Announcing AmazinGrape!

Announcing AmazinGrape!

AmazinGrape is simple yet effective!

As a supplement , it is made from only the most  premium skin and seed from the Muscadine Grape, which is where the most antioxidants are. As a business, AmazinGrape offers a premier website allowing your potential customer/business owner information such as research, links, conference call and all the tools you need to engage their intellect to help them make the best decision ever! Plus, a back office vital to your business complete with an email responder, genealogy of you upline and downline, Ordering, commissions, and more..

Paul Hopkins founded AmazinGrape in 2009. He bases everything on biblical healing and nutrition. He wrote a book as well about nutrition in America. He is a practitioner of herbs and is not nor  claims to be  a doctor.

Benefits range from the ability to slow down aging, flood your system with antioxidants, a  potentially powerful cancer fighter, reduces inflammation,  encourages heart health and lowers blood sugar, as well as aids in weight loss!



AmazinGrape is based on 4 simple goals and 4 easy steps. 


Yes, Basically, it is a 4 step system.

1. Get started in Business for $33/m (In which you get a Business, a Website,
a Back Office, and of course the Product.)

2. Get Trained       3. Find 2 or more People       4. Duplicate the Process



It is a matrix based marketing system which pays up to 50 percent on first-time orders. As well, as 28% on your first level. There are more facts and details that you can find for yourself, but, that above review will do for my first announcement for now.

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