10 position:? # 1 See >> 

Language:   Spanish, English, Chinese, Russian, French, German

Accepted Countries: Everyone.

Referral levels: 1 level

Entry Mode: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash and many more

Withdrawal Mode: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash and many more

Minimum to request Withdrawal: It depends on the Cryptocurrency that we want to withdraw.

Minimum to enter Balance: It depends on the Cryptocurrency that we want to enter.


  • Serves as a bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency wallet
  • It serves as an Exchange to exchange some currencies for others.

App: Yes for Android (Google Play)

Others: Read the full article and watch the video to understand Binance what it is and how it works in its entirety because it is worth it, understand the portal well.

↓ If you want to register, enter the web  

• You can enter Binance from the banner below or click Here >>

Binance what it is and how it works Tutorial in Spanish


Binance What it is and How it Works «How it works»

As we have commented in previous paragraphs, Binance will serve as a purse to store any cryptocurrency, but it will also allow us to acquire new cryptocurrencies that are coming to the market to take advantage of the good moment that each one of them enjoys and obtain a profitability with the rise of its assets.

1- Enter Balance in Binance

In Binance is and How it Works not going to put money in dollars or euros, binance allows us to enter criptomonedas is your platform, either Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc .. . or any of the ones you offer us within your platform.

1.1- How to Enter Balance in Binance

To enter balance in Binance, it is as simple as copying the address of our bitcoin wallet or the currency that we are going to send and put it in the processor or page where we have the bitcoins that we want to send and to take our bitcoin wallet we must do:

  1. We press at the top right next to the language flag, where a half-bodied face appears.
  2. We see that a menu appears, there we must click on the second option , where it says "Estimated Total Value".
  3. Once there, we look for the currency that we want to enter and click on "Deposits".

In this way we get an individual code for each user which will be our wallet, either bitcoin or the currency we want.

I leave you some images so that you can see that Binance provides each of us with addresses for all cryptocurrencies , thus being able to deposit the one that we want at all times.

In the example you can see how I have taken the address of my Bitcoin wallet, that of Ethereum and that of Litecoin, having been able to have the address of dozens of cryptocurrencies.

 Click on the images to see in detail



The code that we can see inside the green circle is the code of our wallet, we must bear in mind that each cryptocurrency generates a different code for us, so if we are going to enter Bitcoin, we must take the bitcoin code but If we are going to enter Ethereum or another cryptocurrency we must take the code that each cryptocurrency generates, therefore, it has given you an example with three different currencies.

1.2- Methods to Enter balance in Binance

Binance, being a valid platform throughout the world , it is very important that we have clear the best possibilities that exist in each country to enter balance , therefore, we will see a detailed summary of the different possibilities that we have:

Valid Worldwide:

  • One of the possibilities that we have to enter a balance within binance, is to use all the pages that we have to Earn Free Bitcoin  and when it comes time to collect from those pages we must enter the bitcoin wallet code that Binance provides us .

Valid in Europe, the United States or Canada:

  • The best option to enter cryptocurrencies for users from Europe, the United States or Canada is  Coinbase, a platform in which we will be able to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash, by credit card or bank transfer.  (Currently and due to the high rates of Bitcoin it is much better to buy Litecoin or Ethereum on Coinbase to put them into our Binance account).

Valid for Latin America:

  • For Latin America, one of the best options is to use Bitso , which is a market where users get in contact and can buy bitcoin from users in the same country , being able to pay by bank transfer within the same territory with very low commissions, paypal or others. payment processors such as Neteller, Payza, etc. These will depend on the demand in each country, but even a user from Venezuela can stay with a countryman of his and make the sale in cash.
  • Another option is to use the payment processors themselves such as Payza, Neteller, etc … in which you can enter a balance by credit card, PaysafeCard, etc … to subsequently request a withdrawal in Bitcoin towards the wallet that Binance provides you.

