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The Big Green Rock That Ruins People’s Lives

There's No Such Thing As A Bad Good Story

It won't take long, but I just have to pass along this great story. It relates to several things.

I found this article in my Inbox tonight. It came via my Wired.com subscription even though the article has nothing to do with tech. It's strictly human interest, 1950-60's type schmaltzy, almost cartoonish melodrama.

The article is called, "The Curse of The Bahia Emerald, A Giant Green Rock That Ruins Lives". It's a story written in a style that sound like a segment from the old Dragnet TV show.

In retrospect, it doesn't have any eternal redeeming merits, but it's just one of those stories that keep pulling you forward a few paragraphs at a time and eventually you finish it and think, "Wow!"

But there were a few things that were enjoyable about it:

The illustrations sprinkled throughout it are very nice (sort of in the way that some people like Dill pickles). The art style is a combination of comic books and Andy Warhol. The web design is interesting too because it has that feature, I think it's called parallax, that is supposed to be 'cool' but borders on irritating.

The most interesting thing about the article is the story itself, the way it is told, and the characters. They are all the type of people we would expect to encounter in (what used to be priced at) a $.25 detective story paperback. 

These are people who are a little bit scary or shady but then turn out to be very ordinary and interesting in other ways. But you always wonder if what you see is the real them. 

In this case, all the people are supposedly real….which is believable because we can tell that they're very ordinary at the same time. 

The situation described in the story is similar to the way many of us feel about the internet because the internet, to some of us, has become The Big Green Rock That Ruins Lives. You'll understand when you read the story.

The article is also an example of good story telling. 

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