Are You Ready for Power Batteries That Last 365 Days?


Living in a technologically advanced world is great, but there is one thing about it that really gets on every device owner’s nerves is poor battery performance. The malls, airports, and train stations are the best demonstration of the problems with current battery technology. All of the available power plugs have people waiting in lines to connect their charger before the black screen of death occurs. Is there any prospect on the horizon for batteries that do not have to be recharged often?

Lithium Ion

The gelatinous lithium-ion battery of today has seen very little improvement since the technology got rolled out in 1991. It has steadily gained improved performance by as much as 10% storage capacity, but that is still considered as moving at a snail pace. Apple has introduced a stacked battery system that allows for more power storage, but that is only adding closet space and does not resolve the issue of longevity.

Solid State

Dyson has begun research into developing a solid-state battery. This is one that is made of lead, so the solid structure makes it less combustible than the liquid state batteries of today. They would theoretically hold more charge, but the weight and dangers posed to the environment make it an impractical solution.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen is abundant naturally in the environment, but it combines with things like oxygen, which make water. A hydrogen fuel cell separates the hydrogen from the oxygen, leaving behind heat and water. The hydrogen fuel is then converted to electricity safely. It seems that the reality of finding a power source solution that is safe and in constant supply lies with the hydrogen fuel cell research. If it can power the space shuttle into orbit, there is no reason it could not power your laptop for 365 days non-stop. Do you agree

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