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Some Interesting Markethive questions answered

I am a top performer at Markethive, I get between 10-30 Market Associates per day. After Answering questions over and over from different Markethive associates, it became obvious to me that many other Markethive associates maybe having similar questions and not getting them answered.

To avoid writing the same answers over an over, I have decided to put the most asked questions here, with answers and simple forward the link to every new associate.

If you are currenly Markethive Member, irrespective of your level, I recommend you read this and send it to every new Markethive member you bring on board. It can help provide initial relieve, before you get to interact with them on 1:1 providing further support.

These are not official answers from Markethive, but answers to the best of my knowledge, based on my understanding and use of markethive for more than 4 years.

These answers are not meant to be complete or definite, but mere guidance for better understanding of markethive. This blog post is under ongoing modifications and updates as need arises.

You are welcome to share this with all your Markethive associates. If sending to non Markethive members, make sure you include your markethive link and advise them to use it to sign up for markethive, if they chose to.

Some  Interesting Markethive questions answered.

Q1] How do I sign up for markethive?

A1] It's easy. Maybe you already signed up.

However, here is a video that walks you through.


If you really have not signed up, then use this link here

to sign up: http://hive.pe/E7


?Q2] What do I get, when I sign up for markethive?

A2] You get 500 MHV coins instantly credited to your account, after you have fully verified your account. You also get instant access to the poweful Markethive Inbound Marketing platform (over $2,000 per month worth), all for FREE.

Q3] I noticed that I got 500 MHV Coins after signing up. How can I cash out these or turn them into BTC?

A3]  Congratulations! The system works. In deed, you do get 500 MHV Coins, after verifying your account. If you are reading this, but did not receieve 500 MHV Coins upon signung up, then you did not or have not verified your account yet. In that case, do verify your account and you will have your coins credited.

Cashing out markethive coins (MHV):

The Markethive coins are currently listed on the raisex exchange,

where you can transfer your coins (when possible), trade into BTC, and then use as desired.

As times goes on, listing on more exchanges will follow.

Besides, markethive will be having its on exchange, still under development at this time.



Q4] Does everyone receive 500 MHV coins matching bonus for referring others? And what is the time frame for this?

A4] All Markethive memebers can refer others. Those you refer or the list (leads) your build using Markethive capture (widget) system, with their complete data are unique to you. No one else has access to them, not even Markethive.

However, free memebers do not earn matching bonuses for refering others. You must be entrepreneur upgrade ($100 per month) to receive 500 MHV Coins matching bonus for new signups. The new sign up must verify their account before you get the match coin bonus. 

Apart from the 500MHV Coin matching bonus per referral, there are lots of benefits upgrading.

Here are the 8 major benefits of upgrading to entrepreneur.

1. Your Profile Page becomes a lead “associates” capture page
2. 100% matching bonus from the airdrops via your “associates”
3. 100% matching bonus from your direct “associates” upgrade
4. Loyalty Program: You receive 10% ILP after 12 straight months of Entrepreneur upgrade

5. You get Unlimited Banner advertisement in all of Markethive traffic portals
6. You get Equal share from Markethive’s co-op advertising
7. You gain access to Traffic Portals seller classification
8. You Receive your own ILP site to promote, and receives matching ILP shadow shares

The $100/month Entrepreneur Upgrade is ongoing.  However, receieving the 10% ILP (shareholder opportunity) after 12 months is limited to the first 1000 upgrades only. 

You can upgrade anytime, if you want the added benefits.

If owning a share of the Company is what you desire, better upgrde today.

This video below should help you understand more.



Q5] Please explain; what does the “Universal Income for Entrepreneur” mean, and where can I access it.

A5] After you have referred 3 new people, the “Universal income for Entrepreneur” gets activated automatically without you doing anything else. This means that you will start receiving coins (Micro Payments) for EVERY ACTION you take on the markethive Platform.

Some of the actions you get paid to perform, include: logging into markethive, liking posts, reading posts, sending messages, accept friendship request, reading posts, posting blog posts, creating groups, joining groups, creating marketing pampaigns, etc. These are all actions you do to build you business. So, as a matter of fact, Markethive pays you to build your business.

All these micropayments are added automatically to your Coin balance, which you can cashout whenever you want.


Q6] As a free member, do I get access to the autoresponder?

A6] Yes, you have access to everything. The entrepreneur upgrade does add the extra functionality of getting more qualified (verified) leads, but the system as is, is already fulling functional with all the features, and that includes the Autoresponder. The auto responder is superior to all other Auto responders you know.


Q7] How much does it cost to upgrade to entrepreneur in Marketive?

A7] The upgrade costs 100$ Monthly. However, upgrade is optional and the 10% ILP Opportunity limited only to the first 1000 upgrded members. So, if you see the benefits of upgrading, better do now before this limit is reached.

The markethive system in its present setting is 100% functional and you can use it exactly the way it is now, without the requirement to upgrade. However, I recommend you do upgrade.

Upgrading brings you enormous benefits, that far exceed even the price of the upgrade by more than hundred or even thousand-fold.

For more information about the Entrepreneur Upgrade and the benefits,

Watch again this video: https://youtu.be/O8oq5ClorGk

Hope this helps.

Should you need further help using the platform, or have more questions, joint the Markethive Telegram Group, where you can get almost instant answers to questions from the CEO and Admin Team, or from other Markethive members.

Use this link below to join the Markethive Telegram Group.



To stay up-to-date and get the best out of your Markethive Opportunity, attend the meetings on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as watch the daily training videos. Details on this can be found on the calender at the right hand side in your Markethive Back Office.


Regards, Pete


Personal Remarks

Below is a snapshot of my most recent activity referring other Associates to Markethive. You would notice that, on April 3rd, 2019, I referred a total of 28 new Assiociate. 

By 500MHV Coin matching bonus per Associate = 28 x 500 = 14,000MHV Coins.

At the current rate of $0.0744 on Raisex Exchnage:

Implies: $0.0744 x 14,000 = $1,041.6 in one day.

One year of Entrepreneur Upgrade, fully paid in one day.

The rest of the days of the year will be PURE PROFIT, and that just from the coins alone!

This does not include yet some of the other benefits listed in question 4 above.

Besides, all the acciociates I refeered, are now my potential partners in to grow other businesses.

What you did not see here are the other 50 – 100 ordinary leads (Not Markethive Associates) I get daily, using the Markethive Marketing System to build my other businesses.

So, beyond any other thing, the Markethive Inbound Marketing System Works, and that alone too is a Gold mine. Use and grow rich.

You can do it too, if you are prepared and ready for massive Success.

How to be Prepared: Upgrade to the Entrepreneur $100 Monthly x12 month or one time $1000.

How to be Ready: Attend the regular Markethive training (check the calender in your back office)

Join the others and lets Succeed together.

Not yet a member of Markethive?

JOIN TODAY ——–>Join here.



Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur