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Simplify the way you advertise and earn

We sell advertising space on our site.
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How it works

We transfer advertising budgets directly into the hands of people viewing ads.

It is a real and simple way to earn income from home that millions of online users are searching for.

Firstly, we sell advertising space on our website.
(Advertisers buy advertising products and get views to their website)

Secondly, we then display the ads for people to view.
(Anyone can watch ads and for that, they get paid)

This has created a functioning marketplace that brings advertisers, viewers, buyers and sellers to one location.
The result is a reliable business that allows you to start earning income from home.

Hashing Ad Space opens the door for anyone to easily become involved in the incredible opportunity crypto currency offers the world today.

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Take your income even further and mint new Asimi tokens. Minting is the creation of new tokens to the marketplace. Hashing Ad Space exclusively mints Asimi tokens following both the Proof of Stake and Proof of Work protocols where you can watch ads in the "Ad Minter" to mint new tokens into existence.

Any Minted Asimi you earn is yours to keep. Asimi is a freely exchanged token that you can exchange for other coins like BTC, ETH, WAVES, giving complete flexibility in your income. You can learn more about Asimi at: 

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Hashing Ad Space is a revolutionary breath of fresh air in the Crypto   Advertising Space. It's uniquely special



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Advertising: Our Core Product

If it's targeted advertising for your affiliate offers that you're looking for, that's what we have.


  • checkDone-for-you
    targeted traffic.
  • checkBuild your leads,
    sales and profits.
  • checkInstant access to a
    proven buyers list.

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Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Endless Streams social and business information portal is a unique advertising platform with a constantly expanding range of servicesYour global business with a common base of partners and customers


Endless Streams at a glance


The basis of our service creation was based on several tasks:

  • 1. Give people the opportunity to earn money without mandatory invitations.
  • 2. Give the opportunity to start a business with a small amount.
  • 3. Have permanent access to their earnings.
  • 4. To have a product that would allow building the structure of partners on a fully automatic machine.
  • 5. A product that would allow you to communicate with your partners and show them your offers.
  • 6. A product that would preserve the entire history of offers with the ability to edit them by the users themselves.

And so the idea of ​​our service was born. My first thought came about creating a social network where there is the possibility of communication and communication between users, but this was not enough, since there are a lot of social networks on the Internet, and this will not surprise anyone, something special was needed. And then a picture of the phone book appeared in my head, where there are many offers for ordinary users of consumer services. So the second thought came – to connect a social network with a catalog of goods and services, where each user could offer something of their own or use the services on the site.

Next, it was necessary to think what tools to use for this ?. What is commonly used to advertise their products? This is text, video and picture, right? So, in addition to the Catalog, it was necessary to add a Blog, a Media channel and a Photo Gallery to a social network. But that was not all, as users of the social network have comprehensive interests, and everyone wants to prove themselves in something else.

So the idea ripened to add another forum for communication of people of interest. Thus, the tasks were partially solved. We have the opportunity to make friends, communicate, make new friends, display our offers on our pages using texts, videos and pictures, we can also use the services offered on the site, but only one thing is missing – monetization of all this. Therefore, it was necessary to add an affiliate program to these tools and not the usual pyramid, which are used all the time, but something special, where there would be no mandatory invitations.

And so it was decided for each user who publishes his proposal on the site to fix several advertising packages that would give him the opportunity to earn not only on his proposal, but also by selling these advertising packages.

In fact, it looks like this:

An ordinary person visits the site and he is interested in the offer on one of the pages of the site’s users, but in order to start correspondence with the author of this offer, he must register on the site using the link of this author, so he automatically becomes his referral and gets the right to post his own offers on our website. And when he is also interested in an offer to earn money, he acquires a proposal for a small amount, and the author begins to receive his dividends.

Thus, a network of ordinary users and authors is built. People buy out advertising packages and fill out a multi-level affiliate structure, in which literally everyone who participates in it earns, since every package that is purchased under the author brings him dividends, while money is earned both with invitations and without them, since registrations can take place without the participation of authors, simply by links from their pages (for this you need to place a page in the Catalog with your link and with a button for registration).

Now at this stage all the tasks have been solved, we have everything: both the tools and the means of earning, it remains only to solve the issue with access to our funds.

The issue of access to one’s funds was resolved by choosing the most popular and convenient payment systems and paying partners within 1 day according to applications created in the Cabinet. Conclusion from $ 1.

Thus, the whole puzzle was complicated, it remains only to make a convenient site template, create a beautiful design and install all this on a powerful secure server. Of course, a lot of time has passed from the birth of the idea to its implementation, since all this is connected with material costs and with experienced specialists, programmers and designers who must carry out all this. But these issues were also resolved.

