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People Helping People

People Helping People 🤝

This is the motto of Happy Donation.

Helping people to help themselves

With this you can soon leave financial worries behind you.
Happy Donation has just entered the beta phase to gradually integrate people worldwide and thus create the conditions to alleviate poverty.

Partners already exist in more than 20 countries

With only 20 $ once, in the euro area 20 €, everyone, wherever in the world, can join our program. The deposit of 20€ or $ will be paid directly and immediately to the sponsor and not to any company. That is, the more personal commitment, the higher the earnings.

On this page you will find all information:

If you don’t have the money to get started, you can get sponsored. Please contact me for registration and the sponsoring procedure.

Registration is only possible through registered partners.

Happy Donation is a well thought-out system, which will not come to a standstill due to built-in automatisms. It will change the world for the better.

Pre-launch of Happy Donation

Happy donation

We will start in a worldwide Pre Launch Phase shortly with our Happy Donation Program.

–  is a pure mediation platform,

–  mediates payments between participants,

–  and does not charge any fees.

Happy donation
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Happy Donation is built worldwide and strictly monitored under the point of view of humanitarian law.

Happy donation

Many processes have been automated on the new Platform.
This ensures that growth can take place more efficiently.
Automation will also help partners who have difficulties building their own teams.

Many processes have been automated on the new platform.
This ensures that growth can take place more efficiently. Automatism will also help partners who have difficulties building their own teams.

Market analyses confirm that Happy Donation, with its basic humanitarian idea and global expansion by the end of 2020, can reach the “one billion account mark”.

There is still a long way to go and at the moment we are in a sort of Pre-Launch Phase

At the moment, partners who already have an account can recruit as many friends and acquaintances as you like.

So you can easily win new partners for your team and everyone you regitriert yourself, from that you get according to the marketing plan 50% and if upgrades are made by these partners later, in addition always his 50% – That’s what comes together.

     You can register unlimited people worldwide every Day !
For the partners who are registered by the support during the pre-launch phase, an active account worth 20 USD is automatically created at the start

The partners that are registered after the restart must pay 20 USD to get part of  the system.

Remember that we also have the trusted connection as well as the merchandise management system programmed and that a connection is also required.

 You will have a lot of fun with the new dashboard.

Download start info

Download process pre launch

Download Marketing plan

We are active worldwide and this is your chance !

Register for your free account worth 20 USD and invite your friends, co-workers, neighbours, etc…

Among other things, we will offer the following:

** We will enable our members in many countries to supply alternative energy.

** In many countries the electricity is very expensive and often there are hardly any energy services in remote areas.

** Through our partners we enable our members to buy a solar system on installments, which they can pay from their Happy Donation Account from level 4-5 !

Whether in Germany, Asia, Philippines, Africa etc… everywhere it can become true !
Our special arrangement makes sure that our members are secured by their account and Happy Donation even if they are not able to pay !

That should be already a goal, which many can set themselves and help us many people the same possibility by unique payment of 20 USD with their registration to make.


If you would like to register then send us your

   User names:

   First and last name:

   e-mail address:

   to the following e-mail address:   bizinfo@email.de

   You will receive your confirmation by e-mail !