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal  (Worldwide) :

  • In addition,  any user from anywhere in the world who has a balance in their PayPal account and wants to buy bitcoin to enter them into their Binance account, can do so with  Virwox ,  in this case when making the purchase of bitcoin they can directly put their Bitcoin wallet of Binance, thus avoiding making more transactions to external wallets.

As you can see, there are countless pages, wallets, etc. with which to buy bitcoin, ethereum or other currencies, which are the main currencies that we have to have and then, within Binance, exchange for those other cryptocurrencies that are very cheap and They can have a very high projection with which to earn money.

In this article, all the methods that the users of DerrotalaCrisis recommend us will be added, yes, before we will check them and see if they really are reliable, as we have done with the previous ones that we have recommended.

↓ If you want to register, enter the web  

• You can enter Binance from the banner below or click Here >>

Binance what it is and how it works Tutorial in Spanish


2- How to Buy Cryptocurrencies in Binance

Once we already have a balance within Binance, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or others, we can begin to exchange it for those currencies that , by recommendation, belief in your project or for any other circumstance, we think that they will have a great rise and they will make us earn a lot of money, yes, the currency can also drop in value, that must be kept clear and present when making our investment.

To buy any cryptocurrency what we have to do is the following:

1º- We must go to the Exchange >> Advanced section , which can be found at the top left of our screens.

Binance What it is and How it Works

2º- Once there, we select the currency that we want to buy , as I indicate in the following image:

Binance What it is and How it Works

3º- Once the currency is selected , we go to the bottom of the page and put the amount of currency that we want to buy and click on the green button that says "Buy".

Binance What it is and How it Works

With these three steps, we have already bought the desired currency with our bitcoins, likewise, you can also sell that currency by performing the same operation, but instead of putting the amount in the box that I have marked on the left, we must put it in the box on the right  and hit the pink "Sell" button.


Binance What it is and How it Works «Others»

When you access Binance What it is and How it Works for the first time, it may seem a bit complicated to manage its page, what you must do is create an account and go touching all the options that are available within your virtual office, ( Do not be afraid because nothing happens) , once you get a little familiar, you are going to see how there really is no need to go into more aspects than I have told you:

  • Learn to enter balance as I have said in point number one, taking the code of each of the different Cryptocurrencies that there are.
  • Learn to buy another type of currency with the balance that we have previously entered.

Knowing these two things, you have already learned 90% of the operation of the platform , then you will see how there is a section where all the transactions you make come out, another place where the prices of the coins are seen, etc … but see these options It is really easy when you have already entered your virtual office for a couple of days.


On the other hand, I want to comment that as I have said previously, there are dozens of platforms where you can buy bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc. to enter within Binance , some are safer than others, others charge more or less commissions, but those that you We have indicated in this article, they are platforms studied and tested that are working perfectly , therefore, look to see which one works in your country of residence and compare it with others that you already know to get transactions with the best quality at the lowest price and if they are good, don't forget to let us know !!!


That said and with the video at the top where I explain a little more about all the functions of Binance What it is and How it works  I say goodbye kids , but remember, any questions you have down there are the comments to try to resolve it to the as soon as possible.


↓ If you want to register, enter the web  

• You can enter Binance from the banner below or  click Here >>

Binance what it is and how it works Tutorial in Spanish


Binance What it is and How it Works

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

FREE Bitcoin Bitcoin Price Free Bitcoin Wallet Faucet Lottery and Dice Win upto 200 in Bitcoins every hour no strings attached Multiply your bitcoins free weekly lottery with big prizes 50 referral commissions and much more

FREE Bitcoin, Bitcoin Price, Free Bitcoin Wallet, Faucet, Lottery and Dice!

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Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Trolled By CT For Commenting On Fake J K Rowling Tweet Coinbase Full Tutorial

Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong Trolled By CT For Commenting On Fake J. K Rowling Tweet


Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong has been dragged recently for commenting on fake J.K. Rowling's post on Twitter.

