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Lottery – GramFree

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What is Gramfree.net?
A cryptocurrency based on TON blockchain platform developed by Telegram is called Gram.
A feature of Gram is the high speed of transactions cryptocurriencies implemented on early blockchain platforms
due to the low speed of transactions are more suitable for investment than for use as payment tool.
For instance Bitcoin can provide only 7 transaction per second for all users.
Ethereum 15 but Gram blockchain platform is expected to be millions of transactions per second.
According to the developers Gram should become a crypto analog of Visa and MasterCard.

Why Gramfree.net is free.
10% of Gram mass is allocated to a nonprofit organization which will keep the TON infrastructure operational.

How to Earn in Gramfree.net.
1. By referring.
Refer and earn 5 Gram= $10.
2. By rolling.
Roll each hour and Earn 0.01 Gram to 1000 Gram.
(0.02 cent to $2000.)
3. By participating in lottery.
Win 10 Gram to 2500 Gram.
($20 to $5000)
4. By watching uploading and watching video.
Earn 0.01 Gram ($0.02).
5.By smart contracts confirmed

Note All income are absolutely free.

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