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Get a FREE Founders Memberships in OnPassive Courtesy of We Share Abundance WSA

We Share Abundance just keeps getting better….

  • Are you already a Founder in OnPassive?
  • Have you signed up with OnPassive but not committed to the payment of $97?
  • Have you been considering joining OnPassive?
  • Have you never heard of OnPassive but would like to know why we will pay you to join OnPassive?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we will refund you your OnPassive Founder's fee on receipt of your proof of payment; regardless of when you joined or who your sponsor is.

A Few Highlights of We Share Abundance….

  •         Its Brand New – Still in Beta Pre-Launch
  •         You don't need to recruit a single person to make profits
  •         Make upto 140% profit in just 30 days in less than 5 minutes a day
  •         Start FREE or with as little as $2 for 10x the return.
  •         Income comes everyday into your wallet without any middleman
  •         FREE Monthly Lottery with as many as 6 chances of winning – last months top        prize was over $19,000 and will probably exceed $30,000 this month. WOW!
  •         We will pay for your lessons in Self Realization Fellowship where you can learn to manifest all you want in life and find true happiness.
  •         We will pay your fee for becoming a Founder Member of OnPassive

Why do we give our members so much?
Simply because we can!

1. Click here now to join We Share Abundance, its free. Then

2. Click here to join OnPassive.

Check on this article for more details and instructions


Good luck and much success in your Business.



Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Good News from We Share Abundance WSA

We Share Abundance is Helping you Earn Money the Right and Easy way 100% FREE

Did you guys get the GOOD NEWS from WSA? This is a time sewnsitive offer, and based on when you are reading this, the offer may not still be available. However at least now, it is still available, so hurry and grab it.

WSA is paying for founders membership ($97) into GoFounders/OnPassive for every WSA Member.

What you need to do is crerate your account with GoFounders, pay the $97 one-time Founders Fee, and submit the receipt for your payment to the WSA support desk and get the $97 credited back into your USA Wallet which you can then withdraw.

Even, more EXCITING NEWS: And if you are  Power of one Qualified, you can get $97 + 10% ($106.70) back. Power of one qulaified simply means you have an active referral that is staked in a pool in same month.

How cool is that?

It gets even better: GoFounders/OnPassive is coming up very strong and this is an extra Opportunity for you to get your Founders Position paid for you. If you are already member of OnPassive, it does not matter when you joined or who your sponsor is, as long as you are member of WSA, submit your receipt over the $97 you paid, and get it refunded to you.

IMPORTANT: This is has nothing to do with the company OnPassive-. So, do not go asking them about it. They will not know anything about it. This initiative is from WSA exclisively for WSA members to help them acquire the Products and Services of OnPassive at no cost to them, to help make earn more money.

We share Abundance is sharing Abundance!

Remember, it costs you nothing to be member of We Share Abundance Community (WSA). You even get paid to join "We Share Abundance". So, if you are not member of WSA yet, followw this link to get the details and you can join from there for free and get paid. https://wesanews.com/

At this time of writing, I just checked and OnPassive has a total of 234,400 Founders. OnPassive is not even in pre-launch yet. If you do not know what OnPassive is all about, here is a link to the last Public Products and Services presentation in Sept. 2019.


Since January 2020, all presentations have been private and reserved only to the Founding Members,  due to the proprietary nature of the unique Products and Services OnPassive is releasing to the whole world. You can find these updates and weekly webinars in your GoFounders/OnPassive back office after you register, make your one time payment of $97, and then log in.

Remember, even after paying your onetime $97 to secure your founders Position, you will still need to sign a NDA before you can log in.

Go here now to join OnPassive, if you are not yet a member. 


This is very time sensitive as OnPassive Pre-launch is eminent and can be any day from now and at any time. Not only will the price go up after soft Launch, but you want to be included in the automatic traffic campaigns to build your OnPassive Business for you on complet auto pilot (CATMO).

CATMO = Complete System Automated Targeted Traffic MOney

The four pillars on which OnPassive operates.

  1. Complete Digital Solution
  2. Automated-Artificial Intelligence
  3. Traffic (Targeted)
  4. MOney

All the best for now and much success in your Business.

In Summarry:

1. We Share Abundance (WSA) is a 100% free opportunity in which you can earn unlimited money monthly. It evenpays you to get started. Click here to join WSA, if you are not member yet. Make sure yoiu use a name that can do KYC.

2. As We Share abundance member, WSA is paying $97 for a founders Position for you in OnPAssive to help you generate massive wealth. Click here to join OnPassive or request a link from your WSA Sponsor. Pay the one time $97 fee, submit your receipt using WSA support desk to get a $97 refund.

3. If you are already member of OnPassive, irrerspective of whne you joined or who your sponsor is, submit your receipt to WSA and get a $97 refund.

Do not wait, do that now.


Good luck.








Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

We Share Abundance September figures are out

We Share Abundance September figures.


Our current global ranking out of the billions of website online is 16,932 and this has been achieved without any SEO or strategy to improve our rank.

Our Facebook Group has over 6,160 members and we run live updates there every day at 7pm BST

We are in Beta Pre-launch and our active members count is 33,962 and growing at around 400 per day

We created $1,329,992.37 in total wealth for the month

We paid out $70,548.38 in Power of One Bonuses alone

We paid out in commissions and rewards an additional $846,556.27 and put away $398,997.70 for future use for charitable projects.

We paid out 27,905 FREE Lottery prizes to citizens totalling $166,487.90

Top Prizes for Pools were…

Pool 1 Mahesh XXXX(user name: Mayu7) From India $ 1,180.48

Pool 2 Josemaria XXXX(user name: Chema) From Peru $ 1,317.00

Pool 3 Reyna XXXX(user name: Rein) From Peru $ 1,926.12

Pool 4 Felix XXXX(user name: flexx) From Kenya $ 3,422.92

Pool 5 Lillian XXXX(user name: Cryptolady) From USA $ 7,400.00

Pool 6 Dianna Mae c. Barbonio(Diannamae)
From Philippines $19,662.00

We also paid out over $3,900 each to 5 citizens who were second prize winners in Pool 6

and $1,478 to each of 5 citizens who shared second prize in Pool 5



Click here now to request a link to join We Share Abundance.



Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Only Possible at We Share Abundance

We Share Abundance Free Lottery!

$10,000 may not be much, but hey, it is free money. You do not have to buy any lottery ticket to participate or to win. All it takes is to be part of We Share Abundance, and it is 100% FREE.

Connect with us using any of the social media buttons below to receive details on how to get started.

Welcome on board and let us share some love.





Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur