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Did God Plan for Evil to Exist in the World?

We can choose to walk in God’s ways or we can choose to turn from Him.

Written by Hope on 31/08/2014
Series: Weekly Devotional
“God wants everyone to be saved and to fully understand the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:4

In the beginning, God created the heavens, the earth and all of the things in it. When God created people, he gave us free will. That means we can choose to walk in God’s ways or we can choose to turn from Him. Choices led to evil entering the world but, originally, God made a perfect and peaceful world.

Not Choosing God
The Bible records that God gave Adam, the first man, specific instructions to avoid “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” (Genesis 2:17). However, Adam chose to disobey God’s instructions. As a result, “sin entered the world. Adam’s sin brought death” (Romans 5:12). God didn’t intend for Adam to eat the fruit. That’s why God warned him. We can see that evil exists in the world because people choose to turn away from God, not because God wants evil in the world.

The Example of the Potter
Did God create us to be bad? No; God created people to be “in His own image” (Genesis 1:27). The book of Isaiah compares God to a potter and us to clay. A potter crafts clay into a good vessel that he desires. The potter doesn’t create the vessel to become corrupted by mold, and God didn’t create us to become corrupted by sin. Just as the potter doesn’t want his vessel to be smashed, God doesn’t want His people to perish.

Built for God’s Purpose
People have had the option of disobeying God ever since the original sin; but that is not what He wants us to choose. Sin separates us from God, but God wants to be with us. That’s why He sent Jesus to save us from our sins. People sin because “they have no fear of God” (Psalm 36:1), but God said, “I have made [all who claim Me as their God] for My glory” (Isaiah 43:7). Remember to choose God and obey His ways, so that we can bring Him glory. Even though God didn’t want us to choose evil, He still provided us with a way out through Jesus. Let’s be thankful and continue to choose goodness over evil.

Pray this week:

That God will strengthen you, so you can obey Him.

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See The Good Only

He loveth righteousness and judgment: the earth is
full of the goodness of the LORD (Psalm 33:5).

Some people are always fishing for the wrong
things; they never see good in anything or
anywhere. They know all the bad things happening
around, and are prompt to spread gossip, falsehood
and negative information. Such people end up twisted
in life, because they never see or celebrate the good
in anything.
Whereas, there’re those who always think and
care about the good; they see good in everything. No
matter what it is, they only look out for, and celebrate
the good. They’re forever “good-conscious”; not
because they’re naïve, but because of the excellence
of their personality. That’s how God expects you to
live. The Bible says the earth is full of the goodness of
the Lord; that’s all you should see—only good things.
People who peddle rumours and bad news, and
only see the negative side of everything can’t make
much progress in life. Their values keep depreciating,
and everyone who wants to make progress avoids
them. Successful people don’t want to keep the
company of people who are negatively programmed;
they avoid them. The Bible says, “Iron sharpeneth
iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his  friend” (Proverbs 27:17).
Read the latter part of our opening verse again; it says, “…the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD” (Psalm 33:5). Choose to see the glory and goodness of God in your world. Yes, the Bible says the dark places of the earth are filled with the habitations of cruelty,
but it doesn’t change the fact that the earth is full of the goodness of God. Don’t be concerned about the evil reports so much so that they produce the negative response from you; be excited about the goodness of God. The truth is, if all you see and seek is the goodness of the Lord, that’s surely what you’ll experience. 
The earth is full of the goodness
of the Lord; thus, I see and
experience good things only. My
life is a daily manifestation of the
glory and beauty of God as I think
about His goodness, accept, and
celebrate His excellence that I
see around me, in Jesus’ Name.
Pastor Chris

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