The most spectacular tree houses in the world

What child has not dreamed of having a house in a tree?  The idea of being able to climb a tree and live in freedom and harmony with nature is something that appeals to every human being and the best place to find all those feelings it is to do inside these houses.

A lucky few sure they could fulfill that dream of having a house in a tree when they were small. However, most mortals have to settle us take a look at that today can be considered as the tree houses most beautiful and spectacular in the world.  

Most  tree houses  are small recreational buildings built in the backyards with garden for the little ones spend a few hours in them.

However, others are authentic luxury hotels or homes that have become the most popular attractions for tourists in the area. This is the case of this tree house located in  British Columbia, Canada.

Treehouse in British Columbia. Imgur 

This impressive home is one of the tree houses highest in the world. It is located in the forest,  about 23 kilometers from the town of Revelstoke. His impressive height is only surpassed by the magnificent forests that surround it .

One of the most curious tree houses and incredible is this designed by  Joel Allen, a former software developer who at age 26 decided to retire and become a carpenter.

The house built by Joel Allen. Kyle Graham 

This unique property is located somewhere near Whistler, near Canada. Its exact location is not known, since Allen decided not to disclose for legal and personal reasons.

Far from Canada,  in the mountains of Sweden, we find one of the most spectacular tree houses in the world.

The tree house mirror. Tvark 


This is a huge bucket of mirrors, designed by  Mirror Tham & Videgard, part of one of the strangest hotels in the Nordic country. This house intends to camouflage the structure in the forest to make guests feel they are part of nature.

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Nail house is a building whose owner refuses to accept compensation from a property developer for its demolition, either for the love of the home, or because they want to 'hold out' for increased compensation.
Below is the famous nail house in China where the road was built around the house, leaving it as an island in a river of new asphalt. The house was finally demolished after its elderly owners agreed to accept compensation. 

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