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RANKED: The 22 most prominent venture capital investors in Europe in 2017


2017 is a time of serious political upheaval — but in the startup world, life must go on.

Like the US, Europe has been shaken by populism over the past year, with Britain voting to leave the European Union in June 2016. The vote rocked the London tech community, widely regarded as the epicentre of the tech industry on the continent, with concerns ranging from potential hiring difficulties to the availability of venture capital to help startups grow.

But the tech industry hasn't ground to a halt because of it. Startups need to sustain themselves and continue to grow — backed by a network of venture capital firms providing funding and guidance.

Using data provided by tech and venture analysis firm Dealroom, Business Insider has ranked the 22 most prominent venture capital investors operating in Europe in 2017. So from Benchmark to Balderton Capital, here are the highest-profile VC firms in Europe today on the hunt for the next Spotify or Skype.

A note on methodology: Unlike in previous years, where our European VC firm rankings have focused only on fund size, 2017's formula takes into account a number of factors, including deal activity, number of investments, number of exits, value of exits, European portfolio size, capital efficiency, and more. For the first time, the ranking also includes firms based outside of Europe that invest in the continent, as well as angel investors. 
Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital.Brian Ach/Getty
San Francisco firm Benchmark has invested in everyone from Snapchat to Quora. Launched in 1995, its European investments include Citymapper and French social network Zenly. (It also opened a European arm in 2000, which was spun out independently as Balderton Capital in 2007.)

Asa Lindencrona, CFO of Creandum.Creandum
Swedish firm Creandum focuses on Seed and Series A funding, investing in 61 companies to date. Its portfolio includes Spotify, iZettle, and Klarna, and it has offices in Stockholm, Berlin, and San Francisco.

Joseph Ansanelli, a partner at Greylock Partners.www.greylock.com
Greylock Partners is a Silicon Valley VC firm that invests in both consumer and enterprise tech companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Medium. Since its 1965 launch, 170 of its portfolio companies have IPO'd, with investments including Wonga and Facebook

Larry Illg, CEO of Naspers Ventures.Naspers
Naspers was founded in 1915, and describes itself as a "global internet and entertainment group and one of the largest technology investors in the world." Its venture portfolio includes Code Academy, SimilarWeb, and Udemy.

Greg Becker, CEO of Silicon Valley Bank.Greg Becker/LinkedIn
Silicon Valley bank is exactly what it sounds like — a tech-focused bank that also does venture capital investments. It has offices throughout the US and China, as well as the UK, Ireland, and Israel. It counts British phone marketing analytics company Iovox among its portfolio.

Jai Choi, one of the general partners at Partech.Partech
Partech launched in 1984, and has offices in Paris and Berlin on the continent, as well as San Francisco. Previous investments include the German online review site Qype (which was subsequently acquired by competitor Yelp), French video hub Daily Motion, and health insurance provider GetInsured.com.

Christophe Baviere, CEO of Idinvest Partners.Idinvest partners
European investment firm Idinvest Partners has offices dotted around the continent, including Paris, Frankfurt, and Madrid — as well as further afield, in Shanghai and Dubai. Its portfolio includes Happn, Onfido, Secret Escapes, and Deezer.

Byron Deeter, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.Byron Deeter/Twitter
American firm Bessemer Venture Partners has offices across the world — Boston, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, India, and Israel. It invests across all stages, from seed to growth, and boasts 117 IPOs among its portfolio companies. It recently invested in Israeli car data company Otonomo.

Goldman Sachs Chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein.Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Goldman Sachs, the legendary American banking giant founded in 1869, operates in a range of fields — and that includes venture capital investment in startups including German scientific professional network ResearchGate.

Niklas Zennstrom, founding partner and CEO of Atomico.Atomico
Launched by Skype cofounder Niklas Zennström in 2006, Atomico focuses exclusively on tech. It is headquartered in London, with additional offices in Beijing, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and Instanbul, and invests globally. Investments include Skype, Rovio, and Last.fm, in Europe — as well as Stripe and Jawbone in the US.

Lauren Bowden, a partner at 83North.83North
Formerly Greylock I, the European/Israeli arm of Greylock Partners, 83North invests in European and Israeli startups. It has offices in London and Tel Aviv, and investments include iZettle and Just Eat.

Wendell Brooks, president of Intel Capital.Intel
Intel Capital is the venture arm of tech giant Intel. It invests across sectors, right across the world. European investments include French wireless company Sigfox, and British geocoding startup What3words.

Angel investor Oleg Tsheltzoff.Oleg Tsheltzoff/Twitter
The only solo investor on this list, Oleg Tscheltzoff is an angel investor in over 30 companies, including Fanduel and Farfetch. He was also one of the cofounders of stock photo service Fotolia, which was acquired by Adobe for $800 million (£625 million) in 2014

Bernard Liautaud of Balderton Capital.Balderton Capital
Balderton Capital began life as the European arm of veteran US tech fund Benchmark in 2000, before going independent in 2007. Centred in London, its notable investments include BetFair, Kobalt, Lovefilm, Bebo, Citymapper, and Wonga. 

Oliver Samwer, CEO of Rocket Internet.Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images
Rocket Internet is a behemothic startup factory based in Germany. Led by the Samwer brothers, the public company both incubates startups and invests in them across Europe and the rest of the world, including Delivery Hero and HelloFresh.

Deven Parekh, a managing director at Insight Venture Partners.Insight Venture Partners
Founded in 1995, Insight Venture Partners — based in New York City — focuses on growth-stage investments, with a European portfolio including BlaBlaCar, Delivery Hero, and HelloFresh.

Sonali De Rycker of Accel Ventures.Accel Ventures
Accel Partners is a major US-headquartered VC firm with additional offices in London and Bangalore. Its European investments include ride-sharing app BlaBlaCar and food delivery giant Deliveroo.

Partner at Sequoia Capital Roelof Botha.Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch
One of the highest-profile Silicon Valley venture capital firms, Sequioa has been around since 1972 and boasts its portfolio has a combined public markety value of more than $1.4 trillion (£1.1 trillion). European investments include Klarna, Mapillary, and Skyscanner.

Klaus Hommels of Lakestar.Lakestar
Lakestar has offices in London, Berlin, and Zürich, as well as New York. In 2015, it launched its second fund, Lakestar II, focusing on early stage funds. It has invested in everyone from Spotify and Skype to Facebook and Airbnb.
Bjorn Stray, one of the cofounders of Northzone.Northzone
This 21-year-old fund has offices in London, Oslo, New York, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. It has invested in more than 100 companies, including Spotify, LastMinute.com, and iZettle.

German VC fund Holtzbrinck, founded in 2000, describes itself as "one of the leading independent European early stage funds." Notable investments include Zalando, Groupon, and Delivery Hero. 

Launched in 1996, Index Ventures has offices in Geneva, Switzerland, London, Jersey, and San Francisco. It invests in both technology and healthcare. Its extensive tech portfolio includes Asos, BetFair, Facebook, Etsy, and Just Eat.

Index Ventures cofounder Neil Rimer.Index Ventures

Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital.Brian Ach/Getty

Asa Lindencrona, CFO of Creandum.Creandum

Larry Illg, CEO of Naspers Ventures.Naspers

Joseph Ansanelli, a partner at Greylock Partners.www.greylock.com

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Top 5 Startup Instant-Messaging Apps With Features to Help Boost Your Business

Can you remember when we used to communicate the old fashioned way? Phone conversations, faxes, and even emails have their disadvantages. You’re lucky you are now living in an age where instant messaging apps are taking over. Now it’s possible to reach out to people in seconds from a smartphone you can carry everywhere with you, and you won’t have to wait around to get what you want. In other words, the advantages of IM means you’ll be able to make a lot more money due to the extra time you will have available to focus on work.

The Huge Advantages of IM

A lot of businesses don’t yet know the full power of instant messaging. Everyone can appreciate they’ll be able to save a great deal of time, plus the convenience and price of the apps is easy to understand. What a lot of people running a business don’t realize is the added benefits you’ll find in lots of specialized apps at the time of writing. The IM startup scene has seen an explosion in the number of companies trying to stand out by focusing their efforts on small features certain businesses will find incredibly useful.

We’re going to look at the top five startups and you’ll find out what makes them so unique. You could also start using most of them for free right away.

Instant Messaging App 1 – MoneyMailMe

MoneyMailMe could possibly be the biggest thing to hit the FinTech industry since PayPal. Not only will you be able to communicate with people through the app, but you’ll be able to send money all over the world instantly from an e-wallet you will be able to top up. Businesses are now getting into the habit of using lots of contractors, especially if they’re small and unable to hire lots of full-time employees. It means the need for someone to carry out odd jobs is vital.  https://youtu.be/8LS2yCWlTtc

You could easily converse with contractors through MoneyMailMe, and when a job is complete it will take less than a minute to pay them. Everything will be logged on the app, so you’ll know exactly where your money went when it’s time to sort out your finances. It works in a number of different currencies and will take care of currency exchange rates. It’s also 100 percent secure, which you would expect whenever messages or money is being sent or received. A good time to migrate to MoneyMailMe from your existing app is now, particularly because its a great app and WhatsApp is selling-out its users by sharing their data with Facebook.

Instant Messaging App 2 – Google Allo

International Power is a very large power company based in London, and they discovered the executive team were spending an average of 1.5 hours per day using email. Can you imagine how much money a company wastes every year when all of their employees send and receive emails every day? Most of the time wasted is spent checking if they’ve received anything in the first place, which is why Google Allo is going to become a tremendous business app. Google Allo has the ability to connect directly with your Gmail account. https://youtu.be/v9n3drO4cOY

It means constantly checking for imaginary emails will become a thing of the past, because when you’re using Google Allo you’ll know when you receive anything. Smart Reply will also save you tons of time by learning how you communicate with people in order to do lots of the work for you. The Whisper/Shout feature is also perfect for businesses, because you need to know exactly what someone is saying and the ability to shrink or enlarge words to convey your message properly.

Instant Messaging App 3 – TexApp

There was an absolute uproar last year when hacked Sony emails found their way onto the web. Some of the emails contained damning conversations leaving a number of executives in a terrible situation. The only reason this happened in the first place was because they were silly enough to allow their communications to be hacked, which is where TexApp can swoop in and save the day. They claim to be the most secure instant messaging app available in the world. https://youtu.be/r4HQ8Bp-pfw

The level of encryption they use will ensure nobody will be able to get their hands on what your employees are talking about. This is ideal for anyone in general, but it will benefit those who have to discuss secretive things the most. If anyone can find out what you’re discussing it could cause a lot of damage to your business such as by people stealing your trade-secrets, so if you don’t want your secrets leaking out TexApp is a good choice. It also has a lovely user interface you’ll find easy to use when chatting.

Instant Messaging App 4 – Google Duo

Google Duo is another one of the apps Google has released to help cement their place as a powerhouse in the business world. Instead of speaking with someone through text you’ll be able to video call them, which is sometimes a lot more handy in certain situations. It’s good to look someone in the face when you’re speaking so you’ll see their facial expressions. The only downside is starting a conversation under less than ideal circumstances, but Google Duo will let you ignore someone by showing you what they’re doing before you answer. https://youtu.be/01qK94KBwY8

If they’re not on their own or it looks like they’re walking around in a busy street, you might decide to ignore them until they to reach out next time. Due to the fact Google Duo is based around video calling it’s the perfect way to stay in control. The app prides itself on being completely basic, so it won’t be another one of those you’ll need to spend time learning how to use. If you need to chat with someone face-to-face there are lots of options available, but none will let you get back to work quickly like this one.

Instant Messaging App 5 – Globr

CNN published a list of American companies exporting jobs to places like China, where it’s much cheaper to manufacture products among other things. Whether or not their findings will hurt the country isn’t the point, but it does tell you businesses will need to communicate with people from all over the world. It’s almost impossible to do business with anyone while keeping costs at their lowest if you can’t understand them. The Globr app will let you speak over instant messaging with foreigners and it will translate your words into their language.  https://youtu.be/Zo4yuLbflfQ

If you’re running a business you want to get the most out of your overseas contacts, then Globr is going to be the cheapest way you’ll be able to achieve it. It will mean you don’t need to send employees abroad as often to make sure your orders are being carried out correctly. Globr is also a great app for companies with plans to expand their business in the future, because sometimes the only thing stopping you is the fear of something going wrong due to a breakdown in communication.

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Top 100 Blockchain Organisations: From CoinDesk to BitPay, These Are the Most Influential Organisations in the Distributed Ledger Space



Whether you’re a would-be Blockchain startup or have spent some years in the industry. You could be worse-off than to read the short profiles of Blockchain organisations who’ve been through the journey before.

So we’ve compiled a list from top Blockchain organisations. It’s a list of the most influential organisations in the Blockchain industry, particularly at being pro-active. If you’re a distributed ledger technology enthusiast, it is critical that you follow and connect with these Blockchain organisations and expand your professional network.

 Cointelegraph, Our Blockchain list is an automatic algorithm based on social media influence, Klout scores and a secret recipe. We take into account various metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram. The list is determined by Artificial Intelligence using Machine Learning and gets updated each Monday. If you believe your organisations can arise a creative impulse in people (or you know a business that can), you can add organisations by clicking the ‘join’ button below. All entries are considered by our admins, and Richtopia reserves the right to accept or forbid organisations from the list as it deems fit.

Are you listed? Grab your badge!

The 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies
by Richtopia
(1)     CoinDesk Profile Image CoinDesk
The latest news, prices, charts, guides and analysis from the world leader in bitcoin and blockchain tech.    100
(2)     Pymnts Profile Image Pymnts
What's next in payments and commerce™    99
(3)     Bitcoin   News Profile Image Bitcoin News
Streaming News: Bitcoin, Blockchain & Beyond #FINTECH #bitcoin #blockchain #ethereum #venturecapital #startups #smartcontracts #dapps #cryptocurrencies    98
(5)     Bitcoin Magazine Profile Image Bitcoin Magazine
The original source of information, news and commentary about #Bitcoin, the #blockchain and digital currencies.    97
(4)     Coinbase Profile Image Coinbase
Our mission is to create an open financial system for the world. Founded by @brian_armstrong @fehrsam Help: @coinbasesupport Media: press@coinbase.com    96
(6)     CoinTelegraph Profile Image CoinTelegraph
High-tech finance, Bitcoin news, analysis and review. Our Facebook page: https://t.co/gC6s0iSIUc Live now: #BlockShow2017    95
(7)     Blockchain Profile Image Blockchain
Building an open, fair and accessible financial future, one piece of software at a time. Need help? @AskBlockchain for support.    94
(8)     Ethereum Profile Image Ethereum
Open source platform to write and distribute decentralized applications.    93
(9)     Ripple Profile Image Ripple
Global real-time settlement.    92
(new)     Humaniq Profile Image Humaniq
Humaniq is an #Ethereum #blockchain based #financial service that's going to connect over 2 billion unbanked people to the global economy.    91
(10)     21 Profile Image 21
Replace your public email address with an inbox that pays you.    90
(11)     Kraken Exchange Profile Image Kraken Exchange
Join traders from around the world benefiting from our intuitive platform. Tweet @krakensupport for help and email press@kraken.com for media inquiries.    89
(12)     Poloniex Exchange Profile Image Poloniex Exchange
Based in the United States, Poloniex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering over 100 Bitcoin (BTC) markets available for trading.    88
(20)     Blockstream Profile Image Blockstream
We believe in the potential of bitcoin and blockchain technology to have a significant, positive social impact.    87
(16)     Consensus   Systems Profile Image Consensus Systems
Blockchain production studio building decentralized applications on Ethereum. https://t.co/AxHwfy74e9 NL https://t.co/wDthQCJuj5 FB https://t.co/6Ptpdkhp6C    86
(14)     ShapeShift.io Profile Image ShapeShift.io
Exchange between digital assets instantly, no account required. https://t.co/unnJSrOxTO    85
(13)     DASH Profile Image DASH
Dash [DASH] is a secure, blockchain-based global financial network which offers private transactions. Quite simply, Dash is Digital Cash! See website for info.    84
(17)     Mesosphere Profile Image Mesosphere
Building the operating system for datacenters, providing AWS-like capabilities on any infrastructure/cloud without the lock-in, based on @ApacheMesos.    83
(15)     BitPay Profile Image BitPay
The world leader in bitcoin payments. Accept bitcoin payments, spend & store bitcoin securely, build with bitcoin technology. media@bitpay.com | @BitPaySupport    82
(18)     Bitfinex.com Profile Image Bitfinex.com
Bitfinex is the world's leading bitcoin exchange. We offer platforms for trading and for providing and receiving financing. Try us!    81
(19)     Bittrex Profile Image Bittrex
Bittrex is a US based crypto-currency exchange designed with security and scalability in mind. http://t.co/pAav6Ult7c.    80
(21)     Geber Profile Image Geber
Legendary full-service #branding #marketing #creative #tech agency | 中文 @GeberAsia | https://t.co/NKPqZBZXyh    79
(22)     Augur Profile Image Augur
An open-source, decentralized, peer-to-peer prediction market platform built on Ethereum.    78
(23)     BitFlyer Profile Image BitFlyer
ビットコイン取引量国内No.1    77
(25)     Bitstamp Profile Image Bitstamp
Bitstamp is online exchange for virtual currency called bitcoin.    76
(33)     BitGo Profile Image BitGo
Making digital currencies usable for business.    75
(24)     Storj Profile Image Storj
Storj is an open-source distributed cloud storage platform based on Bitcoin's blockchain technology where anyone can sell their extra hard drive space.    74
(26)     Syscoin Profile Image Syscoin
Business on the #Blockchain. The first #cryptocurrency to offer truly #decentralized markets. Slack:https://t.co/UzPA20zQI1 Telegram: https://t.co/WBbVnvFEFj    73
(29)     Coinfirm Profile Image Coinfirm
The #Blockchain AML risk & compliance platform #Regtech    72
(36)     R3   CEV Profile Image R3 CEV
R3 is a financial technology company. It represents the biggest shared effort of bringing blockchain inspired technology to the financial markets.    71
(28)     Cashaa Profile Image Cashaa
Send money with zero fee and higher FX. Peer to peer cash transfer marketplace powered by the Blockchain.    70
(30)     Lisk Profile Image Lisk
Blockchain Applications & Services Support: https://t.co/tpQkNHwL67 Retweets/likes are no endorsement!    69
(31)     Gemini Profile Image Gemini
Gemini Is Now the World’s First Licensed Bitcoin and Ether Exchange. https://t.co/u9H1C9hK9d    68
(27)     CardifLab Profile Image CardifLab
Innovation Lab of @BNPP_Cardif. We showcase digital innovations around #Insurance #IoT #Robotics #VR #3DPrinting #SmartHome #SmartCity #Drones #Blockchain    67
(32)     MaidSafe Profile Image MaidSafe
Privacy. Security. Freedom    66
(35)     Boost VC Profile Image Boost VC
We are a Family of Founders making Sci-Fi a Reality! #VR #blockchain #bots #space #AI #drones 165 companies funded – https://t.co/77BJJmCs8s    65
(34)     Bitcoin   Foundation Profile Image Bitcoin Foundation
The oldest and largest Bitcoin advocacy organization. We provide co-ordination & raise awareness of the benefits, uses & technology requirements of Bitcoin.    64
(37)     Huobi Profile Image Huobi
We use Bitcoin to empower anyone anywhere to invest in anything. Huobi is one of the world's leading bitcoin technology and financial services companies.    63
(38)     Slock.it Profile Image Slock.it
Home of the Ethereum Computer – Leader in IoT + Blockchain solutions    62
(40)     CryptoCompare Profile Image CryptoCompare
We are your entry point into the digital currency space. Live charts & prices, guides, mining, exchanges, wallets, portfolios and much more. #BTC #ETH #Crypto    61
(41)     Blockchain Age Profile Image Blockchain Age
The Global Leader in #Blockchain #Research and #Consultancy. Powered by @Richtopia & @IntelligentHQ. Founded by @DerinCag & @DinisGuarda.    60
(47)     Purse Profile Image Purse
Bitcoin Wallet with the Earth's Largest Selection. Best Price Guaranteed. Developer of @bcoin Support: support@purse.io Media: media@purse.io    59
(39)     Circle Profile Image Circle
Pay friends (& get paid) with a text or email. Free! Download Circle Pay to split the tab, chip in for a gift, ask mom for rent, etc. Tweet @AskCircle for help.    58
(54)     BTC-E Profile Image BTC-E
Bitcoin/Litecoin exchange    57
(42)     Pantera Capital Profile Image Pantera Capital
The investment firm focused exclusively on #blockchain tech & digital currency. Subscribe to our research/digests: http://t.co/Vxq2aRrqbT #Bitcoin #FinTech #VC    56
(44)     Factom Profile Image Factom
Factom is a system for securing millions of realtime records using blockchain technology.    55
(43)     BitFury Profile Image BitFury
The Bitfury Group is the leading full service Blockchain technology company. We are a global team of experts in technology, business, communications & security.    54
(48)     Point Nine   Capital Profile Image Point Nine Capital
Berlin based early stage venture capital firm focused on SaaS and digital marketplaces.    53
(46)     Everledger Profile Image Everledger
Everledger is a permanent, digital, global ledger that tracks and protects diamonds and other valuable items over their life journey    52
(50)     Bitso Profile Image Bitso
Hola a todos! Porfa dale follow a nuestro nuevo feed de Twitter aqui: https://t.co/1cD68TpvQ2    51
(49)     Monax Profile Image Monax
The Ecosystem Application Platform    49
(45)     AlphaPoint Profile Image AlphaPoint
Helping Institutions Discover and Execute their Blockchain Strategies. #Blockchain #DigitalAssets #WhiteLabelExchange #Fintech #Software    48
(53)     Provenance Profile Image Provenance
The future of brand trust. We use tech to power transparent businesses and traceable products.    47
(56)     OpenLedger Profile Image OpenLedger
All-in-one decentralized exchange with 100K transactions per second, the speed of NASDAQ. Top secure vault style wallet with multisig accounts. COMING SOON    46
(52)     Genesis Mining Profile Image Genesis Mining
The world's leading and most transparent hosted hashpower provider for Bitcoin and Altcoins. Reliable & Customer Oriented.    45
(51)     Digix Profile Image Digix
The Smart Asset Company    44
(59)     LoyyalCorp Profile Image LoyyalCorp
The Internet of Loyalty    43
(60)     Stellar Profile Image Stellar
Money could move like email. Stellar is a free, open-source network that lets anyone build low-cost financial products for their community.    42
(61)     Synereo Profile Image Synereo
Developing Attention Economy Solutions for the Decentralized Future.    41
(58)     Coinscrum Profile Image Coinscrum
Educating, Debating, Connecting – bitcoin networking in the UK since 2012    40
(68)     Livecoin Profile Image Livecoin
http://t.co/TPvVMAZlcE is a modern stock exchange    39
(57)     Xapo Profile Image Xapo
The World's Secure Bitcoin Wallet    38
(65)     BitShares Profile Image BitShares
BitShares – The Decentralised Exchange    37
(64)     BigchainDB Profile Image BigchainDB
Meet BigchainDB – A scalable blockchain database for your decentralized applications.    36
(63)     Fintricity Profile Image Fintricity
We are consultants at the forefront of #innovation, taking an agile, business-first approach to digital transformation, #bigdata, #blockchain & disruptive #tech    35
(66)     B9   Lab Profile Image B9 Lab
B9lab is delivering Training, Advisory & Research on blockchain and decentralised applications.    34
(62)     SETL.io Profile Image SETL.io
(55)     Auxesis Group Profile Image Auxesis Group
Auxesis is India’s leading Blockchain development company with R&D centres in India and U.K. #Blockchain #Smartcontract    32
(69)     Bittylicious Profile Image Bittylicious
UK Bitcoin Trading – Fast and Secure    31
(67)     Uphold Profile Image Uphold
Digitizing money to provide instant and secure global #financial services.Serving 184 countries, 20 currencies, cross-border #remittance and Virtual #Mastercard    30
(71)     Filament Profile Image Filament
Building a foundation for the industrial internet.    29
(70)     TradeBlock Profile Image TradeBlock
Enterprise tools for blockchain assets    28
(72)     KeeeX Profile Image KeeeX
Blockchain Trust Solutions #ChatOps #PhotoProof #Blockchain #Data #Trust #Proof #Certification #Process #DataPrivacy #Cybersecurity #Legal    27
(81)     Coinify Profile Image Coinify
Buy and sell bitcoin or accept blockchain payments using Coinify. Follow @CoinifyStatus for customer updates. Need help? Visit https://t.co/FYt4LD6ILU    26
(75)     Tierion Profile Image Tierion
Blockchain proof engine. Create a universally verifiable proof of any data, file, or business process.    25
(73)     Netki Profile Image Netki
Netki's Digital Identity Certificates allow Financial Institutions to build compliant #blockchain platforms & applications    24
(78)     Blockchain Tech Corp Profile Image Blockchain Tech Corp
We're working to bring increased transparency and efficiency to the election process with our Blockchain voting technology.    23
(76)     FollowMyVote Profile Image FollowMyVote
Follow My Vote is improving the integrity standards of voting systems used in elections worldwide by developing end-2-end verifiable blockchain voting software.    22
(77)     Digital Asset Profile Image Digital Asset
Digital Asset builds distributed, encrypted straight through processing tools. Our technology improves efficiency, security, compliance and settlement speed.    21
(79)     Hijro Profile Image Hijro
(formerly Fluent) The financial operating network for global trade built on #blockchain technology. Visit our blog at https://t.co/VPpoNBGpfg    20
(80)     BlockCypher Profile Image BlockCypher
Powering blockchains in the cloud. Easily build reliable blockchain applications with our Blockchain Web Services: https://t.co/vFzn7ymJwd    19
(83)     Bitaccess Profile Image Bitaccess
We make bitcoin simple. Buy or sell bitcoin at one of our Bitcoin Teller Machines around the world. Buy bitcoin at 6,000 retail locations within Canada.    18
(82)     MONEYTIS Profile Image MONEYTIS
The best way to send money abroad. Compare, choose, transfer.    17
(87)     ItBit Profile Image ItBit
itBit offers powerful bitcoin trading services built for institutions and trading professionals including a global bitcoin exchange and OTC trading desk    16
(93)     Coincheck Exchange Profile Image Coincheck Exchange
The easiest way to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin, Ether and Lisk. Minimum exchange fee -0.05%!    15
(84)     GoCoin.com Profile Image GoCoin.com
http://t.co/qTySkzzzVQ digital currency payments platform for eCommerce, online gaming and charitable giving accepting Bitcoin and emerging alt. currencies.    14
(86)      Profile Image
Money Over IP – Paymium, the European exchange since 2010 (Bitcoin-Central) – Buy and sell #Bitcoins, Accept #Bitcoin payments. Sign-up: https://t.co/6hbOwvtktW    13
(88)     Peernova Profile Image Peernova
Setting the new standard for storing, securing, and validating data.    12
(74)     Exmo Profile Image Exmo
A Universal Cryptocurrency Platform. Low commissions, convenient API User-friendly interface. Secure Wallet 24/h support service. Since 2014.    11
(92)     Elliptic Profile Image Elliptic
We identify illicit activity on the Bitcoin blockchain, for financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.    10
(89)     SMART LΞDGER Profile Image SMART LΞDGER
Distributed Ledger stack for Intelligent Smart Contracts.    9
(90)     Tendermint Profile Image Tendermint
Bringing simplicity, security, and speed to the world's blockchains. Slack with us at: https://t.co/RAtenDV301    8
(91)     Tibit Profile Image Tibit
Tibit makes it possible for anyone to get paid for their creative work with just a URL link. Register for our private beta at https://t.co/A9wUreVxm7    7
(95)     ProTip Profile Image ProTip
We help people be rewarded for doing what they love. Open Source & tips gratefully received 1ProTip9x3uoqKDJeMQJdQUCQawDLauNiF — @MrChrisEllis Tweets    6
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A comment system on a mission to improve online engagement, build writer credibility, and stop trolls.    2
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We're the next gen #fintech Payment Service Provider. Powered by #blockchain #tech, we help small businesses get international/domestic payment faster & cheaper    1
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The Blockchain for Group buying | Full stack platform with Decentralised ID & Credit ratings engine thats leverages users trading history.    0
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The Richtopia Blockchain list is compiled using a number of metrics combined to produce rank order. Two of the main influencers on a persons ranking are their social media profiles and regular media coverage. Our sister company Marketing Runners specialises in increasing the profile of brands and personalities so if there are people you think should be higher on our list or someone who is not included on the list and wants greater exposure, then get them to contact the Marketing Runners team who may be able to help.

