I Thought IFTTT Did Everything – Apparently Not

I Thought IFTTT Did Everything – Apparently Not

Well, back to the drawing board. I thought that IFTTT did everything. I wanted a way to syndicate from one of my WordPress.org blogs out to Facebook Groups. I still think there's a way to do it. But apparently IFTTT does not connect wordpress.org blogs.

I suppose I mistakenly assumed that IFTTT connected to WP.org because the site has the "WP"  logo and mentions 'WP'. But, in retrospect, nowhere did it sas wp.org. So….my bad!

But geee….who uses WP.com??!!

I wanted to post one of my recently discovered tcp.com customized landing pages which I had loaded with one of Dave Dunn's slick little income-generating idea videos. Dave is really a fountain of MLM knowledge and creativity. The video I'm promoting now is called, "Christmas Project 2016" and it's a cool way to generate some good money between now and Christmas with something that lots of people are looking for around Christmas time (coming up…you know!).

Dave is the CMO of one of the newer MLM training and tools sites on the net, TheConversionPros.com. For the 14 years prior to starting TCP about 1.5 years ago, he had an extensive and very successful career with 8 different MLM companies. Now, he's very active training and mentoring the members over on TCP. He's on their Facebook Group page every day and honestly I've learned a lot in the 10 days or so I've been a member of their site.

I started out with the free $1 Dollar 7Day Trial (I heard about it from a casual contact on Facebook) and as soon as I got into their site I was very impressed. It's very MLM-centric. No fluff, no B.S., and no upsells. Just the nitty gritty training and tools a networker needs to generate leads online.

They also sell leads too… from a 3rd party source. I hear they're very good and I plan to try some soon.

Since I've recently gotten interested in MLM again and I have renewed my membership in the "NFL Club" (i.e. The No Friends Left Club), I knew this was the kind of training and tools I really needed (considering that my initial options didn't work out too well).

I'm actually leaning toward getting more into selling 'picks and shovels' instead of chasing the B.S. that most MLM companies sell. MLM companies come and go but they will never do the job training that specialists do. And besides, from what I hear, people don't cancel their TCP membership. Why would they – if they're really making money with it like a lot of people apparently are?

I think back to the story of how so many fortunes were made in the California Gold Rush years (1848 -55) by the people in boring businesses like dry-goods. They sold supplies to the miners who thought they were going to get rich (just like the average MLM junkie). But most of the miners went home broke, didn't they? If they even survived at all.

Meanwhile, the store owners had normal work hours, ran their businesses, made their bank deposits, kept clean, had the respect of the community, and went home every night to be with their families. That's the way I see TCP….picks and shovels… the basic commodities that every MLMer needs but very, very few get from their companies.

Yeah, I also like the idea that Dave's program is structured as a 3 Level Affiliate Program. From what I've seen and heard, they have several people who are making big bucks (I'm talking like….over $20K @ month). Plus, some of the people in the Facebook group sell very big-ticket items.

One young lady says that she gets people pitching her for their opportunity all the time on FB. When they start telling her how great their company is, she says, "Oh really..!? We've got several of their top earners using our system!"

Then she sends them a few samples of the uber-cool TCP capture pages she has pre-made for various companies (if she doesn't have one for their company, she'll make one real quick…. it only takes a few minutes).

Most MLM distributors just completely drink their company's 'Kool Aid'. They don't know what they don't know. Keeping in mind that 98% of people in MLM aren't making any money, it's easy to see whey their eyes pop out when they see these cool landing and capture pages.

I like my MLM company. It's unique and it sells a quality product which is highly consumable. I drink a lot of it. But you know what??

I think it's crazy not to have a funded-proposal, a Plan B, or something to offer somebody who really needs help.

TLC has a ton of stuff but just the idea of being able to make unlimited capture pages has almost unimaginable possibilities that the average MLMer never even thinks about. For example, let's say you're in a weight-loss coffee business. Why couldn't you make some capture pages specifically tailored for college kids? They drink coffee and some of them are overweight, right?

Or what about a special landing page for people who like to go hiking and camping? If your coffee is good, why wouldn't those hikers want to have some on the trail?

Or what about a capture page with a picture of a family sitting around the fire at home drinking coffee. With the TLC system, you can even upload a picture of YOUR family drinking your own product. You could have a header on the capture page that said, "Thousands of our customers will be drinking our product on Christmas morning. Ka-Ching!! Click here to find out how you can get your piece of this multi-billion dollar business!"

And that's not even to mention the uses for custom-made capture pages in the Offline market. A bakery, a photo-studio, an autobody paint shop, a cheerleading school, a landscaping service, a dance studio?!! The customization possibilities are mind-boggling!

Anyway…. I'm having fun promoting my 'picks and shovels' business. I'm glad I was brave enough to risk a dollar. There are other ways to reach those Facebook Groups. If you could use some extra Christmas cash, you should check out the Christmas Project 2016.

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