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EX LIMITED is an investment company with 20 years of experience in the global capital management market specializing in the accumulation of funds from private investors for the implementation of promising start-ups in the field of beauty mobile medicine

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EX LIMITED is an investment company with 20 years of experience in the global capital management market, specializing in the accumulation of funds from private investors for the implementation of promising start-ups in the field of beauty, mobile medicine, eSports and other top destinations. 24/7 online analytics, flexible financial investment model and multidimensional risk diversification guarantee our partners a stable profit following the chosen investment direction.




The investment company EX LIMITED (at that time Ex Co Group Limited) was established in 1998 by a team of experienced business analysts who developed several universal financial investment solutions that allowed working with the largest and most profitable business sectors internationally. At the moment, our office in Hong Kong has 27 qualified specialists, including an analytical, marketing and legal department. Our vast practical experience, a unique financial model and flexibility of investment plans form a strategic range of high-yielding assets located in key positions around the world. Blockchain, AI, alternative food, online games – we work with startups at the forefront of global progress, take control of investor funds and distribute them in the most profitable areas, which ensures profit to all participants with minimal risks.


Elizabeth Georgiadis

“The best guarantee for a reasonable investor against risks is not a retreat, but diversity.”




    To provide additional protection for the investments of our partners, all investments are insured. Insurance also serves as a reliable justification for profitable cooperation.



    This is an internationally recognized safety certificate, which is issued only to verified real-life companies based on advanced verification manuals.



  • All personal information of partners is used only within the framework of investment processes and is not transferred to third parties. Our servers use advanced encryption algorithms.


  • Official collaboration

    All certificates and licenses are freely available, we work in accordance with international legislation and the laws of the countries where our partners live.

  • Tech-support

    EX LIMITED specialists provide their partners with competent and most detailed help 24/7. Our investors can contact us at any time and for any questions.

  • Investment Transparency

    After registration, each investor receives a personal account with a convenient and intuitive interface that allows tracking all financial processes within the chosen investment plan.

  • High yield

    We diversify risks applying online monitoring of target industries and calculated distribution of investor funds among several areas with the greatest potential.




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  • 50 usd

    Minimum Deposit Amount

  • 100000 usd

    Maximum deposit amount

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    Investment period


Our financial model and approach to investing are in many ways unique. We diversify risks by betting on players whose potential is defineв by our specialists as unprecedented on the world stage. This makes exceptional demands on specialists, but the core of the EX LIMITED team has not changed in the past 12 years, so thanks to our outstanding experience and proven adaptive algorithms, we always know for sure which startup meets our requirements.Working with the most progressive and financially profitable areas, we make investments not risky, but a reasonable investment with a guaranteed income. And so that our potential partners better understand what is being said, we have prepared a vivid video presentation about the principles of our company, as well as a selection of other recommended video files for viewing.



  • 10% – 5% – 3% – 1%



    Build your team and get extra profit. You can increase your affiliate income by developing your team and your personal investments.



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Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

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100 of our daily revenues pay investors Fast Tracking the oldest investors instantly completing their payments and removing that debt from the systemMy Traffic Value pays out the sum of our portfolio revenues daily


100% of our daily revenues pay investors Fast Tracking the oldest investors instantly completing their payments and removing that debt from the system.

My Traffic Value pays out the sum of our portfolio revenues daily.


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Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Billionaire Investor Paul Tudor Jones Says Stock Market Valuation Is Terrifying And He Is Right

We live in a unique time. Never before have the markets gone to such extremes in almost every way imaginable.

Not just the markets either. Nearly everything.

US government debt is just getting ridiculous now. There are really no more words to say how out-of-control and unsustainable it is.

It’s almost as though they are attempting to bankrupt the US on purpose… which is one of our main theories.

And, we’ve seen countless big names in the financial world come out warning of an impending collapse in the last year. Bankster kingpin, Jacob Rothschild, even warned we are in “unchartered waters” on August 21st of last year.

The latest to warn is Paul Tudor Jones, the billionaire hedge fund manager who recently came out with a “controversial” bearish statement regarding the future of US markets.

At a closed-door Goldman Sachs conference last week, he said, “That measure – the value of the S&P relative to the size of the economy – should be “terrifying” to a central banker.”

In addition to that measure, here is a look at the Wilshire 5000, a market-capitalization-weighted index of the market value of all stocks actively traded in the US, versus US GDP.

As you can see, the value of stocks in the US is higher now than at any time in history versus GDP. It is far higher than it was in 2008 and even higher than the tech bubble where companies like Pets.com were valued in the hundreds of millions just for having an internet domain name.

And, now with the Dow Jones back near 21,000 and the Nasdaq over 6,000 AND the Federal Reserve still with interest rates at only 1%, it is setup for absolute disaster.

The Dollar Vigilante’s Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos, agrees with Tudor and has also pointed out how the past 16 years of low interest rates have bloated stock valuations to a level not seen since 2000.

As Ed mentioned in our April 13th Issue to subscribers, “The financial markets have become accustomed to low interest rates as has the government when it comes to managing its finances. The boom in profit growth to the extent there is any growth at all in the past few years is also driven by the related expansion in money. So absolutely the whole boom is vulnerable to a recession due to this freeze in credit growth.”

You may have noticed that we haven’t been talking about the upcoming crash for the last few months. That’s because, in December of last year, Ed Bugos told subscribers to abandon all shorts as the market was going higher.

He was right, yet again, on that one. That’s how he made subscribers a 99% gain in 2016!

But, just in the last few days, Bugos has gone bearish again with a far-out-of-the-money put option on the S&P that has very little risk and massive potential reward. It was the same type of option that we issued in the summer of 2015 that gained 4,500% in just three days during the Shemitah crash of 2015.

You can get access to all of Ed’s analysis and recommendations by signing up to TDV Premium here.

One of the other extremes currently happening is “confidence” in the stock market. According to Yale University’s Stock Market Confidence Index over 90% of investors believe that the stock market will rise in the next 12 months.

Yes, more than 90% of both institutional and individual investors actually believe the US stock market will go higher in the next year.

That is a stunning, and as Tudor says, frightening number.

Most individual investors went to government indoctrination camps for 12 years, drank fluoridated water and have watched mainstream media Fake News propaganda their whole lives, so these are not the kind of people you want to be running in the same direction with!

And, even worse, most institutional investors, while they went to private schools, they were still taught mostly useless and wrong information and then went for another 4 or 8 years of further indoctrination in colleges where they mostly learned absolutely useless Keynesian economics.

The fact that both are maniacally bullish at this time is probably a good sign that you should turn the other direction!

Follow that old saying your grandma used to tell you, “Don’t do what fluoridated, brainwashed, government educated, communist economics trained statists do.”

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RANKED: The 22 most prominent venture capital investors in Europe in 2017


2017 is a time of serious political upheaval — but in the startup world, life must go on.

Like the US, Europe has been shaken by populism over the past year, with Britain voting to leave the European Union in June 2016. The vote rocked the London tech community, widely regarded as the epicentre of the tech industry on the continent, with concerns ranging from potential hiring difficulties to the availability of venture capital to help startups grow.

But the tech industry hasn't ground to a halt because of it. Startups need to sustain themselves and continue to grow — backed by a network of venture capital firms providing funding and guidance.

Using data provided by tech and venture analysis firm Dealroom, Business Insider has ranked the 22 most prominent venture capital investors operating in Europe in 2017. So from Benchmark to Balderton Capital, here are the highest-profile VC firms in Europe today on the hunt for the next Spotify or Skype.

A note on methodology: Unlike in previous years, where our European VC firm rankings have focused only on fund size, 2017's formula takes into account a number of factors, including deal activity, number of investments, number of exits, value of exits, European portfolio size, capital efficiency, and more. For the first time, the ranking also includes firms based outside of Europe that invest in the continent, as well as angel investors. 
Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital.Brian Ach/Getty
San Francisco firm Benchmark has invested in everyone from Snapchat to Quora. Launched in 1995, its European investments include Citymapper and French social network Zenly. (It also opened a European arm in 2000, which was spun out independently as Balderton Capital in 2007.)