Now we present to your attention a ready-made service that has come a long and difficult way to create it.


There are a lot of various offers on the Internet and of course the question arises:
What do we have for you?
  1. The ability to create your own base of subscribers and customers in a social network with the division of your partners into groups and categories.
  2. Pages on the social network for the publication of their articles, banners, videos about their products and services or their creativity.
  3. Collect the entire collection of banners and pictures in a convenient photo gallery.
  4. Collect the entire collection of videos on your media channel and categorize them in separate playlists.
  5. Keep your blog with the ability to embed articles, videos from your channel and albums from photo galleries.
  6. Design a page in the Catalog and add information about your company, products and services, or creativity. 
  7. Also the ability to add videos and albums to social networks.
  8. The ability to publish any of your pages on the Internet, whether it’s a video, audio, photo or article, which will work in the form of a landing page and tell Internet users about your products.
  9. The opportunity to earn money on the site by participating in an affiliate bonus program.
  10. Opportunity to earn money without mandatory invitations, since the subscriber base can be formed without your participation, by  subscribing from the pages. Your task is only to publish a link on these pages.
  11. The ability to work with a multilingual audience, as the site has a translation into most of the languages ​​used.
  12. Communicate in a convenient chat with any user online (there is an online translator in the chat), and you can also communicate with any user with a camera like in Skype.
  13. And the most important opportunity is that you have everything in one place:
  •   Your global business with a common base of partners and customers;
  •   Video collection;
  •   Photo gallery of pictures; 
  •   Articles
  •   Companies
  •   Databases of goods and services of partners and users of the site;
  •   A common base of potential customers on our website.





Start the PRIZM

coin stream with the PRIZM.BEST team

Cryptocurrency New Coin Generation
PRIZM  based on a mechanism ParaMining



 You have access to the wallet only

 Investments are available for everyone

 Ability to choose a development path

 Opportunity to earn money without investments

 Coin growth from 3.6% to 43.26% per month


Features of the cryptocurrency PRIZM

What is the uniqueness of this cryptocurrency?


A wide network of nodes and the termination of paramining in the amount of 1 million PZM.

Energy efficiency

To create new coins do not need computing power.

Low node costs

The node does not require high-performance equipment.

Simple coin mining

Coins are credited for storage in your wallet, taking into account the network of followers


You can easily sell coins on the exchange, in exchangers, from hand to hand.

Coin mining without a knot

To create new coins, it is not necessary to have a network node.


It uses Curve25519 cryptography with SHA256 hash algorithms.

Quick translations

Instant transactions – an average transfer takes 80 seconds.

Number of transactions

With the current state of the network, it can process up to 367,200 transactions per day.

Supply and Demand

For coins you can buy goods and services, including cars and real estate.

Own ideology

The authors of cryptocurrency have their own ideology.

Low commission

Transfer fee 0.5%, but not less than 0.05 PZM and not more than 10 PZM

Profitability table

How much can you get in PRIZM.BEST


Branch Balance
Structure turnover
(up to level 88)
Parminging: % in month
(without deduction PARATAX)
Monar 50+ 50+ (100+) < 1000
1 000 – 9 999
10 000 – 99 999
3,60% (4,20%)
7,85% (9,16%)
8,50% (9,91%)
Monar 500+ 500+ (1 000+) < 1000
1 000 – 9 999
10 000 – 99 999
100 000 – 999 999
4,20% (5,40%)
9,16% (11,77%)
9,91% (12,74%)
11,63% (14,96%)
Monar 5 000+ 5 000+ (10 000+) < 1000
1 000 – 9 999
10 000 – 99 999
100 000 – 999 999
1 000 000 – 9 999 999
5,40% (6,30%)
11,77% (13,73%)
12,74% (14,87%)
14,96% (17,45%)
16,47% (19,22%)
Monar 50 000+ 50 000+ (100 000+) < 1000
1 000 – 9 999
10 000 – 99 999
100 000 – 999 999
1 000 000 – 9 999 999
10 000 000 – 88 000 000
7,50% (8,40%)
16,35% (18,31%)
17,70% (19,82%)
20,78% (23,27%)
22,88% (25,62%)
25,20% (28,22%)


