Organic Reach on Social Media is Declining

Facebook organic reach is down 52% for publishers’ Pages this year

6 studies show why Facebook organic reach is declining so quickly

Organic Reach on Social Media is Declining

Organic reach of the content brands publish in Facebook is destined to hit zero. It’s only a matter of time.


According to Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, which is the latest to adopt algorithmic news feed or timeline, on average people will now miss about 70% of posts in their feed. 


On the other hand, a study by Locowise suggests that average post reach on Facebook is only about 10.8% in Feb, 2016. In essence what that means is that if you have 100 followers of your page, it is likely that only 10-11 will actually see your posts on their feed. 


Twitter is no exception here. Twitter has also adopted algorithmic timeline that sorts tweets based on interest and importance, irrespective of time. This issue starts magnifying as your page followers grow in number. 


LinkedIn is no exception here. LinkedIn has also adopted algorithmic timeline that sorts posts.

Your organic reach on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is falling.

Do you struggle to get your posts seen by your network?

Why Your Organic Reach is Falling and How You Can Combat It.



After working hard for years on building your network, it is very frustrating that you can not reach all of your followers.

Organic reach on social media is declining.

You only reach 8-10% of your followers (algorithm based reach).

A lot of platforms: too much effort, complex, and time consuming

Duplicate content: creating content on every platform

Different platforms for your personal & professional interests

Social Media Algorithms: How to Respond to Declining Organic Reach


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Air pollution hurts office workers’ productivity, study finds

 By Anna Bahney 
September 30, 2016
We've known air pollution is dangerous for decades. But, sadly, it can sometimes take a profit-driven argument to make companies pay attention.

Now we've got one. 

Researchers tracked the productivity levels of phone bank workers at two travel service call centers, per a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. They found workers were 5% to 6% more productive when outdoor air pollution levels were at "good" levels than when they were rated as "unhealthy."

The study, led by researchers at Columbia University, University of Southern California and University of California, San Diego, is among the first to document the detrimental impact of air pollution on knowledge-workers in white-collar industries.

Previous research has focused on farm and factory workers, the study authors wrote in the Harvard Business Review.

The setup for this study was key: The researchers looked at call centers in China, a country with high levels of air pollution. The authors were able to evaluate productivity because the firm meticulously monitored and logged worker activity, including number of calls completed and duration of breaks.

The researchers found significant knocks on productivity even at relatively low pollution levels, including the "code orange" level, which the Environmental Protection Agency calls "unhealthy for sensitive groups."

Previous studies have shown that more exposure to fine particles in the air is connected to cognitive impairment and decline.


Pollution harms you because particulate matter in the air is tiny enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream, the researchers wrote. As they travel into your central nervous system, particles can get stuck in the brain stem, causing inflammation and damage.

Assuming it's "the result of diminished cognitive function," the researchers wrote, "the negative impact of pollution on productivity may be greatest in higher-skilled jobs."

Alas, without city-level reform, they pointed out, there's little employers or workers can do to combat air pollution.

"The air we breathe is the epitome of a shared resource, and air pollution recognizes no corporate or political boundaries," the researchers wrote. "Therefore, air pollution can only be efficiently controlled by policy that extends beyond the borders of a single firm."

But, at least on an individual basis, the researchers recommended employers install air filters that remove harmful particles in their workspaces.

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Pray For Your Country

As a Christian, it’s important to pray always for your
country and the leaders; be it your country of
residence or earthly nationality. Some people don’t know this:
many a time, there’s a strong spiritual conflict for the soul of
nations. In the days of Daniel, an angel had to fight the Prince
of Persia (Daniel 10:10-13). Such spiritual conflicts still happen
today, over countries of the world. There’re forces fighting for
the destruction and impoverishment of nations. But there’re
also angels, sent by God for the protection and prosperity of
those nations.
There’re very difficult days ahead, for many nations
of the world. But the Lord wants His people prepared and
ready. As we pray, angels sent by God are able to fulfil their
assignments in the nations of the world. So, in your privacy,
take time to pray for your country. Pray for the President or
the Prime Minister and leaders of your country.
As we pray, we mount pressure in the realm of the
spirit against the forces of darkness, and prevail against them.
Consequently, God’s purpose for those nations is fulfilled. It’s
been said that evil prevails when good men do nothing. So,
keep praying for your country, that the Word of the Lord
may have free course, and be glorified (2 Thessalonians 3:1).
Our prayers for the nations enable the Gospel to spread
unhindered. And when the Word of God saturates your
Pray For Your Country
nation, evil can’t prevail.
Our opening verse says we should pray “For kings,
and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet
and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.” When the
Bible talks about “peace” here, it means a state of rest, where
everything is flourishing and in the right direction. This is the
life God expects us to live; and our prayer brings it into reality.
Glory to God!
Dear Father, I pray for my country
today, that wisdom and
understanding is imparted to the
leaders, to help them make the
right decisions for the benefit of
the people, and the spread of the
Gospel, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Luke 8:22-39
Joshua 5-6
Romans 4:11-25
Psalm 102
Jeremiah 29:7
Ezekiel 33:6-7
Isaiah 62:1
Pastor Chris


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