J.K. Rowling who is a British author and widely known for writing the Harry Porter book in response to Leigh Cuen, a CoinDesk reporter's tweet, sad she didn't understand bitcoin and was opened for education:


How Crypto Twitter Got involved

Her tweet caught the attention of prominent and influencial people in the crypto space. The likes of Ethereum Creator, Vitalik Buterin, Justin Sun, CEO of TRON Blockchain came to her aid with interesting explanation of Bitcoin.




In a subsequent tweet where Rowling talked more about bitcoin, Elon Musk commended Bitcoin's intervention to our financial crisis and revealed he owns 0.25 BTC


As it got more excited, a fake account impersonating Rowling, tweeted she had bought her first bitcoin. Many could not recognise it was from a fake account including Coinbase CEO.

At the of posting, the fake account had been taken down, however, crypto Twitter (CT) managed to keep record of the incident.


" This is now forever stored on the immutable ledger called "Crypto Twitter" ~ Josh Rager



Coinbase Full Tutorial


Coinbase How it works, everything you have to know to buy bitcoin in the fastest and cheapest way, in this post you will see how Coinbase works and we will show you its secrets.

We are already here again, in this case we recapitulate a bit the subject of Bitcoin since this virtual currency is the one that can help many of our readers to eliminate all inconvenience when it comes to collecting and buying on the different pages with the that we work.

Today we will talk about Coinbase another bitcoin wallet similar to Xapo but with other somewhat different characteristics , but before going deeper and starting to see how Coinbase works I recommend that if it is the first time that you read about bitcoin or you do not have much knowledge about Bitcoin, see this post in which we explain Bitcoin What it is and How it Works.


Taking for granted that now we all already know more or less what bitcoin is, we begin to see Coinbase how it works:

Coinbase is a virtual wallet in which we will be able to deposit, save, send, receive and buy on the different platforms or shops with bitcoin from anywhere in the world with very low or no commission, that is to say, to send money from one side to another, buy in portals, stores, etc … and that they charge us great commissions or that the country in which we are located does not admit dollars is over, now with bitcoin and purses we are going to make everything much easier.

This portal was founded in 2012 by Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong, the current CEO of the company, is headquartered in San Francisco (California)  and has been coming from less to more due to large capital investments by investor groups such as the 5 million euros received in early 2013 by "Union Square Ventures" or 25 million received in late 2013 by other large groups such as Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures and Ribbit Capitals, or even the 75 million euros received by the New York securities firm along with several banks that decided to bet on this project, one of them was the well-known BBVA here in Spain.


• You can Register the Banner from there Below or Click Here >>

↓ If you want to register, enter the web  

(Get from this banner € 10 Free in Bitcoin for the purchase of € 100)


Coinbase, like other large projects, also has long-standing advisers who endorse this system, such as:

  • Gavin Andresen: Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation and leads the development of the open source Bitcoin project.
  • Juan Zarate: He was a terrorist security adviser during the presidency of George W. Bush, he also worked in the department of anti-terrorist financing in the United States Treasury and is currently a professor at Harvard University.
  • Nick Shalek: He is one of the Ribbit Capital partners where he was a pioneering investor in Bitcoin, he also worked on Facebook and has a degree in economic and political science from Yale University.


The characteristic that makes this purse special is that you can convert your Bitcoin into Dollars or Euros and thus avoid the drops or rises in the price of bitcoin, changing it only has a commission of 1%.


Main Features:

  • Valid in Europe and the United States.
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese.
  • Purchase of Bitcoin by bank transfer It has no commission,  (Consult your bank to see the commissions that he applies to his transfers)
  • Bitcoin purchase by Visa or Mastercard, 3% commission and instant purchase.
  • Withdrawal of balance by Bank Transfer, Coinbase does not charge commission,  (Consult your bank to see the commissions that he applies to his transfers)   or transfers to other wallets.
  • Buy and Sell Bitcoin with the money you have in Coinbase 1% commission
  • There is no commission between wallets.