The Richtopia Blockchain list is compiled using a number of metrics combined to produce rank order. Two of the main influencers on a persons ranking are their social media profiles and regular media coverage. Our sister company Marketing Runners specialises in increasing the profile of brands and personalities so if there are people you think should be higher on our list or someone who is not included on the list and wants greater exposure, then get them to contact the Marketing Runners team who may be able to help

The 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies 
by Richtopia

Blockchain Company on the move this week

On the rise…

Rank chg    Blockchain Companies

Up 10    From 54 to 44     Profile Image    BTC-E 
Bitcoin/Litecoin exchange

Up 8    From 93 to 85     Profile Image    Coincheck Exchange 
The easiest way to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin, Ether and Lisk. Minimum exchange fee -0.05%!

Up 7    From 68 to 61     Profile Image    Livecoin 
http://t.co/TPvVMAZlcE is a modern stock exchange

Up 7    From 33 to 26     Profile Image    BitGo 
Making digital currencies usable for business.

Up 7    From 81 to 74     Profile Image    Coinify 
Buy and sell bitcoin or accept blockchain payments using Coinify. Follow @CoinifyStatus for customer updates. Need help? Visit https://t.co/FYt4LD6ILU

Up 6    From 20 to 14     Profile Image    Blockstream 
We believe in the potential of bitcoin and blockchain technology to have a significant, positive social impact.

Up 6    From 36 to 30     Profile Image    R3 CEV 
R3 is a financial technology company. It represents the biggest shared effort of bringing blockchain inspired technology to the financial markets.

Up 5    From 47 to 42     Profile Image    Purse 
Bitcoin Wallet with the Earth's Largest Selection. Best Price Guaranteed. Developer of @bcoin Support: support@purse.io Media: media@purse.io

Up 3    From 87 to 84     Profile Image    ItBit 
itBit offers powerful bitcoin trading services built for institutions and trading professionals including a global bitcoin exchange and OTC trading desk

Up 2    From 65 to 63     Profile Image    BitShares 
BitShares – The Decentralised Exchange
New arrivals…

Rank    Change    Blockchain Companies
New!     Humaniq Profile Image    Humaniq 
Humaniq is an #Ethereum #blockchain based #financial service that's going to connect over 2 billion unbanked people to the global economy.
New!     WePesa Profile Image    WePesa 
The Blockchain for Group buying | Full stack platform with Decentralised ID & Credit ratings engine thats leverages users trading history.
Slip sliding away…

Rank chg    Blockchain Companies

Down 15    From 74 to 89    Exmo Profile Image    Exmo 
A Universal Cryptocurrency Platform. Low commissions, convenient API User-friendly interface. Secure Wallet 24/h support service. Since 2014.

Down 13    From 55 to 68    Auxesis Group Profile Image    Auxesis Group 
Auxesis is India’s leading Blockchain development company with R&D centres in India and U.K. #Blockchain #Smartcontract

Down 7    From 27 to 34    CardifLab Profile Image    CardifLab 
Innovation Lab of @BNPP_Cardif. We showcase digital innovations around #Insurance #IoT #Robotics #VR #3DPrinting #SmartHome #SmartCity #Drones #Blockchain

Down 7    From 45 to 52    AlphaPoint Profile Image    AlphaPoint 
Helping Institutions Discover and Execute their Blockchain Strategies. #Blockchain #DigitalAssets #WhiteLabelExchange #Fintech #Software

Down 5    From 57 to 62    Xapo Profile Image    Xapo 
The World's Secure Bitcoin Wallet

Down 5    From 51 to 56    Digix Profile Image    Digix 
The Smart Asset Company

Down 5    From 62 to 67    SETL.io Profile Image    SETL.io 

Down 4    From 39 to 43    Circle Profile Image    Circle 
Pay friends (& get paid) with a text or email. Free! Download Circle Pay to split the tab, chip in for a gift, ask mom for rent, etc. Tweet @AskCircle for help.

Down 4    From 15 to 19    BitPay Profile Image    BitPay 
The world leader in bitcoin payments. Accept bitcoin payments, spend & store bitcoin securely, build with bitcoin technology. media@bitpay.com | @BitPaySupport

Down 4    From 43 to 47    BitFury Profile Image    BitFury 
The Bitfury Group is the leading full service Blockchain technology company. We are a global team of experts in technology, business, communications & security.
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Tesla Rivals GM as the Most Valuable Auto Maker in U.S.





A Tesla car is displayed in a showroom in New York.Tesla became the largest U.S. auto maker by market value for a time Monday, overtaking General Motors. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES
By Tim Higgins
Updated April 10, 2017 5:53 p.m. ET
Silicon Valley overtook the Motor City on Monday.

A surge in Tesla Inc. TSLA -1.47% stock during morning trading gave it the title of largest U.S. auto maker by market value—a feat that would have seemed highly improbable 13 years ago when the electric-car maker based in Palo Alto, Calif., first began tinkering with the idea of making a sports car.

Shares in Tesla rose as high as $313.73 Monday, helped by an upgrade by Piper Jaffray, pushing the company’s market capitalization to $51.17 billion. That high-water mark exceeded Detroit-based General Motors Co., which at its lowest point Monday was worth $50.93 billion. By the market’s close in New York, however, Tesla’s gains had faded, leaving its market value at $50.95 billion compared with GM’s $51.18 billion. Ford Motor Co. F -0.35% closed the day at $44.8 billion.


Market values are calculated using data provided by FactSet, which draws information from public filings.

Still, that Tesla was valued higher than GM underscores the profound change occurring in the global automotive industry as Silicon Valley pursues a vision for transportation—including self-driving cars and vehicles on demand—that could upend century-old competitors. Last week’s disappointing monthly sales results by traditional auto makers served as a further example to investors concerned that the profitable U.S. new-car market is plateauing.

“We’ve built a track record of strong financial performance,” a GM spokeswoman said in an email. “We’ll stay focused on delivering outstanding results and making decisions to deploy capital where it will generate the strongest returns, to enhance shareholder value.”

Tesla declined to comment.

GM is the largest auto maker in the U.S. by market share, making up 17.3% of the sales last year, according to Autodata Corp. Tesla had a 0.2% share, which beat Ferrari and Maserati.


Tesla vs. Ford: Understanding Wall Street’s Math (April 4)
Tesla Shares Surpass $300 Mark (April 4)
Tesla, on a Hot Streak, Passes Ford in Investor Value (April 3)
Why China Can’t Get Enough of Elon Musk (April 1)
“What’s fun about following this company now is that anything can happen,” Chaim Siegel, an analyst for Investing.com, said in an email about Tesla that aligns with investor sentiment even as the auto maker remains unprofitable and deeply in debt. “The potential is huge. The hopes are huge.”

Even some of Tesla’s most optimistic followers didn’t expect the extent of the recent surge in value. “We’re pretty surprised by the recent run in Tesla’s share price to over $300 so quickly,” Adam Jonas, an analyst for Morgan Stanley, wrote in a note to investors as Tesla’s market cap neared GM’s. He had been targeting a $305 price for Tesla. “Such is the power of technical factors over fundamental drivers,” he said.

Tesla shares are up more than 40% this year, a move that last week led Chief Executive Elon Musk’s company to surpass Ford as the second-largest auto maker. The exuberance comes even as Mr. Musk faces huge challenges in accomplishing all he is claiming to do, including making 500,000 vehicles next year after building just 84,000 last year and creating software that would enable a vehicle to drive itself.

“It’s indicative of the market wanting to pay for potential, including into markets that don’t exist yet in any large size such as [electric vehicles], home energy generation and storage, rather than profits and cash flow today that the large auto makers generate,” said David Whiston, an analyst for Morningstar Research.

Mr. Musk, who has struggled to bring out new products before, faces the daunting challenge of later this year rolling out the $35,000 Model 3 sedan, the linchpin in his plans to take the company into the mainstream from the rarefied air of selling luxury vehicles.

His acquisition of SolarCity Corp. late last year and removal of the word “Motors” from the company’s official name are part of a broader vision of being able to offer solar panels to generate energy and batteries to store that power at home or the office—all for the benefit of the vehicles being sold. He has also begun shipping vehicles equipped with the hardware he says is needed to make them fully self-driving once the software is completed, aiming to demonstrate the prowess by year-end.

It is a vision that received a strong endorsement late last month with the revelation that Chinese technology company Tencent Holdings Ltd. , best known for China’s largest social network, WeChat, had acquired a 5% stake in Tesla.

“The sooner investors view Tesla as a transportation/infrastructure company rather than just a car company, the more we believe the industry events to come over the next 12 to 18 months will make sense,” Mr. Jonas wrote.

Tesla in High Gear: Surpasses Ford Investor Value
Tesla overook Ford in investor value for a time Monday, despite being unprofitable and deeply indebted. WSJ Detroit bureau chief John Stoll explains why on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero. Photo: Bloomberg
Investors continued to push Tesla shares higher last week after the announcement of a record quarter of vehicle sales. Meanwhile, GM reported a modest U.S. sales gain for March, lifted by truck demand, and said Chief Executive Mary Barra earned $22.6 million in 2016, a decline of 21% from 2015 when she was awarded a sizable retention package. Ms. Barra, at the helm since 2014, has said her goal is to make GM the most valued auto maker in the world.

For GM, Tuesday was particularly painful. The Detroit auto maker, which sold 10 million vehicles last year globally, has been rushing to develop its own self-driving technology, acquiring Cruise Automation last year in a deal that could be worth $1 billion, and investing in ride-hailing service Lyft.

Ms. Barra’s predecessor, Dan Akerson, a former telecommunications executive, was concerned about Tesla’s potential, setting up a team to study how the electric-car maker could threaten GM and challenging his senior executives to war-game-like scenarios.

GM has been especially aggressive in recent years in trying to thwart Tesla, pushing legislation in states in an attempt to block the company’s strategy of selling directly to customers instead of using franchised dealers like the rest of the auto industry has done for generations. In preparing the new Chevrolet Bolt all-electric small car, seen by some as GM’s answer to the Model 3, Ms. Barra said in January 2016 at CES, the annual consumer-electronics show in Las Vegas, that GM’s dealer network gave it a competitive edge. Tesla’s belief in having the ability to control its own stores is prized highly among the company’s senior leaders.

GM’s vision of a world with self-driving cars dates to concepts it introduced at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, but innovation took a back seat among many recent leaders as the company fought to avoid bankruptcy.

Ultimately, GM’s debt load and the 2007-09 recession led to what was then-unthinkable years earlier: GM’s U.S. government-backed bankruptcy-court reorganization in 2009.

Financially, the company has roared back, reporting record profits and developing some of its best vehicles in a generation. But investors have largely yawned. Shares in GM closed at $33.71 on Friday, compared with the company’s postbankruptcy-court initial-public-offering price of $33 in 2010.

“It’s absolutely mind-boggling that we’re even discussing GM and Tesla reaching a parallel,” said Dave Sullivan, an industry analyst with AutoPacific. “It’s not as if they are sitting on some sort of blockbuster drug that isn’t available in generic form. The wide rollout of electric vehicles by Jaguar, Daimler, BMW and Audi is right around the corner.”

Write to Tim Higgins at Tim.Higgins@WSJ.com

Appeared in the Apr. 11, 2017, print edition as 'Tesla Vies With GM On Value.'

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Science Says This Is The Activity That Engages Your Brain The Most (No, It’s Not What You Think)

I would never have guessed. And I do this a lot.
 By Chris Matyszczyk 
Owner, Howard Raucous LLC@ChrisMatyszczyk

 Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

You want your brain to function well.

You want to get the most out of it because, well, that's what every self-help book tells you to do.

But dragging your brain toward superior levels of activity isn't always the easiest task.

Yes, you could indulge in a math problem. Or perhaps you could slide a little Beethoven into your ears. Somehow, fine music makes the brain behave in a slightly cleaner and clearer manner, doesn't it?

New research, however, suggests that the one activity that I indulge in to switch my brain off is actually the one that engages the brain the most.

No, it's not lying in bed and wishing I was in Lisbon. It's wine tasting.

Please don't take my word for it. Listen to Yale neuroscientist Gordon Shepherd.

He recently released a book called Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine.

In it, he states with almost inebriated simplicity that wine "engages more of our brain than any other human behavior."

After all, when we let wine drift into our mouths, we're conscious of how it affects us. We seek out the beginnings of the taste, then the middle and the end.

Couple that with the sniffing that happens beforehand and suddenly you realize that there's a lot going on in your brain, as you're actually trying to relax with a decent glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Shepherd explained to NPR that drinking wine is a lot like experiencing color.

"The objects we see don't have color themselves. Light hits them and bounces off. It's when light strikes our eyes that it activates systems in the brain that create color from those different wavelengths. Similarly, the molecules in wine don't have taste or flavor, but when they stimulate our brains, the brain creates flavor the same way it creates color," he said.

He says that when you sniff a wine, it's not a single external process. There's also air coming up through your throat that carries smells back toward your nasal passages. This is called restronasal smell.

Then there's your saliva. The minute you put some wine in your mouth, it gets mixed in with your saliva, creating new compounds that your brain experiences and processes.

In order to create the best overall brain-stimulating sensations, Shepherd suggests never filling your glass too high. You have to leave room for your nose to dip inside and experience the aromas.

Chugging isn't a good idea either. You'll kill your perceptive antennae. You'll also get drunk far too quickly. That last part is actually my own advice.

I confess that in my role as Wine Ambassador for Napa's Honig Winery, I venture wine-tasting quite a bit. Especially as I'm constantly seeking out new wines for my occasional Alcohol By Volume column.

It's heartening, therefore, to know that I'm inadvertently exercising my brain at the very moment when I finally think I've got away from everything that plagues it daily.

My only worry now is that the next time I go wine-tasting, I'll start thinking about it.

The real secret of wine-tasting, you see, is that if you go to a winery during the week, there are fewer people. You have more time, too, to savor the wine and chat to the people behind it.

Yesterday, for example, I tasted at the very fine Medlock Ames winery. There, I didn't just enjoy a highly engaging Sauvignon Blanc, a very uplifting rosé and some distinctly refined reds.

I heard the multi-faceted tale of Dan the Wolfman and other legends of local lore.

Now those are going to get my brain thinking for days.

The opinions expressed here by Inc.com columnists are their own, not those of Inc.com.

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Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system, study finds

Fasting for as little as three days can regenerate the entire immune system, even in the elderly, scientists have found in a breakthrough described as "remarkable".

Although fasting diets have been criticised by nutritionists for being unhealthy, new research suggests starving the body kick-starts stem cells into producing new white blood cells, which fight off infection.

Scientists at the University of Southern California say the discovery could be particularly beneficial for people suffering from damaged immune systems, such as cancer patients on chemotherapy.
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It could also help the elderly whose immune system becomes less effective as they age, making it harder for them to fight off even common diseases.

The researchers say fasting "flips a regenerative switch" which prompts stem cells to create brand new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system.

"It gives the 'OK' for stem cells to go ahead and begin proliferating and rebuild the entire system," said Prof Valter Longo, Professor of Gerontology and the Biological Sciences at the University of California.

"And the good news is that the body got rid of the parts of the system that might be damaged or old, the inefficient parts, during the fasting.

“Now, if you start with a system heavily damaged by chemotherapy or ageing, fasting cycles can generate, literally, a new immune system."

Prolonged fasting forces the body to use stores of glucose and fat but also breaks down a significant portion of white blood cells.

During each cycle of fasting, this depletion of white blood cells induces changes that trigger stem cell-based regeneration of new immune system cells.

In trials humans were asked to regularly fast for between two and four days over a six-month period.

Scientists found that prolonged fasting also reduced the enzyme PKA, which is linked to ageing and a hormone which increases cancer risk and tumour growth.

"We could not predict that prolonged fasting would have such a remarkable effect in promoting stem cell-based regeneration of the hematopoietic system," added Prof Longo.

"When you starve, the system tries to save energy, and one of the things it can do to save energy is to recycle a lot of the immune cells that are not needed, especially those that may be damaged," Dr Longo said.

"What we started noticing in both our human work and animal work is that the white blood cell count goes down with prolonged fasting. Then when you re-feed, the blood cells come back. So we started thinking, well, where does it come from?"

Fasting for 72 hours also protected cancer patients against the toxic impact of chemotherapy.

"While chemotherapy saves lives, it causes significant collateral damage to the immune system. The results of this study suggest that fasting may mitigate some of the harmful effects of chemotherapy," said co-author Tanya Dorff, assistant professor of clinical medicine at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital.

"More clinical studies are needed, and any such dietary intervention should be undertaken only under the guidance of a physician.”

"We are investigating the possibility that these effects are applicable to many different systems and organs, not just the immune system," added Prof Longo.

However, some British experts were sceptical of the research.

Dr Graham Rook, emeritus professor of immunology at University College London, said the study sounded "improbable".

Chris Mason, Professor of Regenerative Medicine at UCL, said: “There is some interesting data here. It sees that fasting reduces the number and size of cells and then re-feeding at 72 hours saw a rebound.

“That could be potentially useful because that is not such a long time that it would be terribly harmful to someone with cancer.

“But I think the most sensible way forward would be to synthesize this effect with drugs. I am not sure fasting is the best idea. People are better eating on a regular basis.”

Dr Longo added: “There is no evidence at all that fasting would be dangerous while there is strong evidence that it is beneficial.

“I have received emails from hundreds of cancer patients who have combined chemo with fasting, many with the assistance of the oncologists.

“Thus far the great majority have reported doing very well and only a few have reported some side effects including fainting and a temporary increase in liver markers. Clearly we need to finish the clinical trials, but it looks very promising

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While I Kept Partying, My Parents Kept Praying – Part 2: Something Was Missing

There was something that relationships, drugs and wild parties just couldn't fill.

Written by Luis Palau
Tags: Partying, Testimony
This article was written by Andrew Palau.

By the time I attended the University of Oregon, I blended right in with my fraternity buddies. On the outside it seemed like I was a happy guy and could juggle classes, work, and the party life. But on the inside I was miserable.

I felt guilty about so many of the poor choices I had made because they were diametrically opposed to the way that I had been brought up. It seemed like there was a void in my life- that something was missing. Something that relationships, and drugs, and wild parties just couldn’t fill.

A sense of emptiness continued, even after I graduated from college and began working in Boston. I kept partying, felt no peace, and drank to hide the pain inside. I felt like I was sinking into the depths of despair. I would look into a mirror and ask myself, What really matters? Where can I go?

At that point, it was as though God tapped me on the shoulder and said, Andrew, look at your parents’ example. What does your dad care about most?

I couldn’t get away from the answer. The center of Dad’s life is the Gospel. He had preached about it around the world, and had written dozens of books. Books I had never read, even though I was an English literature major.

Finally, not knowing where to turn, I pulled Dad’s book, “Say Yes! How to Renew Your Spiritual Passion” off of the shelf and actually read it. Although I was convinced that what Dad wrote about Jesus Christ was true, my heart was still not convicted.

If you've been far away from God sometime in your life, how did God begin to gently draw you to Himself? What advice would you give someone who is related to a person living far from God? 

