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Looking For A Good Domain Name?

Everybody's online journey is slightly different but one of the things everybody eventually learns is that there are tools called, "domain name generators". I was reminded of that tonight and I remembered two that I used to play around with a lot.

I went looking for them on Google and I found out there are actually several more than two….actually as many (or more) as the 15 mentioned in this overview article.

But let me share with you a little trick that popped into my head this evening and actually worked pretty well:

Take whatever keyword you're working with and go to any online dictionary site. Put that word into the site and get the definition.

Then look elsewhere on that page and somewhere you'll see synonyms. Usually, there will also be very extensive lists of synonyms.

Just browse through the synonyms list and I guarantee you'll see tons of good words which can be combined with your existing keyword to make good domain names. Other words will pop into your head too.

And now…something completely different!

You probably wouldn't be reading this article if you weren't interested in making money online.

Let me suggest you take a look at this tool. It is very unique. Matter of fact, I know of nothing else like it…and you can try it for free for 7 days…no credit card, no promises, no risk at all. If you like it, it's $50 a month but, believe me, if you know how big the online tools market is.. you'll realize this program is a real money-maker (it pays residual income every month and complete newbies are making a killing).

And one thing that is very unique to this tool is that you can use it to provide a very much needed service to traditional businesses too. Any business you know (any auto repair shop, any gift shop, any insurance or real estate agent, any landscaping company…the list is endless) can use what this system makes it super quick and easy to create (and you can't say that about most of the stuff that is sold on the internet nowadays).

You'll get an education too….here's the video. Check it out now because you could make money with it in just a few days.

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Are Complimentary Domain Names Worth The Cost?

Are Complimentary Domain Names Worth The Cost?

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Everyone likes a deal. It's even wise to keep one's costs down. On the other hand, you can be so cheap that you cut your own throat.

Here are 2 ways to register a domain name for free and some reasons why you may not wish to.

1. You Must Have Your Own Top Level Domain (TLD) Name

Your service site should definitely have its own leading level domain (TLD) name. This suggests a name like It does not imply a subdomain of another person's domain name, such as

Often persons think twice to sign up a proper domain because of cost, absence of knowledge, or indecision. Nevertheless, paying the small fee charged by the domain registrar for your own domain name can enjoy rich dividends.

A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or Internet address like (disregarding the http part), or, simply doesn't look as professional as It might be free (as in consisted of with your web area) but it just doesn't cut it.

Think about: If you put your URL on your letterheads, business cards, signs, et cetera, which Internet address looks more expert?

If you mention your URL on your radio marketing or to a customer over the phone, which one will be simpler to remember?

What if your web host goes out of company or you choose that you want to alter to another supplier. Now, you need to notify everyone that you have now changed to You will likewise need to alter all your stationery, indications, and marketing to reflect the change.

On the other hand, the domain name, might be transferred from one web host to another merely by informing your domain registrar of the change.

So, to avoid losing business and incurring unneeded additional costs, be sure you have your very own top level domain name.

2. Should You Get a Free Top Level Domain?

It is possible to get a free leading level domain from Dot TK (@www. (You might also get paid dot tk (. tk) domains from them.) There can be drawbacks to using a free leading level domain name.

Here are a few of the restrictions kept in mind on the Dot TK site.

You may sign up no more than three free domain.

The ownership of the complimentary domain remains with Dot TK. This suggests that you can't offer it. (Of course, if you pay for the domain you do own it and can transfer it to a new owner.).

Also, if you do not have 25 visitors pertain to your home page within a ninety day period, your totally free domain registration is cancelled.

You need to have existing web material somewhere so that your dot tk name can be forwarded to it.

There may well be other downsides.

Obviously, Dot TK utilizes frames to reveal your website. This holding true, you might have concerns with navigation (bookmarking or finding specific pages) and online search engine friendliness.

Therefore, for severe business usage, consider thoroughly the true cost of complimentary domain.

Your organisation website need to certainly have its own top level domain (TLD) name. It does not indicate a subdomain of someone else's domain name, such as

It is possible to get a totally free leading level domain from Dot TK (@www. There can be disadvantages to using a complimentary top level domain name.

The ownership of the free domain remains with Dot TK.

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