• You can Register the Banner from there Below or Click Here >>

 ↓  If you want to register, enter the web  

(Get from this banner € 10 Free in Bitcoin for the purchase of € 100)


Coinbase How It Works

The operation of Coinbase is very similar to other wallets if you have used one before you will see that it is very simple but for those who have never used one here we will see how it works:

Mainly Coinbase how it works is made up of a vertical menu that we can find on the left of our screens where we find the 4 most important options of this wallet:

  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Send Request
  • Accounts
  • Setting


Bitcoin Wallet : This option is where we can buy and sell Biticoin as well as see the limits of our account.

Send Request : From this option is where we can send or request Bitcoins.

Accounts : Here are all the purses we have created and we will find the address of each one of them.

  • First of all we have a wallet called BTC Wallet in this is where we will receive and send the Bitcoin.
  • We also find another one called EUR Wallet or DOLAR Wallet in this wallet is where we can have cash, I remind you that in Coinbase we have the possibility of selling our Bitcoin and saving the money in this wallet so we avoid the price increases of Bitcoin but also the descents, making it a very good option to avoid having all our balance in bitcoin and thus also having euros or dollars , the commission for making this type of exchange is only 1%.
  • Finally we have the BTC Vault , it is the most secure site in Coinbase and it is a kind of safe in which we can store the Bitcoin we want with extra security but it must be taken into account that when we want to get Bitcoins out of there We will have to wait 48h since we request it, as I tell you it is the safest place.

Configuration : To finish we find the configuration section in this section we find everything related to our data, passwords, security, etc. Also in this section is where you put Payment Methods, that's where we can add our bank account or our Visa or Mastercard.


Coinbase How it works «Others»

 Buy Bitcoins: To buy bitcoin we must first go to Settings >> Payment methods and add a card or bank account, then we must go to Bitcoin Wallet put the amount that euros or dollars we want to buy, select the payment method that we have added previously, choose the wallet where we want the bitcoin (BTC Wallet) to reach us and accept the operation.

The commissions for the purchase of bitcoin with Visa or Mastercard in Coinbase How it works are 3%.

The Commissions for the purchase of Bitcoin through Bank Transfer in Coinbase How it works are 0%, there are no commissions but your bank can charge you so the best thing to do is to ask and although normally with SEPA transfers in the European Union they do not usually charge.

To withdraw the money by bank transfer, Coinbase will not charge us any commission, so just as when buying, we must ask our bank if he is going to charge us something, in SEPA transfers they do not usually charge. (Also say that you have to make a small deposit to verify the Coinbase account, the deposit does not carry commission).

You cannot withdraw money by Visa or Mastercard, you can only load it on Coinbase as it works.


Recommendation: In order not to take unwanted surprises with the fluctuation of Bitcoin, try to have only the necessary bitcoins that you are going to use and the others, exchange them for money and keep it in the EURO Wallet or DOLAR Wallet and change them again when you are worth them, just charge 1% every time we make a transaction and the price of bitcoin is very unstable.

Greetings to all and you know, questions, queries whatever is below in the comments that we all manage very well. Oh and I leave the button this here below if you liked the post you already know how to give the finger that is up !!!!! ????


• You can Register the Banner from there Below or Click Here >>

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(Get from this banner € 10 Free in Bitcoin for the purchase of € 100)


Coinbase How It Works

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

BestChange full tutorial of this platform that will allow us to exchange currencies earn satoshis and get commissions with its extraordinary affiliate system

BestChange Full Tutorial


BestChange full tutorial of this platform that will allow us to exchange currencies, earn satoshis and get commissions with its extraordinary affiliate system.

Very good friends, today we bring the review of Bestchange, a portal that has been in operation since June 19, 2007 , which started as a free Internet service aimed at helping you find currency exchange services with the best rates of change . After a few years they have been improving the platform and Currently, it not only works as an exchange service but also, they have incorporated a tap or faucet to be able to claim bitcoin satoshis every 60 minutes, but the most interesting thing is that they have implemented an affiliate system where we can earn up to $ 0.65 per person always when certain requirements are fulfilled that we will detail in this article.


BestChange Tutorial (Exchanger, Faucet, Affiliation)



Language:   English, Russian.

Accepted Countries: Everyone.

Payment methods:         

Minimum to request a Withdrawal: Only $ 1 .

