Living In An Oligarchy

Living In An Oligarchy

The United State of Corporations


We do not live in a democracy; we live in an oligarchy in every way but name.

government by the few, especially despotic power exercised by a small and privileged group for corrupt or selfish purposes” (Encyclopaedia Britannica).

I’ve been waiting for people in high places to say it. They haven't, not even in the politics of today.

An oligarchy is a form of government in which most of the political power effectively rests with a small segment of society, typically the people who have the most wealth, military strength, ruthlessness or political influence.

The faces and voices of corporate owners today demonstrate the intransigent arrogance of the private institutional concentration of wealth and power of deregulated capitalism.

The word "oligarchy" from the Greek words olígos, which means "few," and archo, which means "to rule".

How Oligarchies Form

Oligarchies are often controlled by a few powerful families whose children are raised and mentored to become inheritors of power, often at some sort of expense to those governed.

In the case of the US the mechanism for the transformation to an oligarchy was the gradual accumulation of otherwise unchecked economic power.

The latest mechanism to assist in this transformation was Citizens United.

Oligarchy is a government by the rich for the rich.

This power of the oligarchs may not always be exhibited openly. They generally prefer to remain a " power behind the throne", exerting control through economic means.

Aristotle pioneered the use of the term as a synonym for “rule by the rich”, for which the exact term is plutocracy,

A plutocracy is a government system where wealth is the principal basis of power (from the Greek ploutos meaning wealth).

The term plutocracy is generally used to describe two unrelated phenomena.

In writings about history, plutocracy is the political control of the state by an oligarchy of the wealthy.

The second usage is a derogatory reference to the allegedly great and undue influence, the wealthy have on the political process in contemporary society. Again“Citizens United”, allowing for the best Government that money can buy.

This influence is exerted positively (by financial "contributions", lobbying or in some cases, bribes) or negatively by refusing to financially support the government (refusing to pay taxes, threatening to move profitable industries elsewhere, etc), or both simultaneously.

It can also be exerted that the owners and ad buyers of media properties can shape public perception of political issues in America, the UK and the United States), (e.g. Rupert Murdoch's News Corp's publications alleged political agendas).

The Successful Oligarchy

The most successful oligarchy in history was Venice. It was governed by a group of about 500 billionaires (there are about that many Billionaires in the US now). These billionaires were called "noblemen", which in those days meant "billionaire". The more money you had, the more noble you were. The ideas of nobility and money were inextricably linked.

The Oligarchy in Venice lasted 1100 years. As it turned out, however, throughout its entire 1100 year history, Venice was the best place in the world for ordinary people to live. If you could send a message backwards in time to your ancestors, that message would be, "Move to Venice!" (America)

In 2016 we may elect America's first Oligarch.

Introducing the CEO of the United Sate of Corporations – the USC.

If Donald Trump gets elected

  • The Government will be run by a Cabinet, consisting of the several Secretaries all billionaires.

  • The Cabinet will be accountable to the Senate consisting of all billionaires.

  • The House of Representative will all be at least millionaires.

  • The many secretaries of the government departments will be billionaires.

  • The Justice division of the government will consist of billionaires who hold the various judicial courts and offices.

A class society.

The US society will be divided into basically three classes.

The wealthy elite class, made up of billionaires, who make the laws and command the armies.

Then there will be a “middle class”, made up of millionaires, who have the privilege of serving in the many government offices.

Finally there will continue to be the poor class of citizens who don't have enough wealth to be classed otherwise.

Under this system of government, all of the classes have influence, but the wealthier classes have more influence than the poorer classes.

This will continue to appear natural to people. The influence of the poor class will be limited to vetoing the actions of the other classes. The middle class elects congressional representatives, who have the power of veto. For example, they could veto a law, or stop a prosecution, or stop the actions of an official.

The government will be in the hands of the billionaires, but “nothing important” can be done without the “approval” of the ordinary citizens. Eventually it will be found that the ordinary citizens always agree with the wishes of the billionaires, and that their approval will be a mere formality, so it will be abolished, and the billionaires will officially be in control of the government from then on.


Welcome to the OLIGARCHY, The United State of Corporations (USC)



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