Georgia on My Mind (Or…Go East Young Man)

Georgia on My Mind (or Go East Young Man)

Actually I've been thinking I should write some more articles just to be sure my skill doesn't get completely rusty. Being in that state of mind, it was easy for a recent article I read to make me want to write this article. The article confirmed an opinion I've developed over the last year or so. That opinion is that….:

The more I hear about Eastern Europe, the better it sounds to me as a region that's relatively safe, civilized, affordable, and a place I'd like to see.

For almost a year now I've had a friend, named Ferenc, who is from Hungary. He says great things about Hungary. He grew up there, moved to Norway and lived there for a while, then for the last 6 years he's lived in Kiev, Ukraine, where he says he says he likes the ambiance and lives pretty well on his internet-based MLM income.

Ferenc, by the way, is also the top earner in Wavescore, the social media platform I've gotten to like a lot lately. Odds are that sometime next year he's going to be running their Customer Service.

Anyway… hobby is latin dancing, i.e. Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha, and Kizomba. I've long known those styles of social dancing are very popular in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, and other Eastern European countries. Since the top two things I look for in a country I might consider visiting is a strong local social-dancing community and a good internet, most Eastern European countries would qualify. 

But there are other countries in Eastern Europe that are not as well-known as the aforementioned. 

Georgia is one of them and it's the one I just read about.

Any news-junkies we have in the crowd will remember that Georgia was in the news several years ago for some border problems they had with Russia. That tension eventually blew over and, according to the article I read just now (here), things have been very pleasant in Georgia since then.

According to the article I read, Georgia also has a very lucrative but still off-the-radar business investment opportunity situation. I googled the country to get a general idea of where it was and what it looked like and it seemed very nice.

So…that't it. I hear that many of those Eastern European countries have pretty good internet, taxes are low or non-existent, local costs are very cheap, the people are nice, and the available facilities are more than good enough. I think I'd like to see Georgia.

On a completely different topic, I would encourage you to check out Wavescore. Think about it….if you're putting Youtube videos on Facebook and other social media, you know that they're monetizing that content and making money off of it, don't you? You're just giving money away to them.

Wavescore is putting some finishing touches on their User Interface but their platform generally works very well right now. And yes… you can make some money if you want but their don't see it as an MLM. Basically, it's a services-site monetized with advertising….(which they have't even started yet). 

Their primary service now is quick and easy sharing YouTube videos. They also just recently started their Chat Feature Beta (which I'm a member of) and which is working very well. It allows us to share documents, videos, geo-location, etc…similar to Skype.

Coming next will be audio chat, video chat, and then a conference room. So…the game plan is…ad revenue sharing from social media platform monetization…just like YouTube and Facebook have been doing for years. Except that YouTube and Facebook share little or none of their revenue with the people who actually provide the content. 

And that's all I've got to say. Now that I've done an article I feel better. Got any questions about Wavescore..? Call me.

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