Referral levels: 1 level.

Commissions for referrals: Up to $ 0.65 meeting certain requirements ( see below ).

Contact:  If you have any questions you can send them to  info@bestchange.com or  for any type of problem .

Others: To use the Exchanger program it is not necessary to register with Bestchange.


 ↓ If you want to register, enter the web  

  • Use the banner to register with BestChange or enter  From Here >>





BestChange Tutorial (Exchanger, Faucet, Affiliation)



Bestchange how it worksHow Bestchange works is very simple to understand. We can use the platform to make currency changes either between different payment processors or between different types of currencies . To give you an example, if you have a balance in Neteller and want to transfer it to Paypal , then you search within Bestchange for the different sites that it offers you to carry out this operation, logically accepting the commissions that you will have to pay . We could also change  cryptocurrencies to platforms that accept dollars etc. On the other hand, if we want to earn money we can do it through his faucetto win bitcoin satoshis as well as using its affiliation system where we will earn commissions for each person we invite with our personal link.



✅ Registration


The first thing we will do is go to the Bestchange page by clicking on the banner above. Then we will go where it says "Affiliate program" and then click where it says "register" .

Bestchange registration


We will see the terms and conditions to participate in the Bestchange affiliate program. What we will do is go down to the bottom of the page where we will find the registration form.

Bestchange registration form


We will put our username, email and password. Then we will leave all the boxes checked except for the one I frame with red color in the image above which we will leave unchecked . Finally we solve the captcha and click on the button that says «Registration» .

Check your email to see if a confirmation email arrives as I don't remember .



✅ Exchanger or Currency exchanger


This we could say is the main function of Bestchange and with the objective that this site was launched. Bestchange has a currency exchange service with excellent exchange rates , but in addition to exchanging currencies, we can also exchange cryptocurrencies which is quite good. To make an exchange is as simple as following the steps below:

From the main page of Bestchange we go to the left side where we have the different processors to send and receive money. Where it says Give " is the means to send the money and in Get " it is the means to receive it.

Bestchange exchange currencies


For example, if we want to send money from Perfect Money to Paypal , simply in Give we choose Perfect Money and in Get we choose Paypal. Then different exchangers will appear that we can use to make that exchange of money between processors.

Bestchange exchanger options


Of all the options that we can see available, CyberBTC seems to be the best option since it offers us the cheapest exchange rate ($ 1.0464).

Note:  If you leave the cursor on each icon that appears to the right of the name of the exchanger, you will be able to obtain additional information about it, as well as if you place the cursor on the icon on the left (i).

If we click where it says "Calculator" , we can immediately check how much money we will receive or how much we need to exchange to receive the desired amount. We can even filter this amount by applying the commissions that the corresponding payment gateway will charge us.

Bestchange calculate commissions


To do this, we will have to choose between  “Include commission”  or  “Exclude commission” . If none of the prices and / or exchanges convinces you, you can click on the “ Notification” tab  to have an email sent to you when something is available according to your conditions.

If we have already decided on an exchange, we will simply click on it, and go to the website ( we will have to register if it is not yet ) to carry out the transaction.

We also have an option called Double Exchanger which can be useful if there is some type of exchange that we cannot find. The service will find us an intermediary to carry out an exchange that we cannot carry out directly. Logically it is a more delayed transaction and with more commissions but it does not hurt to take it into account if we have no other options.

If you have not been very clear about the steps to carry out an exchange, click on this link and go to point 2 "How to change currencies" .



✅  Faucet


Bestchange Faucet

Another option that Bestchange has is a tap or faucet where we can claim bitcoin satoshis every 60 minutes . The earnings per claim range from 1 satoshi to 1,000 satoshis and the minimum to withdraw them is 3,000 satoshis . This section can be found in the lower left part of our screen and to start working it will ask us to enter our bitcoin wallet address . Then we simply solve the captcha and click the button that says "Claim free Bitcoin" . Then only wait 60 minutes to claim again.




