Join the extensive investment portfolio


With Numerous investment portfolio you have the opportunity to earn up to 312% per year. For every type of investor something. Everything is possible from a small investment from 90 euros to large investment of 500,000 euros.


The really brilliant Affiliate Program of Questra rewards investors who additionally recommend the project. According to this, there is another interesting possibility of creating Passive income.


In addition to the partner program, you can also climb the career ladder. Beside receiving your commission you can generate bonus payments by achieving a certain level and later on you are even entitled to get your own manager and much more.


Questra Holdings works with many payment processors. Available for deposits and withdrawals are Perfect Money, OKPAY, Bitcoin and bank transfers.


to Questra Holdings and related earning opportunities with Atlantic Global Asset Management and Questra World.

Questra Holdings is a really extensive network, which is involved by his own admission in various investment activities.

This includes:
Auction and real estate trade
Purchase and sale of securities on the stock market (IPO)
Support of companies that like to go on the stock market

The launch of the online presence took place on 11th of April 2013. However Questra is emerged from an experienced team that has been around since the 04th of May 2009.
Questra Holdings earns his living, as already mentioned, in the financial sector. There are about 25 managers employed, which achieve gains or losses by tradings. The goal is of course to make profits.
This is usually accomplished and the managers generate an average of about 7% return per week. Depending on the selected investment package, fee will be charged.

With various investement portfolios you have the option to generate up to 312% per year and you can also generate additional passive income with the partner program.

Investment packages

There are 6 interesting investment packages for smaller investors from 90 to 21.570 euros. The investment period of these packages is 365 days. There is a weekly payout of income which depends on the results of the managers.
If the result of the managers should be negative, the investment packages are safeguarded via insurance fund, but this hasn’t happened before.
Once you have three identical investment packages, you can upgrade them to the next higher ones.

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