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5 Topics networking …

Networking to make new friends … to make professional contacts … to increase the chances of finding a job … to release some work … in short, there are many reasons to have and be part of a network of contacts. 

Networking is an English word that indicates the ability to establish a network of contacts or a connection with something or someone. This network of contacts is a support system where there is the sharing of services and information between individuals or groups who have an interest in common.
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5 Topics networking …This concept also brings us to the  Affinity Networking !!  This term is relatively new, is connected to Bebee  and that basically means connection between people who have the same personal interests or belonging to the same professional sector. The Bebee  was launched in 2015 by Spanish Javier Cámara Rica, Juan Imaz and Eduardo Díez-Hochleitner. (Information taken from Wikipedia)

In Bebee you are a bee and finds several hives , leading you to become more comfortable making your networking by affinities. In Bebee you also find knowledge, can disseminate their work to other bees and the hives, can write articles ( honey production ) in the producer and disseminate them … well, there are countless ways to make networking by affinities. Enjoy!! Ahhh … I would ever forget !! Networking by affinity is the best way to do quality networking. 

Well … much has been spoken in Networking and everyone knows the advantages of having a good network of contacts (I myself have talked about it here). But in this article I will emphasize Networking by topics and also serve to Affinity Networking. 

1 What you need to avoid in order to network: 

In professional relationships have sincerity and transparency are essential but make sincericidio is very dangerous and harmful, so avoid …

5 Topics networking …Ask the person 's name into the conversation: This is distracting signal and disinterest. One tip is to speak the name of that person during the conversation, making it easier to memorize, and make the person feel important.
"The sweetest sound in the world for a person is the sound of your own name." – Writer and American speaker Dale Carnegie.

I want a job or indicating you: This indicates that you are being selfish. Here the trick is to talk without showing interest, the only interest that you can demonstrate is the person with whom you are talking. 
To speak of the evil boss, co-workers, the company …:   This sounds intolerant and aggressive. If you have not been or is not having a good experience in the job, not speak or speak only what positive happened.
Lamentations and lack of enthusiasm: You will be labeled a complainer and unpleasant. Be positive and optimistic. The negative label is in people's memory. Caution!!
Flatteries: Praising only want to draw attention is not recommended. Be courteous and only praise if sincere in his praise.
Staying is "bragging": To speak only of himself and autoelogiando is not recommended and even harmful. Be humble, show interest and listen more. 
Talk only about work: Networking should not be taken with excessive formality, people value more interpersonal relationships, so do not deviate from it when people talk about themselves. 
The whole image you have built before a contact can go down because of an unfortunate phrase.
Marcelo Derossi, Co-founder of Networking Club.
2- Your networking is not taking effect? See the possible causes: 

Many people think that networking is to exchange cards, cajole people or possibly participate in meetings and events. In fact, many people do these things and in order to just get a job. Therein are some of the errors, confer other …

5 Topics networking …

You do not focus on the person: Focus on the other it is essential for successful networking. So it is natural, ask questions and make informal comments on any subject. 
Lack of dedication: You do not take care of your network, does not participate in events, not seek to talk and also does not seek help. For networking to work it needs to be an ongoing process. 
You do not leave the front of the computer and social networks: It is true that the internet and social networks are great allies, but the network must also be made ​​in person. 
You focus on people who can not help you or just sight in a small amount: A network with many contacts is ideal and with those people who you can exchange experiences and help each other.

3- You are shy ?? Here are some tips: 
Making networking is not a difficulty for the timid, but are at a disadvantage compared to extroverts. Learn how to take advantage of shyness …


5 Topics networking …

Be careful when choosing who will make contacts.
Ask a colleague, friend to introduce you who you want to meet.
Use and abuse in moderation of social networks.
You have to go to some event? Come early to go getting ready.
Enjoy shyness and listen more, asking the right questions.
Study and research a lot about your area of ​​expertise and on the labor market.