✅ Affiliate System


Now we see the most interesting option to earn money with Bestchange which is its affiliate system. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, we can earn up to $ 0.65 for each person  we invite to the page with our invitation link as long as it meets some requirements, which are:

  •  $ 0.04 for the first visit to the page through our affiliate link.
  • $ 0.01 if they use the Monitoring x9 service.
  • $ 0.02 if you return to the page within 3 days.
  • $ 0.03 if you return to the page within 7 days.
  • $ 0.04 if you return to the page within 14 days.
  • $ 0.06 if you return to the page within 30 days.
  • $ 0.09 if you return to the page within 60 days.
  • $ 0.13 if you return to the page within 90 days.
  • $ 0.15 if you return to the page within 120 days

If each guest meets the aforementioned requirements, we can earn $ 0.65 for those people, otherwise, simply by the mere fact that they have visited the page , we will earn $ 0.04 , which is not bad. It is important to know that the earnings or commissions are not credited immediately, since they go through a review process where they verify in which sites the links have been shared to invite people, so you have to have a little patience.



BestChange Tutorial (Exchanger, Faucet, Affiliation)


Bestchange is a very convenient place regarding your system change ( Exchanger ). Many people are always looking for ways to exchange their money, either between different payment platforms or between currencies . This portal is undoubtedly very trustworthy to carry out this type of transaction and the comments of the people confirm it, although we must always do things with prudence and see what alternatives are best for us.

Bestchange offers us dozens of places to choose from, multiple payment processors available, price comparator, cost calculator, real-time monitor, opinions from other users to help us make a decision, etc.

Well folks, that's it regarding  BestChange Tutorial (Exchanger, Faucet, Affiliation) . Any questions or queries can be left in the comments and we'll see you in the next article. Greetings and Defeat the Crisis .


 ↓  If you want to register, enter the we b ↓

  • Use the banner to register with BestChange or enter  From Here >>descarga.png



BestChange Tutorial (Exchanger, Faucet, Affiliation)

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Crypto-market data collectorCoinMarketCaphas changed a number of exchange ranking rules which makesBinancequickly dominate the top 1 of leading exchanges

CoinMarketCap Changes The Ranking Mechanism, Binance "One Step" To The Top


Crypto-market data collector CoinMarketCap has changed a number of exchange ranking rules, which makes Binance quickly dominate the top 1 of leading exchanges.


CoinMarketCap changes the ranking mechanism, Binance "one step" to the top 1


The change goes against the strategy of director Carylyne Chan in an interview late last year, that the amount of traffic flowing to the web is not a good criteria to rank an exchange.

Notably, only 6 weeks ago, Binance officially announced the acquisition of CoinMarketCap and this new evaluation criteria of CMC will put web traffic above priority on liquidity parameters, the criteria introduced first. that in November and which is considered the default criteria of the platform.


Accordingly, when ranked for average liquidity, Binance ranked only 4th, after Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro and Huobi Global.

"Indicators are inappropriate."

In a podcast of Blockchain Journeys in Singapore in November, the event at which the liquidity index was introduced, CEO Chan was asked about web traffic parameters. She said:

“We have encountered many similar questions before, whether web traffic is a good criterion for evaluating the quality of an exchange. However, because many traders use APIs, web traffic is by no means a good enough evaluation criterion. ”

However, in CoinMarketCap's May 13 blog post, an opposite statement was made:

“In an early market like cryptocurrencies, with a trading floor with a large trading volume, they need to have a sufficiently large and proportionate user base. Instead of relying on the number of users published by the exchange itself, we want to rely on traffic to be able to compare fairly. ”


The new ranking of CoinMarketCap is based on Web Traffic Factor specifications

Web Traffic Factor index is the total score based on criteria such as "pageview (number of page views), unique visitors, bounce rate, time spent on the page, and some keywords searched on the search bar. . "

Is liquidity the best parameter?

In another podcast, Chan said the way the script was analyzed, besides the "real volume" solution from Bitwise, was still unreasonable.

