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The Difference In A Nutshell – Social Media Marketing vs. Content Marketing

The Difference In A Nutshell – Social Media Marketing vs. Content Marketing

Yeah, I know. You're busy. I am too. We all want everything 'in a nutshell'. So here it is…what's the difference between social media marketing and content marketing?

Those are both terms you hear tossed around all the time. On his great Scoop.it site called Public Relations and Social Media Insight, Jeff Domansky shared an article called, "The Difference Between Content Marketing and Social Marketing | Simply Measured.

The only problem was…the link takes you to a 404 error code. Something must have happened to the original article between then and now.

But….Jeff knows his stuff and his comment in the article intro gives us the information we need:

Jeff Domansky's interpretation:

What's the difference between content marketing and social marketing? Is it that content marketing focuses on content production and creative thought, while social media marketing handles distribution? Depends!

I think that's it. Do you agree?

But there's even more to be gleaned from looking at Jeff's page.

Look at all the other interesting articles there. There's tons of stuff! For example, if you scroll through it, you'll find a video PLR resource that will knock your socks off… especially if you use the video background option on the TCP Custom Capture Page Creator like I do.

All of Jeff's sites on Scoop.it are top-notch and, as I've always said, I have always liked Scoop.it. I just wish it was a bit less expensive.

That's it! Promised I'd be brief, right?

Thanks Jeff!



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