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Wavescore Lives

Some of my readers might remember me in the past mentioning a platform called Wavescore. Well, I'm here say that rumors of its demise were grossly exaggerated. It's not dead. Matter of fact, it's much stronger now, it's functioning fairly well, and itlooks like it'll be ready for prime time very soon. 

Wavescore is a social media ad revenue sharing program. It was founded a few years ago with the goal of allowing people to make money from the social media that they generated. 'Social media' is a broad field of course but the first type of social media that Wavescore focused on was (and still is) Youtube.

Clearly people spend a lot of time making, viewing, and sharing videos both for entertainment and business. But YouTube isn't known for speading their profits around. It is 'we the people' of course where the vast majority of YouTube content comes from. So, the objective of Wavescore was to be a way that the people who were actually spreading the videos could get a share of the advertising revenue that those views generated for the advertisers. 

Actually, it just occurred to me the other day that Wavescore is a variation on the curation craze that's been popular for a few years now. It's like getting paid for curating video content. The 'pay' comes in the form of points or credits that platform users get from views on the videos they share via their free Wavescore site.

The 'pay' comes in the form of credits (AKA: points) and/or actual cash. Anybody (down to the age of 13) can get a free Wavescore site, use it to curate YouTube videos onto their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn sites.

Everytime someone looks at one of those videos (i.e. the Monty Python videos I put on my Facebook), the Wavescore curator get points. The points can be redeemed for merchandise from a large group of well-known stores. Amazon is just one of many.

The other benefit option, accessed through an upgrade that costs $25 @ month, is to redeem the points for real cash. The cash is received via a Payoneer debit card. I know it works because I know people who have been making money at it for over a year.

Matter of fact, a friend of mine has a teenage daughter who for the last several months has been using her Wavescore site to earn a few hundred dollars a month. And that's really the point of this article. I think there is a void in the online business opportunity niche for something that teenagers can do.

Wavescore's grander objective is to monetize other forms of social media too. They presently have in place the framework of a chat feature, a conference room feature, and a social following feature. And coming shortly (they say) will be something along the lines of Instagram (which appeals to me a lot because I like photography).

What Wavescore said they wanted to do always made sense to me. The problem several month ago when I was spending more time on it was that the site was agonizingly slow. But that problem has been rectified now.

I also recently confirmed my suspicions that their software development firm, a firm in India, was ripping them off. That's the reason why they didn't deliver on several promises they made to their members. All I knew at the time was that they weren't delivering what they promised.

Their coders now are based in the Ukraine. Their #1 distributor, Ferenc Fezler, also lives in the Ukraine (Kiev) and has some of the responsibility for managing or coordinating with them (the coder team). Ferenc is the guy who introduced Wavescore to me about a year ago.

So that's it. Social media ad-revenue sharing. Good idea if the technology can be done right. Wavescore is the only one to attempt it. They had some initial problems but they hung in there and now it looks like it's going to work (what other company do we know like that?).

Interestingly, they allow people as young as 13 years old to get a Wavescore site. I think that's a pretty cool opportunity for young people. And also for the mom or housewife or college student who wants something relatively fun and social, reasonably easy, and potentially profitable to do.

You can look at the last few videos on my Facebook and the ones that have a WAVESCORE.COM title underneath them…they actually link to my wavescore page. That's where you, i.e. the viewer, actually gets to watch the video. Here's a screen-capture of it:

Here's my Facebook link where you can find two or three similar links I put up last night. I would also invite you to peruse the video tutorials I put up on my Wavescore Elite Facebook Fanpage last night.

No…this isn't the only thing I enjoy but it is one of them.

I'd also invite you to get a Wavescore page for yourself and play around with it. It's free. You don't have anything to lose. Just go to my Wavescore site at www.wavescore.com/bachatero and click through in the upper right-hand corner.

And last but not lease…if you've got teenagers in the house, ask them if they'd like to make some money for sharing all those YouTube videos they've been sending to everybody.

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