Ms. Chan then concluded:

“I think all of these assessments are not data based and are fully aware of the evaluator. For us, we always want to find solutions to avoid basic logic errors and rely on a more solid data base. ”

CMC and CZ both agree that this is a problem that needs to be addressed

In the post announcing the change, CMC also acknowledges the weakness of the new scoring method based on this traffic:

"We are aware that web traffic does not completely provide an overall picture."

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also posted a tweet confirming that the index is not completely "100%".

"Personally, I find this ranking useful again. Now, I can finally have a clear view of the field and see who the real upcoming exchanges are, lol.

This ranking is currently heavily biased towards web traffic, not 100% accurate, but better than before. Will continue to iterate."



“This index is actually quite skewed towards web traffic, not entirely 100% accurate, but this is also considered an improvement. This needs more than future efforts. ”

CMC is completely independent

Binance acquired CMC for a rumored value of up to US $ 400 million in early April. Besides, the floor also made statements that rejected the prospect that the platform would have bias factor for Binance:

“CoinMarketCap will operate as an independent business institution. Although the exchange Binance and BNB are assessed on the platform, CMC and Binance still have very strict regulations. Binance will not interfere with the grading mechanism on CMC, while CoinMarketCap also has no impact on Binance's operations. ”

Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

3ARBS Triangular Arbitrage Platform



Triangular Arbitrage Platform

Our platform is suitable for all traders, both beginners, and professionals. Triangular or triple arbitrage is the result of a price difference between the three currencies when exchange rates do not match. Such discrepancies are common in the cryptocurrency market. Using our software and powerful servers, we make arbitrage transactions within 1 exchange almost in real-time …



Sell ​​USDT and buy BTC

1 USDT = 0,000115 BTC

1000 * 0,000115 = 0.115


Sell BTC and buy ETH

1 BTC = 45,460 ETH

0.115 * 45.460 = 5.2279 ETH


Sell ETH and buy USDT

1 ETH = 198.75 USDT

5.2279 * 198.75 = 1039,045 USDT

Partner Exchanges



Automated Trading Online

Exchange Type Amount Currency 1 Currency 2 Currency 3 Net profit
Bithumb Auto 13.689 BCH  BCH  BTC  LTC +0.3407 BCH
Kraken Auto 24.265 DASH  DASH  USDT  XRP +1.6974 DASH
OKEX Auto 1111.700 XRP  XRP  BTC  DASH +38.2093 XRP
OKEX Auto 45.841 DASH  DASH  USDT  XRP +2.3941 DASH
Bittrex Auto 18.515 LTC  LTC  ETH  BTC +0.9555 LTC
Bitfinex Auto 19.711 ETH  ETH  DASH  XRP +0.6198 ETH
Binance Auto 29.436 BCH  BCH  XRP  LTC +2.2752 BCH
Bittrex Auto 36010.215 XRP  XRP  DASH  LTC +587.1741 XRP
Kraken Auto 15.533 BCH  BCH  XRP  ETH +1.2584 BCH
Kraken Auto 0.154 BTC  BTC  ETH  USDT +0.0122 BTC

What do you need to start?

Go through a simple

We promise that registration will not take more than 5 minutes

Activate your account after registration

You need to verify your email address.

Replenish your balance and choose the best deal for you

Choose the best deals for triple sharing

Open a transaction and get a guaranteed profit

You can open a lifelong transaction for automated trading

Automated trading

Our bot can trade instead of you, choosing the best pairs for the transaction.
You relax, and our trading bot works.

MAXIMUM PROFIT FROM TRANSACTIONSYou relax and our platform generates profit for you

THE UPTIME OF OUR BOTS IS 99.99%Distributed server load keeps the bot always in service

LOW COST OF OUR BOTOnly 0.005 BTC one-time and you get daily profit for a lifetime

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About us

Who are we ?

Since you are on the About us page, we have to introduce ourselves.
So…Hello, we are a friendly 3ARBS team.