4 Some profiles that can not miss in your network of contacts: 
The Huffington Post site selected 5 profiles that are needed in your network …

5 Topics networking …
Veteran: Get to know someone who already has a long experience and a well – established career. That someone can open doors for you in the future.
Innovative: Have someone with experience in technology, so it can keep you well informed about the platforms and tools that will improve their networking on the internet.
Lawyer: This profile can help spread your reputation and increase the chances of making new connections. 
The Negotiator: This profile is essential, as is always willing to help you. 
Someone out: This profile can bring you new connections and new business prospects. You can contact with outsiders in forums, meetings related to work and events. 

5- 4 rules for productive networking in this economic downturn: 
 With the crisis still reigning (the number of unemployed increased), despair is also in full swing, many people accepting any job and putting curriculum in any job that appears. And networking … poor thing, being misused, many people are coming into a run behind us to help get work. You need to create a strategy to better utilize your network … to do so, see 4 of these estatégias …


5 Topics networking …

Mire in few people and focus on quality.
Show interest by those few people (this is essential and very important).
Nothing pessimism, lack of enthusiasm and complaint … conquer and attract people with good humor.
Take advantage of the crisis to leverage your network of contacts. The crisis favors new connections. 

EXTRA: You can do networking? Take the test! – Site Examination. 


Sources: 7 phrases banned in time for networking ./ 4 reasons for which your network is going wrong ./ 5 networking tricks to shy ./ Five types that can not miss on your networking ./ 4 rules for networking ( really) productive in crisis .

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Incredible AI app can ‘repaint’ photos to look like it was composed by famous artists

An iOS app has gone viral in post-Soviet states this past week, racking up more than 7.5 million downloads and the top spot in app stores around the region. Russian internet giant Mail.Ru even announced an investment in the app, called Prisma, on Monday – a 10 percent stake that reportedly amounts to $2 million.

The Russian-made photo app allows users to customize their images by feeding photos through an artificial intelligence that “repaints” them in the style of great artists like Van Gogh, Munch, and Picasso. Unlike many other photo apps, Prisma doesn’t simply slap a filter on top. Instead, the AI completely reinterprets the images using a deep learning method known as convolutional neural networks. The AI only refers to the original photo for guidance, reports Bloomberg.

Prisma has launched in beta on Android — gaining access requires requesting an invitation.

Though unaffiliated with the Prisma project, researchers Leon Gatys, Alexander Ecker, and Matthias Bethge of Bethge Lab laid out the method to the app’s madness last August in a paper titled, A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style. The trio was interested in how our brains process images and how they might be able to generate new images to predict these processes.

“From that idea, we first [began] using deep networks to synthesize textures and then from there we found out that, when using the network to perform texture transfer, one can [make] beautiful artworks which might also tell us a lot about how humans perceive and process visual art,” Gatys told Digital Trends.

Related: Google’s newly launched Magenta Project aims to create art with artificial intelligence

The team’s modeled it’s AI off of deep neural networks (which are themselves modeled off of biological neural networks) to separate content and style, and recombine them into works that seem to depict the very brushstrokes of recognizable artists. “Thus our ability to abstract content from style and therefore our ability to create and enjoy art might be primarily a preeminent signature of the powerful inference capabilities of our visual system,” they concluded in the paper.

“I think [this technology] will be a major tool for image processing and fundamentally change the way we manipulate images,” Gatys said.

Meanwhile, Prisma has been lauded for its entertainment value and near-immediate feedback, but Gatys is skeptical about its actual artistic value and seizes the chance to plug his own project. “I think it looks very cool and its main selling point is the speed with which images are generated,” he said. “In terms of quality, however, I think it is not quite there compared to what we are able to do on www.deepart.io.”

As for future iterations of the tech, Gatys is bursting with ideas. In the near term, the development team plans to implement support for video, new predefined art filters, and 360-degree image capture.


Originally published on 07-19-2016. 

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