– The bull market and Donald Trump’s death knell.

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news.goldseek.com / By: Clif Droke, Gold Strategies Review / 21 May 2017

In the minds of many investors, the election victory of Donald J. Trump to the United States Presidency was nothing short of a miracle. Following his shocking victory, expectations were high that Trump would, with the help of Congress, fulfill his promises of tax reform and infrastructure spending. The lifting of the heavy penalties associated with Obamacare was another hope that investors cherished. Many hailed his victory by declaring that it was “morning in America” again. But after only six months since the election, Trump’s presidency has hit a potentially fatal obstacle and he now faces the growing possibility of impeachment.

By now the particulars of the political onslaught against President Trump are well known and there is no need to recount it. Impeachment in the wake of recent developments has become an increasing likelihood, and it is said that even the Trump White House is preparing for it. It now appears that the president will be investigated by a Congressional inquiry with the possibility of eventually being replaced by his vice president. The powers-that-be, it seems, have decided they’ve seen enough of Trump’s muscular leadership and controversial America-first plans.

How did America come full circle so quickly? What started as a widespread hope that a president who fully understood the needs of commerce and would do everything in his power to further America’s economic future now faces an ignominious ending. Can this be chalked up to voter’s remorse or the volatile temper of the American voter? Or is it simply a case of Trump’s ideological opponents taking an aggressive approach to derail his ambitious reform plans?


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The bull market and Donald Trump’s death knell – Silver For The People

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