It makes no sense to introduce a whole team of techies, designers and analysts, you can only be a director.
Is that ok? Well, if it is, then an introductory word from our founder

The idea of ​​creating the 3ARBS project originated in 2017 when the cryptocurrency market was especially volatile. High volatility made me think about arbitrage deals. These transactions were supposed to be super-fast, and as we know, transferring funds to the exchange and between them takes a lot of time. Then I remembered the strategy of "Triangular (triple) arbitrage." This strategy can be used within the framework of 1 exchange and carry out fast transactions via API. I called my school friend, who at that time was already a successful developer, and I asked him to write a small test app for one of the exchanges leading at that time. In 3 hours I had a raw version of the trading bot, which worked almost as I wanted it to.

There were fails, stuttering, belated orders, but this was only a draft version. Soon we hired analysts for training the bot to work in emergency situations – PUMP / DUMP – you can earn the most from them with triple arbitrage trading. By that time, my friend (who was a developer) had already made an almost full-fledged bot, and we started making money and still do.

The idea originated in 2017, so why the platform was launched in 2020?

The thing is that volatility has decreased since 2017, the bear market prevailed. In 2018, we had to upgrade the bot to a bear market and quick liquidation. Until mid-2018, we were still making edits and training the trading bot for our arbitrage. In early January 2019, we realized that the bot works perfectly with different movements, force majeure is excluded, so we decided to open our own company. We hired lawyers, marketing experts, and decided to adhere to the basic principles of the Internet company (anonymity and security for users). But again, the business stopped, lawyers said that we should adhere to the KYC and AML policies, which we categorically could not allow because we care about decentralization, anonymity and user safety. After all, KYC and AML did not protect a single exchange user from “exit-scam”, but only limited the possibilities of the sites and prevented the injection of money. I dare to assume there is “exit-scam” in famous exchanges, of course, not including force majeure circumstances like hacker atacks. We began to prepare documents, consult, and in October 2019, we officially registered our company under Hong Kong jurisdiction. A few months took to develop the platform and connect our trading bots, and now … the platform was launched in the middle of April 2020.

How did we open a company without KYC / AML?

We work with leading analytical companies that track dark and gray transactions. As soon as such funds get into our system, we temporarily block our account before the proceedings, while ordinary users can easily withdraw up to 150 BTC per day without passing any verification. Based on the experience of other cryptocurrency companies, this is the best solution for ordinary users.

Sorry, forgot to introduce myself

My name is Anton, and I am the CEO of 3ARBS.

What does our platform offer?

3ARBS is a unique platform for arbitrage trading in cryptocurrency assets. Its functionality allows to carry out profitable transactions in a few clicks, no need to be a professional, or have experience in trading and understand the specifics of this activity. Our system allows engaging in arbitrage transactions in the simplest possible manner without registering on dozens of exchanges and using large amounts of money. By creating an account in our platform, you will get access to operations on popular trading platforms and will get guaranteed profits. The security level of the arbitrage trading platform is the highest. Funds storage in cold and hot wallets ensures the complete safety of our clients' funds, and modern data protection methods ensure reliable storage of information about user accounts.

Automated trading

How does automated trading work?
You need to pay a fixed fee of 0.005 BTC (one-time) After payment, you will have the opportunity to create Lifelong Trading. The procedure is simple: click on the button, fill out a small form, confirm, done. Our robot adds your transaction to the life cycle. Every day you will receive a transaction report and a guaranteed daily percentage of 0.5% to 5% of the transaction amount.

Manual trading

How does manual trading work?
All transactions are created without any additional fees. The choice provides 3 different options for triangular arbitrage for each coin. Each option has its own profitability and maximum order execution time. The speed of order execution depends on the market and exchanges volatility. The profitability can be different for each transaction. Everything is individual and depends on many factors.

Our registration documents






We are honest and open. In this ZIP archive, you will find 3ARBS registration documents
Download our registration documents (.ZIP)


Need more information on working with the platform?

We recommend you to start with the Beginner’s Guide section. If you still have questions after exploring the section, you can visit the FAQ , most likely you will find the answer to your question there.

Could not figure it out? Still need help?
You can ask our technical support a question on the 
Support page


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