The Pervert – Bad Company Publicity


The Pervert – Bad Company Publicity

I’ve actually been wanting to write another article for a few days now. I have a few ideas lined up on the subject of cryptocurrency but I’ve written several of those lately and I just couldn’t find the motivation to write another one. Not right now anyway.

But then tonight I saw an article in The Daily Sheeple which I thought I could milk for multiple purposes, such as:

  1. It was a chance to get back to something a bit lighter in subject material than what I’ve been writing about lately.

  2. It’s got a bit of dark humor or poetic justice in it….the type that George Carlin probably would have appreciated.

  3. It’s a chance to make a point in my “How To Write” group in Markethive.

  4. And last but not least, in these days when “MAGA(Make America Great Again) is on everybody's mind…it makes a good point about something that still works rather well in our American justice system.

You can read the article for yourself but I’ll just summarize:

A guy in Ohio, by most outward appearances fairly normal, was going to shopping malls, parking in the mall parking lot, masturbating, filling up a syringe with his semen, and then going into the mall and squirting women with the syringes .

Sounds like something any red-blooded Tom Sawyer type would do, right?

He actually had been doing this for two months, approximately twelve times, before he finally got caught. And that was because somebody finally remembered his company truck.

Yeah…he was using the company truck. After he was caught, he said he got the idea off the internet. And I like the way the article’s original author put it:

“I mean, other people go to Pinterest and get ideas to build shelves out of repurposed wood or something… but this guy… wha???”

This is a guy who seemed to have a pretty normal life but he sorta reminds me of Herbert Philbrick.

Herbert was real person who went undercover in the 1940’s to penetrate the US Communist Party for the FBI. Probably nobody who reads this will remember the black and white TV program based on his life. It was called, “I Lead Three Lives”.

But this guy really had his alter identity going. He was actually on his way to have dinner with his wife when they caught him. The author cracks another funny-ha-ha when he writes:

He was also on the way to have dinner with his wife. (You can only imagine what that phone call was like… “Uh, hi honey, sorry I’m gonna be late for dinner… I’ve been arrested… um…”)

The article doesn’t specify precisely when this event happened or whether the guy has been sent to prison yet. But I would think that’s a surety, wouldn’t you?). But it does close is a way that George Carlin would appreciate:

Can you imagine that first conversation Blake’s gonna have in prison?“What are you in for?”

So, in summary….. You can see that this article pretty well covers points #1 and #2, right?

Point #3 is covered by what I consider to be the article’s very good title and subtitle. I love it. Look at it yourself….here.

And for Point #4 (which I thought of myself)…this guy (Blake) is probably going to find out how ‘smoothly’ American justice really works…his first day in prison.

Make America Great Again!

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