Daily Bread: The Complacency of Fools Wisdom is available to everyone

Wisdom is available to everyone

Written by Luis Palau
Tags: Daily Bread, Foolishness, Wisdom
Would you know it if wisdom came knocking at your door? Take time to praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the sacrifice He made on the cross, making it possible to have wisdom and obtain forgiveness from our sinful ways.

Proverbs 1:20-33

For more than 55 years I have taken the proverbs to heart. When I have wisely chosen to obey implicitly, amazing results have followed. When I have foolishly chosen to ignore clearly revealed divine principles, I have paid the price. I have played the fool.

But there is hope. Although this section of Proverbs is quite stark (just meditate on verses 26 and 27 for a while), the passage actually opens by saying there is wisdom available to all. A spirit filled follower of Jesus Christ can learn vital lessons by simply looking at life – by simply opening their eyes (v.20). Just by watching the world you can learn amazing things!

You must meditate on what you see, through God’s eyes. If you don’t – if you stick to your simple ways (v 22) and reject God when He calls (v 24) – there are serious consequences.

When we open our eyes to what God has before us, the promise is incredible. We can’t ignore it. After rebuking the complacent fool, God almost explodes with joy. “If you only listen – you will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm” (v 33).

Don’t try to change it. It says what it says. Now go live by it.

Lord, open my eyes that I might live in your safety. I don’t want to play the fool any longer.

Have you gone through a difficult situation and regretted not listening God?

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Cobwebs on the walls and the corners of the rooms is what we resent the most. Most people don’t know how to solve this problem in a natural and safe way. While a clean and tidy house is not very attractive to insectecs, there’s a big chance that spiders and other insects will find a way to enter your house anyway.

Even with regular or almost regular cleaning they appear. You can have the cleanest house and yard and still, spiders and other insects will be there. Luckily we have found a solution! Did you know that spiders and other small insects cannot stand the smell of a certain plant? Therefore, it’s a great idea to put this useful and fragrant plant in your house, which is cheap and easy to maintain.


It will keep spiders, fruit flies and other insects far away
The plant has a strong aroma – it serves as a natural air freshener
Cheap and easy to maintain
The plant mint known as Mentha has a strong flavor, which is wonderful for us – but horrible for insects. It will protect your home not only from spiders, but also from other insects and fruit flies. Peppermint has a strong flavor, but other varieties – spearmint, pineapple, lemon, – also will have the same effect planting them in your home.

Its main ingredient is fresh mint. All you have to do is to mix a small amount of essential oil of mint with water (about 10 drops in half a liter of water) and pour into a sprayer. With this mixture, you can spray all the dark corners of your apartment, terrace, storage room in the yard, and all the places where spiders and insects were seen.

The pleasant smell of the spray will serve you as a natural air freshener that is completely harmless to humans.

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Christ is out life!

Scripture: “Christ is our life. When He comes again, you will also be with Him to share His shining-greatness.”  (Colossians 3:4)

Do you know that Jesus wants to be more than just your Savior?

We say God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Is the plan just taking you to heaven when you die?

No, Christ is our life. That means now and for eternity.

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