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That’s right we just want you to join our amazing advertising platform Once you do you will receive free advertising to use and a free position in the 2×20 matrix


Welcome To MyBitcoinDaiy

Advertise your way to your 1st Bitcoin.

My Bitcoin Daily was created to give quality advertising at an amazingly affordable price while rewarding our members who actively promote MBD. Costing only 0.0009344 BTC for 1 subscription that renews daily, giving you 365 days of active positions, you will receive 100 banner credits and 50 text credits each day. Our system is simple and effective. Purchase a daily subscription for 0.0009344 BTC. When you purchase your first active matrix position will fall under your sponsor. Each day when your subscription renews, that position will fall under your very TOP position. Refer just a few , we recommend 2, new members who upgrade and watch your downlines explode with our daily renewal feature.

MBD Features

Daily Subscription
Grow You Matrix Daily

Each subscription purchased will give you 1 new position each day for 365 days. Each new position daily follows your TOP position.

Daily Referral Bonus
Earn Bitcoin Daily.

Earn 0.0000002 BTC for each direct referral who upgrades. You will earn this 365 days continously, after they upgrade.

100 % Matching Bonus
Earn What Your Referrals Earn.

Want to maximized your income? Earn 100% of what your referrals earn in their matrix.

2×20 Matrix
You Only Need Two.

MBD operates on a 2×20 matrix. With each new referral giving you 365 positions falling under your matrix, your 2×20 can fill quickly.


3.686015529 Total Deposit

Each deposit is securely protected by Coinpayments. We have 3 layers of security to secure your funds.

1.743149820 Total Paid

Join our members who are earning and getting paid daily.

4224 Total Daily Subs

As you can see with our total subcriptions, the positions in our members matrix grow daily.



Introducing the MBD Feeder

The MBD Feeder is a 2×2 that cost 0.00045 btc, over half the price of a subscription. When you join the MBD Feeder you will be placed into a 2×2 matrix. When you cycle you will earn 0.0003 btc, a free reentry and a subscription to the 2×20 matrix.

MyBitcoinDaily is an advertising platform for all marketers. We reward our members in a 2×20 matrix plan for referring new members who purchase advertising using our platform



My BitcoinDaily

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My Bitcoin Daily

Hey Everyone

If you haven't seen this yet, check this out!

My Bitcoin Daily is set to be an explosive daily subscription program that runs ALL YEAR. Yes, a one time fee that consists of a subscriptionthat renews for 365 days.

The one time fee is 0.0009344 BTC, which is approximately $6 depending on bitcoins price.

When you purchase you are put into a 2×20 matrix under your sponsor.Each day when your sub renews, it follows your top position that will help you build your downline as well as your sponsors and your referrals.
The daily renewals will create massive spillover initially and over time.

You will also earn 100% matching bonus on all of your referrals matrix commissions along with a direct referral bonus every day when your referrals renew.

Join RIGHT now as for the first 1000 members, your first position under your sponsor is free!
Once you're in, do your deposit so you can get your daily subscription setup on March 25th. That is when purchases are going to be available.


Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur