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Domain Name Generators – There Are Such Things

Looking For A Good Domain Name?

Everybody's online journey is slightly different but one of the things everybody eventually learns is that there are tools called, "domain name generators". I was reminded of that tonight and I remembered two that I used to play around with a lot.

I went looking for them on Google and I found out there are actually several more than two….actually as many (or more) as the 15 mentioned in this overview article.

But let me share with you a little trick that popped into my head this evening and actually worked pretty well:

Take whatever keyword you're working with and go to any online dictionary site. Put that word into the site and get the definition.

Then look elsewhere on that page and somewhere you'll see synonyms. Usually, there will also be very extensive lists of synonyms.

Just browse through the synonyms list and I guarantee you'll see tons of good words which can be combined with your existing keyword to make good domain names. Other words will pop into your head too.

And now…something completely different!

You probably wouldn't be reading this article if you weren't interested in making money online.

Let me suggest you take a look at this tool. It is very unique. Matter of fact, I know of nothing else like it…and you can try it for free for 7 days…no credit card, no promises, no risk at all. If you like it, it's $50 a month but, believe me, if you know how big the online tools market is.. you'll realize this program is a real money-maker (it pays residual income every month and complete newbies are making a killing).

And one thing that is very unique to this tool is that you can use it to provide a very much needed service to traditional businesses too. Any business you know (any auto repair shop, any gift shop, any insurance or real estate agent, any landscaping company…the list is endless) can use what this system makes it super quick and easy to create (and you can't say that about most of the stuff that is sold on the internet nowadays).

You'll get an education too….here's the video. Check it out now because you could make money with it in just a few days.

Got questions?

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I try not to generate useless information. I know people are busy and the internet is full of babble already. It often seems like people think that the road to greatness depends primarily on their ability to just make more noise than their competition. But… when I find something that I think is unusual but perhaps overlooked I like to share it. 

Such an article was this one which I read tonight. It concerns, a site which I knew about but never really liked much nor felt totally comfortable with. I'll summarize what I thought were some of the salient points and leave you to read the article if you want.

What got my attention was that the writer (of the article) said that he wanted to do an experiment into using an Exact Match Domain (EMD). And he wanted to do it within the subdomain of, in case you don't know, has good authority on Google and the presumption was that an EMD there would yield high PageRank links.

Also interesting to read in the article was the way he structured his articles (i.e. length, number of keywords, etc.).

His conclusion seems to be that EMDs do still work even though some sources say or imply that they don't. Me…. I don't see how they could not still have a positive effect regardless of where they are. Especially if they are contextual to otherwise good content. And furthermore…if you can get them into the domain name (even as a subdomain/extension as happens on surely that must be a positive too.

Thus..the value of where you can, in many cases, get blog URL which have a particular EMD in them (like I just did).

The article is a bit long and does get into some detail that might bore some people. But….I thought it was worth passing on if for nothing but the reminder about the easy availability of blogs. For those of us in Markethive, we supposedly can configure our SNAP plugin to syndicate to, can't we?

I get the impression that most MLM business builders don't use content marketing very much. But I know at least one person, Rob Fore (a big dog with SendOutCards) over on MLSP who does a lot of blogging and I believe it has been pretty effective for him (even though it does take a while to build up your content network).

A shorter way to success in MLM is just to buy leads. I very frequently read that successful internet marketers buy leads when they want maximum results in a short period of time. And I know for a fact that many success in hard-core MLM is to buy leads (although that doesn't mean they don't use other means to build their business).

Point: If you've got an MLM business you're trying to turbocharge, I've found a very good source of high-quality leads. These leads are apparently generated by one of the biggest and most prestigious lead developers for home-based business opportunities in the industry. 

This lead option is just one of many highly effective MLM-specific, business-building tools, all of which you can test drive for 7 days for just a Buck. Anybody who's not willing to spend a Dollar to check a resource isn't really serious about building their business. I can personally testify that the MLM training on this is top-notch too.

CHECK OUT THE LEAD SOURCE. You can purchase leads or use their tools and training to generate your own.

P.S. Here's the article link again…in case you missed it.

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Why Alexa for SEO success

The Alexa Toolbar: Why You Need this Piece of "%#*&%@#".

Google Uses Alexa’s Information For Ranking and Indexing!

So you’re probably wondering why I have the Alexa Toolbar Installed on my browser and why I tell my fellow marketers, webmasters and SEO gurus to do the same.

It’s simple. The Alexa  toolbar monitors all my surfing and collects information about what domains I visit. They don’t know that it’s “me” – they collect it as anonymous user data and use it to rank web sites. Not only does Alexa use this information for determining where people surf on the web but so does google. Let me repeat that fact so it sinks in:

Google Uses Alexa’s Information For Ranking and Indexing!

Installing the Alexa toolbar and surfing your own site will absolutely help you get your sites indexed by Google more quickly. I just started this blog today, and the googlebot has already come by without any inbound links!

Because the Alexa toolbar is such a pile, no one ever keeps it installed. So just by updating and surfing your own site daily, (assuming NO ONE else does), you can get your Alexa ranking from 5,500,000 or “no data” to around 300,000 in under a month and to 100,000 in 3 months.

Alexa Rankings and Google PR are two of the main factors uninformed people look at when considering link exchanges. (Page Rank is completely useless BTW we have a white hat PR 4 site that gets 20 visitors a day and unranked sites that get several thousand per day).

If you remember the Nielsen Company, famous for the Nielsen Ratings, you understand that what is put on television was once determined by what a minute fraction of TV viewers watched: The people with a Nielsen box on their TV Set – The Nielsen Families. Having the Alexa toolbar installed on your browser is like being a Nielsen Family for the web. Your surfing habits will determine what is most “popular” and what sites should be ranked higher in the SERPs.

That was reason enough for me to install the Alexa Tool Bar. Download it for yourself, and watch your Alexa Rankings Skyrocket over the next several weeks. We know Google looks at the Information, which means that Yahoo and MSN are probably looking at it too.

Alexa’s Toolbar is a Great POWERFUL SEO tool.

Just a reminder to make sure you have the Alexa tool bar plugin installed. It is an important tool among others. But I consider the Alexa tool the most important plug in for Internet Marketers.

Install Alexa Tool Bar

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Win Mindshare to Influence Your Market

Win Mindshare to Influence Your Market


Years ago Peter Drucker, the father of business consulting, made a very profound observation:

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two—and only two—basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”

Yet the marketing function is broad, challenging, and often misunderstood, especially at the small to mid-market level. The Fortune 500 and savvy mid-market consumer products companies approach the marketing function from a fundamentally different angle from that of most small to mid-market companies:

They start with market research and devise a focused, comprehensive strategy to penetrate their market, build their brand, and win mindshare before they enter a market.

The typical small to mid-market company is focused on sales, a tactical function of the marketing process, and gives little thought to researching the market, building a brand, and winning mindshare. When you consider the mindset of the typical small to mid-market CEO, this makes sense; most were very-skilled and well-trained engineers, salespeople, or finance people prior to starting their own company or taking over the top role.

Winning Mindshare Starts with Positioning Strategy

If you believe in Drucker’s observation, then the most important part of marketing strategy, the positioning and branding strategy, should be owned by the CEO of a small to mid-market company. It’s simply too important to delegate to a consultant or tactical marketer.

Positioning and branding can be complicated, so to get started, think about the one thing you’d like your product/service/company to be known for – the mindshare that you’d like to own.

To win mindshare and influence your market, follow these steps at the highest level:

  1. Determine the mindshare you want to win.
  2. Create a brand strategy that embodies the mindshare you seek to own.
  3. Use a systematic approach for all your marketing and sales activities.

Tools for Creating Your Strategy

This short article isn’t meant to trivialize these tasks; all three can be very challenging for a mid-market company. It’s simply meant to give CEOs and marketers in small to mid-market companies some direction when it comes to long term growth strategy.

If you’re a CEO of a small to mid-market company, our new eBook written with our ShortTrack CEO partners goes into greater depth on how to influence your market (it’s concept 3 in the book). Download it here. Currently it’s complimentary.

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The Case Of The Citation Screwup

The Case of The Citation Screwup

My name is Art Williams. I'm a Citations Detective. It was a quiet Sunday night. I was sitting at home contemplating next week when I'm supposed to have a root canal. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? It's times like this when I need some cyber-screwups to distract me and lighten my mind up a little bit.

And then the phone rang. It was 'Bob'. (Names have been changed to protect the innocent). Bob sounded very frustrated. He explained to me that he has owned a hardware store in the city for several years but that he had recently moved and since that move his business had slowed down considerably.

Bob wanted to know if I could help. He said his business is very competitive and he was worried that somebody was trying to sabotage his business.

I said, "Well Bob…let's start with the facts. Nothing but the facts."

Bob said, "OK, but my wife doesn't have to know about this, does she?"

I said, "No Bob, it'll just be between us men. How's that?"

Bob said, "Oh that's wonderful. Let's roll!"

In my preliminary interview with Bob, I asked him if he got much business from the net. He told me, "Yeah, I do Facebook, a little Instagram, an occasional YouTube video, and I think I'm on a few directories like Google+, Yelp, Bing Places, Mapquest, Citisearch…..I don't know. It's hard to keep up with that kind of stuff, you know?"

That was my clue!

Bob didn't know it but maybe he already had the answer to his problem.

So I asked…. I said, "Bob, I wanna ask you something…and tell me the truth, OK, because this could be very important."

Bob said, "Sure Art, I wanna cooperate. I'll tell you whatever you wanna know but I don't think I know anything. That's why I called you, right?"

I said, "Ok Bob..OK, Ok….I know how you feel. Just relax. You work hard, you try to do what's right. But sometimes things just don't work out and now you're in trouble and you need an expert, right?"

Bob said, "Well, yeah…I guess you sorta hit the nail on the head."

I said, "Yeah Bob…that's why I've got this badge. I know we're on the phone but, trust me, I've got one. It says, 'Citations Detective'. It's very impressive but I try not to flaunt it."

So Bob said, "You've got a badge??!! Oh…Saints Be Praised!. Sure…sure…so, what's the question?! I'll tell you whatever you wanna know!! Just help me, please!"

Yeah, I could tell Bob was in a very emotional state of mind. After all… work all those years to build a business and then see it slip away like this for no apparent reason (that he knew of). Yeah, sometimes I have to walk a very thin emotional line in this business.

I said, "OK Bob. Here's the question. Listen very carefully: Did you or did you not change you name, address, and phone number on each and every one of those citation sites you told me you were listed on?"

The phone went silent.

I was just about to suspect something really serious was wrong but finally I heard Bob's quiet voice say, "Weeellll, no. I didn't. Why?"

Then I said, "Bob, I think I've solved your problem already. I think you've got a case of Citation Inconsistency. Do you realize how serious that could be?"

Bob said, "No….how serious is it?"

I went on to explain to Bob that Citation Inconsistency is potentially very serious if left untreated.

I explained to Bob that when there was inconsistent information on citation sites, review sites, social media sites, etc., that it confused not only old and potential new customers but it also even confused Google itself.

Bob said, "What do you mean. I'm innocent! I told you…I didn't do anything wrong!!"

I told Bob, "OK Bob. Just calm down buddy. I'm not saying you did anything intentionally wrong.. but let me explain something to you that every online business owner should know."

I went on to explain to Bob that if Google sees inconsistent information, pertaining to any business, on citation sites it is less likely to highly rank that business. The reason for that is because they (Google) doesn't want to publish information that could be wrong or incomplete. Information is, after all, their product, right?. 

Bob listened in silence. In fact…he was so silent I had to ask him, "Bob. Does that make sense to you? You know what I'm saying, right?"

Bob said, "Yeah Art. It's all so clear now. Man….if I could do it again, I'd make sure that all those citation sites… of course there weren't really a huge number, but…wow…that little omission sure made a big difference didn't it. It cost me a lot of money! Even my wife noticed I'd been preoccupied lately."

I said, "Well Bob….at least you're willing to change. Everybody makes mistakes. But you are willing to do something about it, aren't you?"

Bob said, "Oh yeah…absolutely! I'll do anything I can to make it right again. What should I do?"

I then proceeded to tell Bob that part of my crusade as a Citations Detective was to not only find bad citations for business owners but also to help them correct the problem. I told him I had a highly trained staff who could find all of his incorrect citations and update them with the correct information that would put him back in the good graces of Google.

And I also mentioned that additionally, I could find out not only the exact number of citations his closest competitors had but also what citation sites they were using, thus enabling him to get those exact same sites his business. And I explained that if he just added about 10% more citations, he would outrank his competitors (at least as far as citations go). 

So… I asked Bob if he was ready to take action and put a stop to how his SEO was hemorrhaging money. He said he was ready so I told him my secretary would send him some forms to fill out first thing on Monday morning so that me and my team could get to working on his problem.

Bob asked how long it would take before he started seeing any improvement in his business and I informed him that it took citation sites anywhere from a week to several weeks to update their databases and that he probably could start to see results in a couple of weeks. But I reminded him that the situation would continue to improve over the next 2 to 4 month as more of his newly updated citations went ´live'. 

He sound excited about that.

And just to make sure I 'managed expectations' properly, I asked him, "How does that sound to you?"

He said, "Oh that sounds great, Art. I'm soooo glad I called you! How can I ever repay you?"

I reminded him that my secretary would send an invoice too but that the money we charged him would be a pittance in comparison to the advantage his website would enjoy with the proper citation strategy which we would be putting into place for him.

So Bob and I said, 'Goodnight', I sent my secretary an email and voice-mail to tell her what to do about setting Bob up as a new client first thing Monday when she came into the office. Me…I'm not a morning person so I don't usually get into the office til after lunch. And besides, I'll be up late thinking about that root canal. I think I'm gonna get drunk. God…I hate root canals.


Art Williams
Case Study Writer, Google My Business Consultant, Markethive Developer

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Citation Basics

Citation Basics

If you have a business listed on Google you may have heard the term ‘citations’. Citations are, in the sense that they give your site credibility and higher ranking with Google, similar to backlinks.

What is a citation and does it differ from a backlink?

Some business owners are familiar with or have heard the term ‘backlinks’ but backlinks more simple than citations. A backlink could be just one word whereas a citation has more info, i.e. business name, business address, business phone number, and sometimes even more information about the business.

Both have similar purposes but citations are somewhat more complex and they often have more impact on a business’s Google ranking because most businesses don’t understand how powerful they are (or can be).

Most business owners have no idea how powerful a strong citation program can be for their business. And in fact, many so-called SEO professionals don’t even fully appreciate the power of citations or know how use them competitively.

A citation is any mention of your business out on the web, with or without a link. This mention can come in various forms:

  1. Company Name, by itself.

  2. Company name & phone number.

  3. Company name, phone number, & address.

  4. Company name, phone number, address, & link.

Even just the phone number by itself can be a citation. Collectively, #3 is considered the most and basic and essential citation requirement and is referred to as “NAP” (name, address, and phone number).

Considering the many possible permutations of these factors, it’s easy to see why submitting them accurately and uniformly to citation directories is so important. Business which do not do this part of the job correctly not only lose a lot of the power of citations but there is actually a negative result because of the confuse it creates in the databases of Google and the other citation platforms (e.g. Yelp, Manta, Citisquares,

On the other hand, if done correctly, having enough good quality citations can give a business a big ranking advantage over their competitors (assuming other factors are equal). Some SEO professionals are even beginning to say that, for certain types of businesses, the importance of citations outranks backlinks.

What is the right number of citations to have?

Answer: More than your competition (and it is possible to find out not only the number of citations they have but also exactly where they are. Thus enabling you, albeit perhaps with professional help, to build that same citation profile (you know it works, right?) plus a few more.

A complete citation should include the company name, address, and phone number (some people consider a citation incomplete without a website URL too) but one which does not have these items is sometimes referred to as a ‘partial citation’.

There are two primary differences between backlinks and citations:

A traditional backline is actually a hyperlink. The hyperlink, if correctly coded, is what Google's indexing robot ‘crawls’ to ascertain what backlinks a site has. On the other hand, a citation is usually not hyperlinked (although, if it includes the company’s URL as mentioned above, that URL could be hyperlinked).

Another way to describe the difference is to note that a hyperlink is usually just a work or two…or perhaps a URL, whereas a citation actually has a finite set of information which is useful to a customer, (e.g. business name, address, phone number… commonly referred to as NAP), thereby influencing customer behavior in way a simple backlink usually does not and cannot.

Also note that citation sites which include customer reviews, e.g.,, Google+, and most others could have negative information about a business

Generally speaking, the more serious a business takes its SEO and Google ranking, the more advisable it would be to outsource their linking building and citation building to professionals.

Why outsource your backlink and citation building?

The reason is because this is a project that takes a lot of time. Depending on your situation, you might have more money than time. Of course, if that situation is reversed then you’ll just have to settle for a longer project.

Another point to remember about the issue of who does this kind of work for you is that not only can doing it correctly be very advantageous (relative to your competition) but doing it incorrectly can confuse Google so much that your Google ranking is negatively affected.

Another way of saying this is: “These are trained professionals. Don’t try this at home! You could hurt yourself.”

Another point to note is that your business should always set up a new, fresh, email address for use specifically with your citations. The reason for this is that you’re going to get a ton of SPAM email to that address.

It’s best to do this after you open your citation site account. If you’re having a professional do this task for you, you’ll need to give them access, initially and briefly, to your email account.

Which citation sites have the most influence?

That depends. There are actually hundreds of citation sites. Some are better for certain types of business than others. Some are general and/or global in nature while others are more niche focused. This is one of the ways in which a professional, who knows where these citations sites are, can save you time and ensure that you get the strongest citations possible.

How soon do you see results from citations?

Generally within a few weeks but it is also possible that some citation sites might take much longer to …perhaps even months. The reason for that is because each site has schedules within which they refresh their databases. Google’s schedule is every 6 to 10 weeks (so… with them, it depends on when you submit your data).

What is the ‘claiming’ and ‘verification’ procedure?

This process applies primarily to Google My Business but also to some of the other citation sites. In the claiming process, the citation site has, through its extensive database, already ‘noticed’ your business.

But they don’t ‘know’ you yet. And they usually do not, at this point, have all your business’s customer oriented information. For this reason, what they do have could be incorrect and (most likely) incomplete and it illustrates an excellent reason why you should claim (and update) as many of your listings as possible.

Claiming your listing is usually something very easy to do online.

The ‘verification’ is a subsequent procedure, usually by mail but sometimes also by a phone call. You tell them where to mail the postcard (Google’s preferred method) or where to call you, they mail a postcard with a verification code or give you the call (it might be automated) and give you a verification code.

Once you go online and input that code into your claimed (but not verified) listing, the listing becomes officially yours….i.e. claimed and verified.

Note: Verification should be done by the business owner. If someone is handling this project for you, they should give you a list of which verification notices to expect.

How quickly should you ‘do’ your citations?

As quickly as possible. The reason for this is because you never know how quickly the citation cite (Google, Yelp, or any of them) will merge your new data into their online database. Most professionals agree that there is no evidence that Google considers citation velocity one way or the other.

Can anybody guarantee when, or even if, your citation will go ‘live’?

The answer to that is ‘no’. Nobody other than the companies that maintain the citation sites have any control over what happens after a listing is submitted. But….the more reputable sites can be reasonably expected to go live sooner than later That’s why you should consider hiring somebody who knows that kind of stuff.

Some of the smaller, geo-specific or niche specific sites are managed by a single person who reviews and approves submissions. That can take a while to get your listing live.

A general rule of thumb is that about 30% of submissions you do will go live fairly quickly and about 70% will be active within 4 weeks of submission. A professional who does this kind of work should keep you advises how the process is going.

A professional who does this sort of work also offers you another important advantage. They have trained personnel who are very accurate at doing these submissions accurately. You want it all done right…right?

Once the work is done, there is very little further work required other than the occasional update which you can do yourself.

Professionals who provide this kind of service offer the following advantages:

  • Manual, by hand submissions.

  • Availability of hundreds of quality citation opportunities in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Holland, and Singapore.

  • Citation opportunities specific to your industry and city and get you listed on these sites for local ranking boosts.

  • Detailed reports with usernames/passwords for all sites in case you want to make edits to the listings.

  • Flexible pricing to accommodate ‘just a few’ or ‘a bunch’.  

So that’s the basics of citations. With the confluence of review sites, more consumers with mobile devices, and Google’s increased consideration of social metrics and authority,  no smart business owner can afford to not know about and use citations to promote their business.

Art Williams
Google My Business consultant, Case Study Writer, Markethive Developer


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