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Discovering Needs

Jesus said, “ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”

Written by Hope on 19/05/2013
Series: Weekly Devotional
Tags: Church And Community, Service
"You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.”(Matthew 21:22)

Having a child has taught me a lot of things about meeting the needs of another person. As an infant, my daughter, like all babies, was unable to supply anything for herself. As she aged and grew, we’ve taught her to do more and more for herself. Our ultimate goal, of course, is for her to learn enough to become a secure, intelligent, Christian adult.

What We Want
It’s difficult to know what little ones need, sometimes. One of my daughter’s frustrating habits is neglecting to say when she has a basic need – such as hunger, thirst, or a restroom break. Unlike God, the Father Who “knows exactly what you need even before you ask him” (Matthew 6:8), human parents can’t always “just know” what a child needs. As the Apostle James taught the early Christians about the Heavenly Father, “you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it”(James 4:2). We encourage our daughter to talk about what she needs or wants. Then we can decide how to meet her needs; however, we won’t always get what she wants. And God won’t always give Christians what we want, either: “even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong” (James 4:3).

Not What We Expect
Jesus said, “ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (Luke 11:9). So why doesn’t God answer every Christian prayer with a “yes”? Sometimes our motives are wrong. And just as my daughter doesn’t know what’s best for herself from her young perspective, Christians don’t always know what’s best for ourselves from our earthly perspective. God knows what’s best for us, and He “causes everything to work together for the good of those who love [Him]” (Romans 8:28). Maybe the answer to our prayer doesn’t look like what we thought it would; sometimes God has a better plan! St. Paul trusted God’s provision and told his friends that “this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches”(Philippians 4:19). All God’s children can trust Him to meet their needs – in His way and in His time.

Prayer, Care and Share Jesus
If you cannot physically assist someone in need – Pray Now!

Scripture: "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." (Matthew 6:34

In Scripture Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow – just to deal with today. His heart is also that we, as believers, will assist the people around us (believers or not-yet-believers) with the troubles they have today.

In a previous Prayer, Care & Share (PCS) teaching we are called to meet the needs of people around us by solving problems using our skills, talents and gifts, encouraging them or praying for them.

JUST ASKING THIS QUESTION is a proven way of discovering a person's real need: "If there was ONE THING I could pray for you, personally, what would it be?"

Example: When greeting a co-worker last week I asked the ONE THING question and he responded: "Please pray for my marriage, my wife and I are in a dry season." I prayed that God would help him court his wife in a new way every day and God changed his whole attitude in that minute!

The ONE THING question politely asks permission before you pray and we encourage always pray in the Name of Jesus so that there is no doubt to which god you are praying.

You may wonder what happens if the person says they have no concerns. Well, then you revert to the Bless step of PCS and say: "Can we simply ask God to bless you?" Most people then say, "Yes, please".

Very rarely someone might say "No" they do want prayer. Then keep being friendly and talk about other things (which is the "build relationship" part of PCS). When you walk away you can then intercede silently with God for the person who refused prayer.

A Helpful Tip:In most countries it is a cultural custom to ask people how they are when you greet them. Sadly we most commonly respond: "I am fine." What you can do is to continue the greeting by asking: "How are you really?" Often they'll tell you their real concern and that concern could be the door opened to PRAY NOW for them!

Pray this week:

God will purify our hearts and motives.

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Trusting God’s Wisdom

He is Infinitely Wise

Written by Dan Lee on 10/01/2017
Series: Weekly Devotional
Tags: Wisdom, Hope, Sovereignty
Who can measure the wealth and wisdom and knowledge of God? Who can understand his decisions or explain what he does? “Has anyone known the thoughts of the Lord or given him advice?

Romans 11:33-34 CEV
We as human beings are constantly faced with tough decisions, and situations. It’s the nature of living in a fallen world. However, through all of the turmoil, God is still sovereign and is truly wise.

If we doubt that God has infinite wisdom, we will be tempted to despair when things go wrong. On the other hand, understanding God’s wisdom helps us to trust Him and be secure in any situation.

Here are some areas we see God’s wisdom demonstrated, and why you should trust his Wisdom:

Creation – Past and Present
By wisdom the Lord founded the earth; by understanding he created the heavens. (Proverbs 3:19)

From the distant galaxies to the tiniest insect, everything we see is a product of God’s perfect design, not random chance. Every area of human knowledge, from mathematics to physics to biology, is just a tiny sliver of God’s great wisdom. All of our study in these and other fields, is an attempt to discover more of the wonders of His creation. “The heavens keep telling the wonders of God, and the skies declare what He has done.” (Psalm 19:1)

Some people believe that God created the world, then left us to fend for ourselves. But Colossians 1:17 says this about Jesus: “God’s Son was before all else, and by him everything is held together.” (Colossians 1:17)

Human History
If the presence of evil rulers bothers you, think of Pharaoh, who was cruel and oppressive to God’s people. Yet, “In the Scriptures the Lord says to Pharaoh of Egypt, 'I let you become Pharaoh, so that I could show you my power and be praised by all people on earth.'” (Romans 9:17). Yes, even Pharaoh, the wicked oppressor of Israel, was appointed by God to bring glory to Himself. And so it continues with today’s kings and kingdoms. God is still in control.

Our Relationship to God
One of the most “foolish” things to many people is the idea that God came to earth in human form, and then willingly allowed himself to be killed for the salvation of mankind. Yet 1 Corinthians 1:25 says that God’s “foolishness” is greater than human wisdom.

In His infinite wisdom, God sent Jesus to die for your sins. All God's children should take great comfort from this. Those who have not yet decided to follow Him should realize that His plan of salvation, strange or even foolish as it may seem, is true and is intended for you. Humbly accept that God is infinitely great and wise, and seek to follow Him.

Pray this week:

Lord, forgive me for thinking I know better than You. Even though I can barely see or understand Your greatness, by faith I submit to Your great wisdom and Your plan for my life. Teach me through Your word to understand more and more, and to walk in greater confidence every day.

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Know God

God Loves You!

The Bible says, "God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life"

The problem is that…

All of us have done, said or thought things that are wrong. This is called sin, and our sins have separated us from God.

The Bible says "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." God is perfect and holy, and our sins separate us from God forever. The Bible says "The wages of sin is death."

The good news is that, about 2,000 years ago,

God sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins.

Jesus is the Son of God. He lived a sinless life and then died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. "God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us."

Jesus rose from the dead and now He lives in heaven with God His Father. He offers us the gift of eternal life — of living forever with Him in heaven if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior.

Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except by Me."

God reaches out in love to you and wants you to be His child. "As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe on His name." You can choose to ask Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and come in to your life as your Lord and Savior.

If you want to accept Christ as your Savior and turn from your sins, you can ask Him to be your Savior and Lord by praying a prayer like this:

"Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Please forgive my sins and give me the gift of eternal life. I ask you in to my life and heart to be my Lord and Savior. I want to serve you always."

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