Asa Lindencrona, CFO of Creandum.Creandum
Swedish firm Creandum focuses on Seed and Series A funding, investing in 61 companies to date. Its portfolio includes Spotify, iZettle, and Klarna, and it has offices in Stockholm, Berlin, and San Francisco.

Joseph Ansanelli, a partner at Greylock Partners.www.greylock.com
Greylock Partners is a Silicon Valley VC firm that invests in both consumer and enterprise tech companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Medium. Since its 1965 launch, 170 of its portfolio companies have IPO'd, with investments including Wonga and Facebook

Larry Illg, CEO of Naspers Ventures.Naspers
Naspers was founded in 1915, and describes itself as a "global internet and entertainment group and one of the largest technology investors in the world." Its venture portfolio includes Code Academy, SimilarWeb, and Udemy.

Greg Becker, CEO of Silicon Valley Bank.Greg Becker/LinkedIn
Silicon Valley bank is exactly what it sounds like — a tech-focused bank that also does venture capital investments. It has offices throughout the US and China, as well as the UK, Ireland, and Israel. It counts British phone marketing analytics company Iovox among its portfolio.

Jai Choi, one of the general partners at Partech.Partech
Partech launched in 1984, and has offices in Paris and Berlin on the continent, as well as San Francisco. Previous investments include the German online review site Qype (which was subsequently acquired by competitor Yelp), French video hub Daily Motion, and health insurance provider GetInsured.com.

Christophe Baviere, CEO of Idinvest Partners.Idinvest partners
European investment firm Idinvest Partners has offices dotted around the continent, including Paris, Frankfurt, and Madrid — as well as further afield, in Shanghai and Dubai. Its portfolio includes Happn, Onfido, Secret Escapes, and Deezer.

Byron Deeter, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.Byron Deeter/Twitter
American firm Bessemer Venture Partners has offices across the world — Boston, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, India, and Israel. It invests across all stages, from seed to growth, and boasts 117 IPOs among its portfolio companies. It recently invested in Israeli car data company Otonomo.

Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Goldman Sachs, the legendary American banking giant founded in 1869, operates in a range of fields — and that includes venture capital investment in startups including German scientific professional network ResearchGate.

Niklas Zennstrom, founding partner and CEO of Atomico.Atomico
Launched by Skype cofounder Niklas Zennström in 2006, Atomico focuses exclusively on tech. It is headquartered in London, with additional offices in Beijing, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and Instanbul, and invests globally. Investments include Skype, Rovio, and Last.fm, in Europe — as well as Stripe and Jawbone in the US.

Lauren Bowden, a partner at 83North.83North
Formerly Greylock I, the European/Israeli arm of Greylock Partners, 83North invests in European and Israeli startups. It has offices in London and Tel Aviv, and investments include iZettle and Just Eat.

Wendell Brooks, president of Intel Capital.Intel
Intel Capital is the venture arm of tech giant Intel. It invests across sectors, right across the world. European investments include French wireless company Sigfox, and British geocoding startup What3words.

Angel investor Oleg Tsheltzoff.Oleg Tsheltzoff/Twitter
The only solo investor on this list, Oleg Tscheltzoff is an angel investor in over 30 companies, including Fanduel and Farfetch. He was also one of the cofounders of stock photo service Fotolia, which was acquired by Adobe for $800 million (£625 million) in 2014

Bernard Liautaud of Balderton Capital.Balderton Capital
Balderton Capital began life as the European arm of veteran US tech fund Benchmark in 2000, before going independent in 2007. Centred in London, its notable investments include BetFair, Kobalt, Lovefilm, Bebo, Citymapper, and Wonga. 

Oliver Samwer, CEO of Rocket Internet.Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images
Rocket Internet is a behemothic startup factory based in Germany. Led by the Samwer brothers, the public company both incubates startups and invests in them across Europe and the rest of the world, including Delivery Hero and HelloFresh.

