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Start your ad campaign

You can be up and running with your own ad campaign with just a few clicks.
To get started, simply click here: http://markethive.com/magistral/

***Markethive runs with the Big Dogs now***

Here are the reasons

Alexa ranking is now under 10,000 (8,965 at this writing) which means
150,000+ unique daily visitors (internal data confirmed by Worth of Web https://www.worthofweb.com/website-value/markethive.com/ )
Over 20 million monthly impressions
Domain worth over $4 million just based on traffic
Similar Banner programs to Markethive cost $15,000 and up to run a full month.

Markethive is projected to reach somewhere within that range by years end.
Even at todays impressions of over 20 million per month, the earnings just from reselling ad impressions per E1 subscriptions, based on the max of 500 subscriptions would earn to day over $2000 per month and projected to climb to between $7,500 to $25,500 based on .05 per impression.

Even lowering that estimation to just a penny per impression still yields a major profitable return. This is what drives Markethive, to build real business solutions for our members.
It is the core of the Loyalty programs. To join the limited Entrepreneur One (E1) loyaty program just navigate to https://markethive.com/?upgrade (make sure you are logged in first) and join the program.
It is limited to 500 and these accounts are going fast.