Free Internet Marketing Tools That Multiply Your Online Marketing Power

Free Internet Marketing Tools That Multiply Your Online Marketing Power

Free Internet Marketing Tools

Today's business climate across all industries heavily favors those companies that have a strong online presence. This means that online marketing is definitely in your best interest. Don't assume that your company is too small to take advantage of this type of promotion! Even one-person shops can have a huge impact with a little smart marketing work. The tools suggested here – all of which are free – will be a tremendous help.

Note that no one marketing tool is indispensable. While the examples given here are free, popular, and generally effective, you should always feel free to make substitutions. If a different tool gets you better results, use it. That also counts for paid programs and services. If the features of a paid tool are just impossible to live without, invest in it.



MarketHive is a social networking site designed for entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, MarketHive isn't only a social networking website, in addition, it includes a blogging platform, plus some very effective online marketing tools to allow entrepreneurs to be successful marketing their internet business, services and products.

 Below you will find some of the marketing tools you will recieve once you sign up for Markethive:

E-mail Broadcasting
Blogging Platform
Capture Pages
One Click Lead Generation System
Conference Room and a whole lot more

You might be curious about how much actually does MarketHive charge for these amazing online marketing tools, well the answer really is these internet marketing tools are totally free of charge for life,no strings attached. Basically these online marketing tools would cost you hundreds of dollars per month, not at MarketHive. This is good news for the beginner as well as the veteran internet marketer.

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The Google Suite


This is the closest thing to a necessity on this list. Your first step into the world of online marketing should be to familiarize yourself with all of the free tools Google puts at your disposal. The most common ones include Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, the Google Keyword Planner, and the set of tools made available through AdWords. Sign up for an AdWords account even if you never intend to make an ad buy. It'll give you access to a range of useful data.

Mastering these tools – especially Google Analytics – used to be practically all you needed to do in order to get a good handle on your marketing research. This has changed in the last few years, as Google has aimed its toolkit more specifically towards AdWords customers. It's become less helpful for general marketers. The old Google Keyword Tool, in particular, is sorely missed, and Keyword Planner makes a poor replacement.

The upshot of this change in Google's services is that you'll need to supplement its information-gathering tools with other ones of your own choice. Don't be too quick to make your selections until you're thoroughly familiar with the free information you can still get through Google, though. Your aim should be to patch the holes in your informational landscape, not duplicate functions that Google already does well.



If social media activity is going to play any role in your online marketing – and it should – Hootsuite will be a real life saver for you. It merges multiple social profiles into a single dashboard, makes it easy to schedule future posts, tracks activity, and even gives you some basic analytic results. Running a social media campaign across more than one network can quickly get exhausting without a good management tool, and Hootsuite is the most popular of these for a reason. It's very, very good at what it does.

Note that like many of the tools you'll run into, Hootsuite is available in both free and paid versions. The "Pro" version of Hootsuite is easily worth what it costs; many marketers both professional and independent swear by it. You can make up your own mind on the matter. The basic free version is useful enough. You can also try the "Pro" version for free for a month before deciding to upgrade.



Email marketing is another huge part of the Internet promotion industry that can have a place in any good campaign. Like social media work, it's also easily capable of overwhelming a single marketer if you tackle it without good management tools. Although there are more advanced options that deliver more functionality, most of them cost money and MailChimp has always been completely free.

MailChimp is a simple, no-frills email list management tool. It lets you manage a list of up to 2,000 recipients and send up to 12,000 messages a month absolutely free. The service includes basic analytics, email templates, and signup forms too. This is perfect for any beginner's marketing efforts. It will even serve you well further on in your career unless you choose to focus intensively on email marketing. Mailchimp also has a paid version, which delivers much more functionality. Interestingly, you can pay on either a monthly or per-email basis, giving you greater flexibility.

GIMP / Inkscape


Creating content is yet another core function you need to add to your repertoire if you're going to handle your own marketing. Producing text is as simple as sitting down in front of your keyboard, but your efforts aren't going to get very far without images. There are many different free stock photo libraries that can provide the raw materials you need, but you also need the tools to edit them.

GIMP and Inkscape are essentially the free, open-source equivalents of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. While they take a bit longer to use, they're capable of all the same editing brilliance as their (very expensive) industry standard counterparts. Best of all, they use the same professional file formats (.PSD and .SVG, respectively), which makes it easy for you to collaborate with others.

As you learn more about online marketing and start laying out your own campaigns, it should become obvious to you where you need additional help. You'll also develop the experience you need to judge how useful any given tool is going to be. The ones listed here should be universally helpful when you're starting out. Good luck to you!

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