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What do Batman, Iron Man and You have in common

I’m a huge Marvel and DC Comics fan.

Batman, Superman, Iron Man, The Hulk… even The Green Lantern.

I love them all!

Their stories inspire me.

Ever notice how sometimes the hero loses his powers due to a well
played villain move?

Do they give up?

Hell no.

They still get the job done, don’t they?

They find a way.

Usually by overcoming a life-long fear or limitation and working

up the courage to do something they’ve been resisting since the

beginning of the story.

Like I said… inspiring!

What does this mean to you?

Challenges are designed to make you stronger, if you’re willing
to fight for what you believe in.

Obviously, getting what you want doesn’t have to be a life or
death scenario.

It could be much easier and much faster journey.

It could even be mega fun!


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