Deven Parekh, a managing director at Insight Venture Partners.Insight Venture Partners
Founded in 1995, Insight Venture Partners — based in New York City — focuses on growth-stage investments, with a European portfolio including BlaBlaCar, Delivery Hero, and HelloFresh.

Sonali De Rycker of Accel Ventures.Accel Ventures
Accel Partners is a major US-headquartered VC firm with additional offices in London and Bangalore. Its European investments include ride-sharing app BlaBlaCar and food delivery giant Deliveroo.

Partner at Sequoia Capital Roelof Botha.Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch
One of the highest-profile Silicon Valley venture capital firms, Sequioa has been around since 1972 and boasts its portfolio has a combined public markety value of more than $1.4 trillion (£1.1 trillion). European investments include Klarna, Mapillary, and Skyscanner.

Klaus Hommels of Lakestar.Lakestar
Lakestar has offices in London, Berlin, and Zürich, as well as New York. In 2015, it launched its second fund, Lakestar II, focusing on early stage funds. It has invested in everyone from Spotify and Skype to Facebook and Airbnb.
Bjorn Stray, one of the cofounders of Northzone.Northzone
This 21-year-old fund has offices in London, Oslo, New York, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. It has invested in more than 100 companies, including Spotify, LastMinute.com, and iZettle.

German VC fund Holtzbrinck, founded in 2000, describes itself as "one of the leading independent European early stage funds." Notable investments include Zalando, Groupon, and Delivery Hero. 

Launched in 1996, Index Ventures has offices in Geneva, Switzerland, London, Jersey, and San Francisco. It invests in both technology and healthcare. Its extensive tech portfolio includes Asos, BetFair, Facebook, Etsy, and Just Eat.

Index Ventures cofounder Neil Rimer.Index Ventures

Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital.Brian Ach/Getty

Asa Lindencrona, CFO of Creandum.Creandum

Larry Illg, CEO of Naspers Ventures.Naspers

Joseph Ansanelli, a partner at Greylock Partners.www.greylock.com

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Top 5 Investments Of 2017

This post was written by Ben Graham

Every year brings a wide range of potential investment opportunities and 2017 is no exception. But as they say, you can’t have it all. So we went ahead and picked the best of the best so you can spend less time reading the web and more time watching Family Guy. Let’s zoom in on TFD’s top 5 investments for 2017.

Real Estate |

For over 50 years, investing in real estate has been seen as a solid long-term moneymaker. Driven by a rebounding global economic environment, last year’s total direct investment in real estate hit $700 billion! However, while the real estate market gives us many opportunities for making big gains, investing in real estate is much more risky, difficult and of course, a more illiquid alternative than investing in stocks and bonds. And let’s not forget the fat capital you’ll need if you want to be a player. So if you’re looking to make money in real estate you will need to make some smart AND lucky choices upfront when buying property. And just in case you wanted to know, the top 3 cities for real estate investment continue to be London, New York and Tokyo. Bottom line: if you’re interested in staying ahead of taxes and inflation while building security for the future, real estate investing may be for you. To hear more about opportunities in real estate, please contact us via the form.

Your Own Online Business |

Here’s a fun fact for you: by the time you finish reading this article, hundreds of new online businesses will have popped up all over the internet. Why? Because they can! This low barriers to entry e-business entrepreneurship has proven to be a great way for anyone with a Wifi connection to make an extra income from the comfort of their home. The trick to establishing a successful online business is to provide goods or a service that you’re passionate about, but more importantly- that has a demand. A great example is Mizzen+Main, an online clothing designer started by three friends. Their rapid success has subsequently secured them a $3 Million round of funding. Bottom line: if you prefer to be your own boss, set your own schedule and work from home while enjoying virtually unlimited income potential, starting an online business could be the right move.

Gold |

Shiny, precious and highly lucrative, gold is the go-to asset investors go to in times of financial instability and high volatility markets. That’s why in recent years, trading gold has become a global phenomenon, offering opportunities worth their weight in, well, gold. Millions of investors in over 120 countries continue to place their trust in this asset, making gold the most popular and widely traded commodity in today’s financial markets. Over the past 5 years, gold saw a staggering 300% increase in value before dropping. Millions of traders earned enormous profits by merely following economic developments and predicting the correct direction of price. But remember, this isn’t always as easy as it seems. Bottom line: although trading commodities involves high risk, if your kick is short term, lucrative investments, a contract on gold could protect the value of your assets more than any other form of investment.

Tech Stocks |

Not surprisingly, the technology sector holds a massive investment opportunity for corporate America and Wall Street. And although investing in tech startups is considered by most to be a risky move, the notion of owning a piece of the next Google or Facebook is enough to make the tech industry the largest single segment in the market. While technology drives the modern economy, the vicious cycle of competition and obsolescence promises that there’s always something exciting going on somewhere, enabling us small time investors endless possibilities to simply sit back and reap profits off the productivity and profitability of others, without even showing up at the office. Bottom line: if you’re into fast paced, often irrational but highly profitable investing outcomes, you might want to give it a try. But before you do, invest some time to research and self-educate yourself and use those insights to invest where theses evaluations make sense.

Yourself! |

According to leadership guru Robin S. Sharma “investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” Investing in yourself yields not only future returns, but provides a pay-off in the present too. The most surefire way to enjoy a better quality of life, to become successful, productive and ultimately happy is to maximize your talent by investing in personal and professional development. So develop your skills. Explore your creative side. Nurture your mind and body. And always remember- you are your own most valuable asset!

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8 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Entrepreneurial life can be extremely challenging. More than 90% of startups fail within the first five years of their inception. Every founder will encounter situations where he wouldn’t know if he is headed in the right direction. It is during such times when one needs to not only introspect for character building  but also seek inspiration to stay optimistic.

There are hundreds of great books out there that offer advice & insights about the business world. However, there is only so much time that one can spare from his busy work life and we want you to make the most of it by recommending eight books that will refine your personality and make you a better thinker and leader.


So let’s get started.

1. How to Win Friends & Influence People
One of the first best-selling self help books that was ever published, this book can be read by anyone but is a must for entrepreneurs. After reading this book, you will be able to make friends quickly, get your employees to start thinking the way you do, avoid conflicts at workplace and become a better visionary.

2. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Successful people always have some qualities that set them apart from the    rest of the crowd. To develop those qualities, you need to tread a carefully crafted path. Stephen Covey outlines this path for you in his book.  

This book  presents a holistic, principle-centered approach to solve personal and professional problems and was listed as one of ”The 25 Most Influential Business Management Books” by Times in 2011.

3. The Lean Startup
Today, entrepreneurs have innovative ideas but often lack the tools   necessary to build an enduring business. The book offers advice from someone who himself saw his startup fail, learnt from his mistakes and then went on to build a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The book will enlighten your mind about the 5 principles that are critical to the success of a startup and what makes a startup a ‘lean’ one.

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad
Everyone would like to become an entrepreneur after reading this book.  It is about a person who has two fathers- one rich & the other poor. Both fathers teach their kid on how to achieve success  but differ vastly in their approach.

The theme revolves around two things: a can-do-attitude and fearless entrepreneurship. The lesson is simple: if you desire to be an entrepreneur, you must take charge of your life by overcoming fear, laziness, cynicism and arrogance.

5. 80/20 Sales & Marketing
The business landscape has changed considerably over the last decade.   Instead of reaching out to everyone, a highly refined targeting of potential customers is the way forward. To bolster sales and run targeted marketing campaigns effectively,  you need to focus only on those customers who are genuinely interested in your product. The secret lies in saving 80 percent of your time by zeroing in on the 20 percent of your customers who have the highest probability of buying from you.

6. The $100 Startup
Without direction, purpose and strategy, any startup stands very little chance of succeeding. From the initial stages of starting a business to managing the growing  operations, this book will assist you at every stage. The book was written after conducting interviews and surveys with founders of real startups and hence is a must read for entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting their own business.

7. Start With Why
Great leaders inspire others by putting the Why(the purpose) before the How(the process) or the What (the product). In the book, the author uses real-world examples of great leaders to show you how they communicate and how you can adopt their mindset to inspire others.

Once you are finished reading this book, you will be equipped with the tools which will help you to lead and inspire.

8. The 4-Hour Workweek
I can’t recommend this book enough. After reading this book, your life will never be the same again. People often complain about struggling to balance their work life and not finding enough time for leisure.So if you are an entrepreneur and feel like you have been trapped in the vicious circle of life, this book will serve as a useful guide for a new and revolutionary world. It is bound to shake things up and make you do things differently.

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Trump Plans Have Deal Makers Dreaming Big ($100-Billion-Cash-Takeover Big)

Bayer’s German headquarters. The company’s $66 billion offer for Monsanto last year is the record for an all-cash takeover bid. Credit Volker Hartmann/Getty Images

By MICHAEL J. de la MERCED APRIL 2, 2017

Bayer’s German headquarters. The company’s $66 billion offer for Monsanto last year is the record for an all-cash takeover bid. Credit Volker HartmanNEW ORLEANS — It wasn’t just cocktails on Bourbon Street or lucky breaks at the blackjack tables that contributed to the buoyant mood of the deal makers who gathered here last week. President Trump — and his support for lower taxes and lighter regulations — also had something to do with it.

At a gathering of the nation’s top mergers and acquisitions lawyers and bankers, the consensus was that under the Trump presidency, deal making should boom.

Lower taxes and less regulation, the thinking goes, should contribute to strong stock prices. And when the markets are up, companies are more likely to strike big deals. Finally, the pro-business Trump administration, most deal makers believe, is likely to take a forgiving view when it comes to antitrust matters.

Taken together, it was enough to lift the spirits of the lawyers, bankers and other advisers who attended Tulane University’s mergers conference last week.

Officially known as the Corporate Law Institute, the event is the year’s pre-eminent gathering of mergers advisers, a Davos for the deal maker set. For decades, top bankers and lawyers from Goldman Sachs; Cravath, Swaine & Moore; and other firms have come to the conference, in good times and in bad.

Lawyers who attend earn legal credits (several lawyers said they eagerly awaited a panel discussion on the arcane matter known as shareholder appraisal rights, a topic that makes nonlawyers’ eyes roll). But the real purpose of the event is to network, whether over butter-laden gulf fish at Galatoire’s or sherried turtle soup at Commander’s Palace or at the high-roller poker tables at Harrah’s.

This year’s gathering had more than 600 attendees, setting a record. And the general agreement throughout the crowd attending presentations at the stately Roosevelt Hotel was that the prospects for business were as good as ever. The sentiment was best captured when a senior banker from JPMorgan Chase made the bold claim that, under current market conditions, a company could strike a $100 billion takeover, paid entirely in cash.

Many deal makers had hoped this year would bring more business after a relatively slow 2016. A survey of 120 advisers by the Brunswick Group, a financial public relations firm, found that 44 percent of respondents believed that more mergers would be struck this year than last.

Mergers data for the first three months of the year appeared to at least partly support that. Some 10,229 transactions, worth $771.3 billion, were announced in the first quarter, according to Thomson Reuters. The dollar value was up 11 percent from the same time a year ago, although the number of deals was down about 11 percent.

Yet doubts were already emerging about whether Mr. Trump will really usher in a boom time for mergers, with the failure of the Republican health care overhaul and the president’s unpredictability threatening to dampen spirits.

Crossing Borders, Making Deals
Mergers worldwide grew 11 percent in the first three months of the year, compared with the period a year ago, as stock markets climbed. Leading the surge were cross-border transactions, which totaled $339.5 billion — the highest level since the first quarter of 2007.

The $100 Billion Deal

The tone for much of the conference was set as Kurt Simon, global chairman for mergers and acquisitions at JPMorgan, made his bold prediction that an enterprising corporate giant today could assemble an all-cash takeover bid of $100 billion.

It was an audacious claim — the record for an all-cash offer is Bayer’s $66 billion bid for Monsanto last year — but it illustrated how favorable the markets are for deal making.

Mr. Simon argued that the right company could borrow enough debt at low interest rates to cover the cash. Investors have largely supported corporate takeovers, pushing up the stocks of purchasers. And the Trump administration, which recently named a health care lobbyist as its choice for the Justice Department’s top merger reviewer, seems unlikely to block many deals.

Some attendees quietly joked that JPMorgan was simply angling for big lending fees. But none disputed the data underlying Mr. Simon’s claim. Interest rates remain low despite two raises by the Federal Reserve. Stock markets have been largely calm, devoid of whipsawing that would give buyers or sellers pause.

“The U.S. economy is in really good shape,” Mr. Simon said.

A Nod to Shareholder Activism

For years, many of the panelists at Tulane argued vigorously that activist hedge funds trying to shake up companies were short-term investors and did not have the best interests of other shareholders at heart.

Now, even the staunchest critics of these activist shareholders concede that the practice is here to stay.
This conference was perhaps the first one in which an activist sat on stage with the chief executive of a company his firm had targeted. And each man sang the other’s praises.

Gerald L. Hassell, the chief executive of Bank of New York Mellon, spoke on a panel with Edward Garden, the chief investment officer of Trian Partners, an activist hedge fund that had targeted Bank of New York Mellon. The men discussed how they had cooperated in improving the bank’s financial performance, recounting dinners spent discussing strategy and joint efforts to provide financial benchmarks.

“I just want great outcomes,” Mr. Hassell said when asked who deserved praise for the bank’s turnaround. “It’s not an issue of who gets credit.”

And during another panel on activism, the entire group — advisers both to activists and to the companies those investors target — treated the practice as a permanent fixture on the corporate landscape.

Even Joele Frank, a financial publicist who has long advocated waging war on activists, has mellowed out on the topic.

“The biggest change I’ve seen in my practice is there is positive dialogue between the activist and the company for a settlement,” she told the group.

The Wisdom of Leo Strine

For lawyers in particular, one major draw of the conference is the chance to mingle with judges from Delaware, the corporate home for the vast majority of American companies.

And in particular, that means hearing from the most quotable of them all: Leo E. Strine Jr., the chief justice of Delaware’s Supreme Court.

Mr. Strine is widely regarded as one of the sharpest minds on the Delaware bench, and almost certainly its sharpest wit.

At the Roosevelt, he displayed the offbeat humor that laces his judicial opinions. He described one legally dubious situation as having a smell that was “not Bourbon Street when you’re having fun, but Bourbon Street the next morning.”

Not all was sunshine at the Tulane conference, whether with the mercurial New Orleans weather or with the outlook on transactions.

Panelists pointed to the rise of economic nationalism as a potential dampener on mergers. Both the Brunswick survey and Mr. Simon, of JPMorgan, cited a likely drop in offers for American companies by Chinese and Russian bidders.

Then there was the prospect that the Republicans’ failure to pass a replacement for Obama-era health care regulations made a sweeping tax law overhaul less likely. Some deal makers feared that the issues on which they most want to see reform — corporate tax rates and the taxation of sales made abroad and then brought back to the United States — could end up felled by political gridlock.

“Post-heath care, we have to consider a number of scenarios, one of which is that nothing happens,” said Eileen T. Nugent of the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.

And finally, there is Mr. Trump himself, and his brand of economic populism.

Merger proposals that would lead to big job cuts would be unlikely to go anywhere, George R. Bason Jr. of the law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell said, calling such layoffs “a tragedy for a lot of people.”

A version of this article appears in print on April 3, 2017, on Page B1 of the New York edition with the headline: Trump’s Plans Fuel Big Dreams by Deal Makers. Order Reprints| Today's Paper|Subscribe


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