Branch Balance
Structure turnover
(up to level 88)
Parminging: % in month
(without deduction PARATAX)
Binar 100+ 100+ (1 000+) < 1000
1 000 – 9 999
10 000 – 99 999
100 000 – 999 999
1 000 000 – 9 999 999
10 000 000 – 99 999 999
100 000 000 – 999 999 999
1 000 000 000 >
4,20% (5,40%)
9,16% (11,77%)
9,91% (12,74%)
11,63% (14,96%)
12,81% (16,47%)
14,11% (18,14%)
16,30% (20,95%)
18,35% (23,60%)
Binar 1 000+ 1 000+ (10 000+) < 1000
1 000 – 9 999
10 000 – 99 999
100 000 – 999 999
1 000 000 – 9 999 999
10 000 000 – 99 999 999
100 000 000 – 999 999 999
1 000 000 000 >
5,40% (6,30%)
11,77% (13,73%)
12,74% (14,87%)
14,96% (17,45%)
16,47% (19,22%)
18,14% (21,17%)
20,95% (24,44%)
23,60% (27,53%)
Binar 10 000+ 10 000+ (50 000+) < 1000
1 000 – 9 999
10 000 – 99 999
100 000 – 999 999
1 000 000 – 9 999 999
10 000 000 – 99 999 999
100 000 000 – 999 999 999
1 000 000 000 >
6,30% (7,50%)
13,73% (16,35%)
14,87% (17,70%)
17,45% (20,78%)
19,22% (22,88%)
21,17% (25,20%)
24,44% (29,10%)
27,53% (32,76%)

The table data is compiled taking into account the parameters of ParaMining Coins PRIZM

About us

PRIZM.BEST – the best tool for building a network in the cryptocurrency PRIZM

Our team, having studied previous experience with PRIZM cryptocurrency, and experience in other projects, has developed objective models for building a network.

Who are we?

Our mission

Our mission

Ensuring full welfare and free comprehensive development of all members of society.


Our vision

Our view

Now everyone needs to take care of their own future. We suggest doing it together!


PRIZM.BEST acts as an administrator when building the structure of Followers' wallets in the PRIZM cryptocurrency, thereby increasing the percentage of ParaMining on your PRIZM wallet.


Register and watch your coins multiply in your PRIZM wallet

You need to register on the site and create a wallet in the PRIZM cryptocurrency, then choose the path that you would be interested in following with our team: Monar or Binar.









Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

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Welcome to Trafficswarm, a free website traffic provider, article directory, and website builder for United States and International Traffic. We know that it is hard to get started online and want to help you on your internet marketing journey by providing more traffic.Online traffic exchanges can provide your website or affiliate offer with free traffic, Trafficswarm not only does this but much more. Just by creating your free account, you will be able to enter a URL to major search engine submissions such as Google, make a free website yourself, surfing to gain credits to show your free websites more, and improve your website ranking.Want to gain more traffic? Our upgraded PRO members can submit websites to search engines as many times as they choose, get 5000 credits every 30 days, list an unlimited number of ads in our website directory, access the free website maker, and EARN CASH just by referring others to Trafficswarm.

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100 FREE TRAFFIC EXCHANGE COOP A Crowd of Advertisers is here to bring you an Explosion of Traffic It’s FREE and easy to use on Top of that it’s Rewarding in Cash


Heiko Closhen, Entrepreneur

Now it’s time to supercharge your advertising drive lots more traffic to your offers and build a list using our fast fun free Wheel of Fortune


Now it's time to supercharge your advertising, drive lots more traffic to your offers, and build a list using our fast, fun, free Wheel of Fortune!

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KT Downline Mailer

The KT downline mailer allows you to stay in contact with people you get to signup under you. You can send them updates on what you are doing, special offers, and freebies to help them succeed. This mailer is a valuable tool, so use it wisely. You can mail daily.

Text and Banner Ads

Text and banner ads can give your websites a real boost if you use them wisely. We help you do this by giving you more text ads and banner ads with higher club levels so you can advertise all your favorite websites. See below to find out how many text and banner ads you get.


Traffic Boost

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Bottom Line

We designed Kule Traffic to get the products and services you promote, the exposure and traffic you need to make money.

It does this by utilizing a potent psychological trigger called the Wheel of Fortune that gives people the chance to win valuable prizes, and who doesn't like to win free stuff?

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Kule Traffic combines the BIG 4 of advertising Rapid list building lifetime traffic robust email promotion and huge commissions

How Kule Traffic works.

Kule Traffic is an innovative traffic site that meets our strict criteria for success online.

There are four essential ingredients to this criterion.

If you want your site to get noticed, you need these ingredients.

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We call them the four building blocks of online success.

  • You must have access to large, responsive, solo ad mailers so you can reach a fresh audience each day.
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Here is how Kule Traffic works.

The sign up process.

  • People visit the site.
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The Kule Profits page.

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Where's the money?

You can earn from many sources at Kule Traffic.

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Today, if you don't have a list – you are missing out on a lot of profits.

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Kule Traffic.

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