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Don’t Quit Soldier on

If you ever feel like quitting remember always this: Most of your competitor will quit

Just by staying in the game you will beat almost anyone.

You don't need to be genius.

You don't need to have special skills.

You don't need to be techy savvy.

Online entrepreneurship doesn’t anything to do with talent

You don't need to come from a wealthy background.


What do you need to do?  Stay in the game! Because MOST WON'T!

What don’t you need to do? Quit, because MOST WILL!

By leveraging this, you already have an edge over your competitors


Even already successful people face setbacks and they may drop from the game and then you can surpass them. 

Have you ever felt like quitting? So has everyone else!

But if you want to get the results and win, don't quit. Stay in the game…Soldier on!


Staying in the game means that;

You take consistent action; learning new skills and applying them day in and day out.

You stay persistent and achieve your goals sooner or later, no matter what happens.

You are always looking for ways to grow and develop.


PS: Staying in the game does NOT necesarrily mean STAY in the same level that you are in? In entails you yearning, and working towards moving to the next levels, gradually.

I hope this motivates a couple of you!



Your friend, Victor

The busy bee




Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur